Why Is Atheism More Popular Than Ever?

Why Is Atheism More Popular Than Ever?

A Pew Study published in 2015 reported that
the number of Americans who don’t affiliate themselves with a religion jumped by almost
35% percent. That’s about 72 million Americans who consider themselves irreligious – and
may be atheist, agnostic, or spiritual, but unaffiliated. And worldwide, 13% of people
considered themselves “convinced atheists”, according to a 2012 Gallup International poll.
So why is Atheism more popular than ever? Well, first it’s important to understand
that atheists are distinct from the religiously unaffiliated. Atheists firmly believe that
there is no higher power. This is not to be confused with agnostics, who are uncertain
of the existence of a higher power. However, many people use the two terms interchangeably. For much of history atheism has been considered
a taboo around the world. In medieval times, it wasn’t uncommon for atheists and other
free thinkers to be burned at the stake for heresy. And even today, atheists can still
be executed for their beliefs in about 13 countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.
Despite their growing popularity, negative stigmas and stereotypes also continue to affect
atheists and the religiously unaffiliated, even in developed countries like the United
States. However, there have been growing trends away
from religion in America and many other western nations. Pew has attributed the change to
the maturing millennial generation, of whom, more than 30% identify as non-religious. Comparatively,
about 11% of the silent generation, born between 1928 and 1945, is non-religious. Other news sources have noted that, for millennials,
the rise in atheism has corresponded to increased acceptance of things like gay marriage, and
abortion. Conversely, many religious institutions still do not accept these practices. And this
conflict of ideas could indicate that millennials are looking away from religions which exclude
themselves or their peers. In the coming years the number of non-religious
people are predicted to grow to over 1.2 billion worldwide, compared to nearly 6 billion Christians
and Muslims. However, the total percentage of the non-religious is actually set to decline
overall, as other, religious populations grow faster. So which religion is growing the fastest?
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100 thoughts on “Why Is Atheism More Popular Than Ever?

  1. Wait, what? Atheism is merely the lack of belief in a God, not the firm assertion that there is NO God. Whether you like it or not, an agnostic that is uncertain of a God's existence does not claim that a God necessarily exists and is therefore an atheist. An atheist is someone who is without belief. An ANTI- theist is someone who opposes belief and claims that there is no God, period.

    This is an important distinction because a lot of atheists are agnostic in that they admit that the existence of a God is certainly possible, but that there's no evidence to prove that one actually exists. That being said, there are a lot of atheists that are agnostic but also anti-RELIGIOUS. In other words, they oppose established religious doctrines such as Islam and Christianity in favor of secular alternatives.

    In other words, you can oppose religion and not believe in God, but also make the admission that it is possible for a higher power to exist in some way shape or form, just not one that has been able to be proven as of yet.

    I know this is an old video, but it's an important distinction to make.

  2. Let people learn the truth… In the end, religiin will become obsolete as no god exists and every proof in existence is has been proven by science itself

  3. The answer is easy. 400 years ago, everyone was a christian so you were a christian because it was all you knew. Than came reformation and it became unclear, ok – should I be catholic or protestant. Than came enlightement, which said ok – if you can't agree, maybe you are both wrong. And today there is globalisation where there are so many choices that if you chose one religion you are excluding every other which means that most of the world will tell you how wrong you are. So, most people today think, why bother, why be exclusive, why chose this and not that and so on. It's kinda like when you have really big choice of movies, amd in the end you don't watch any because it's just too much.

  4. I used to be a Christian like hard core but that’s just because I was taught there is nothing else, but when I took a step back, looked at evolution and other ideas now I’m questioning, someone please help I honestly think I’m a atheist but I’m scared I will be judged what should I do

  5. I cannot blame people on their views about God. The most tragic thing that has ever happened to mankind in modern era is that we have stopped pondering over ourselves, the physical world that we live in and events that are happening around us day in day out. The other aspect that played major role in forming this opinion is that dogmatic nonsense that most religions in general and religious people, specifically, preach. If a religious dogma is not even appealing to common sense how can I ponder over it or feel any affection towards it, let alone follow it and live my life accordingly. That's why the search for the True God and His interaction with us is critical. Here are few things to ponder:
    1. Human being is an amazing creature to ponder over. Our birth from a drop of water to our forming in mother's womb to becoming a 6 ft tall person to becoming weak again to death. That is an amazing journey that every human being go through (except few for a reason) and it does not amaze us?
    2. Our ability to see within "ourselves". I can read my personality and I have full conscience of it. I think and ponder. I can relate things. I can infer things from their sources and from results I can reach to the source. The most vulnerable creature on earth (if you compare it with other strong and powerful things around us) has created wonders in science and technology because of its power to think, relate and infer things. It does not amaze us?
    3. The entire world is "serving" me. Sun, moon, water, rain, crops, earth, hidden gems, gold, silver, precious metals, streams, rivers, ocean, food, clouds, breeze, cattle, mountains …. you name it and everything is serving me one way to the other. And it does not amaze us?
    4. If humans don't "create" a needle without first determining its purpose why do they believe that this amazing and marvelous universe around us is created or "there" with no purpose? Can we compare the complexities and hidden harmony that this universe display with needle and yet we think this universe is nothing but random arrangement of matter? The marvel and harmony that this universe display does not amaze us and cause us to stop and think?
    5. Do we not look at the way humans speak and create languages to communicate with each other? A kid start putting words together in the perfect order without even learning the grammar and rules? and that does not amaze us?
    6. Don't we ponder over death? No human being has every escaped it and can NEVER escape it. Billions of people who are now dead, where are they? The heart that was beating a second ago with my personality alive is now piece of flesh after I am dead. What is missing from this body that has taken that "me" away and cannot make this heart beat again? It does not amaze us?
    7. Have we looked at our relationships? What's the difference between a woman and my mother. They both are human beings and its possible that the other woman is a better human than my mother. But then why I cannot feel the same way for that woman the way I feel for my mother? Do we practice it or that love is just inside me? And it does not amaze us?
    8. Do we ponder over our moral conscience that is a common trait among human beings? Justice, love, respect, sacrifice, fairness, truth, mercy and many such traits and concepts are common among human beings. There is judge inside me that tells me what is right and what is not. We can always argue on its manifestation in any action but can we say that we don't know what justice is? The common moral values that we share since the time immemorial do not amaze us?

    What amazes me is the fact that many of these people believe in some "higher power" but cannot relate Him with their lives. What kind of higher power would that be who created such amazing things within me and outside of me but does not have any relationship with me and does not want anything from me. He just created this world for no reason and now relaxing and enjoying the show? Who would take that higher power seriously and why do I even care to believe in that? It has no relationship with me and carries no consequences what so ever. We would not do that in our daily lives and our daily practices but we accept that notion for God whose universe and scheme of things are much more grandeur than any of ours.

  6. No . Atheism will never be going down. Thats because those same countries thar are growing , are also getting more and more open. And as free thinking and different ideals get inside a country. Atheism is set to be on the rise. Thats because when people are allowed time and space to think for them selves , they usualy go for the racional decision of becoming an atheist. This is not just a trend. This is evolution. Religion has served a purpose for all these years but as time keeps going , religion is losing all of her evolutionary advantages. Which will make religion less appealing in the evolution machine. And like a bird that cant eat the only food on the island , it will slowly die. But religion will always have a place in our history books , as it shaped the world we know , and served as a very good advantage for humans in history.

  7. Vegans, circa 2119 AD, taking credit for the Enlightenment: "I know those people weren’t vegan but that’s beside the point. We are responsible for all of the true compassion in history. Now sit down while we exterminate your livestock."

    Atheists, circa 2019 AD, taking credit for the Scientific Revolution: “I know those people weren’t atheist but that’s beside the point. We are responsible for all of the true knowledge of the world ever thought. Oh, and don’t you dare ask us to prove our leap of faith – you must prove yours first!”

  8. Religion is dying because people have found the origin of mankind and universe and there is nothing supernatural involved in it.

  9. Atheist and agnostic aren’t mutually exclusive. Atheist refers to belief, agnostic refers to knowledge, or perceived knowledge. You can be an agnostic atheist, meaning that you don’t believe there’s a god, but you don’t know that there’s not. You can be a nostic atheist, meaning you both know and believe there’s no god. It goes the same for theists.

  10. i don’t really like how he says atheists are 100% sure that’s there’s no god. it’s a lack of belief not 100% sure.

  11. I have a few problems with this video:

    0:20-Convinced atheist is an oxymoron

    Atheist, someone who lacks
    a belief in God
    Anti-theist, someone who
    rejects the existence of a
    Agnostic (correct definition)
    Belief is best represented by a graph separated into 4 quadrants, with belief on the x-axis and knowledge on the y-axis. You can be a Gnostic Theist (top right quadrant, most religious people), Gnostic Atheist (top left quadrant, anti-theists), Agnostic Theist (bottom left quadrant, people beginning to doubt their religion doesn’t last long*), or Agnostic Atheist (bottom right quadrant, most atheists [including myself]).

    Opinion: “As stated I am an agnostic atheist. Personally I believe that gnostics are wrong, as they go against the first rule of philosophy you know nothing except that you know nothing. *Also agnostic theist are extremely rare as people that doubt for a while either become atheists or go back to being religious. (Kinda off topic but) I don’t like people saying that atheist are oppressed in America because there not, in other countries they are murdered or pushed out of society, don’t play the victim card where it is not valid.”

  12. Hey k know why… because its " cool " now, nobody thinks about it, its just fashion really… thats coming from a 14 year old Christian, and im Christian because I belive it this way… not because its " cool " you idiots.

  13. You can be both atheist and agnostic, which means that you don't believe in a specific god but at the same time you don't claim to know that there aren't any.

  14. His definition of atheism is wrong😂 the word Atheist means a person who doesn't believe in a God of any kind, saying that atheists think that there is no higher power at all makes them seem extremely arrogant. Even Richard Dawkins is only 7/10 sure that there is no God. Nobody can ever know for sure. This doesn't count as agnostic, agnostic is simply being neutral on the stance of belief.

  15. Atheism deals with belief, and agnosticism deals with knowledge. It is possible to say that you can’t know if there is a god or not, making you agnostic, and that you aren’t convinced that any gods exist, making you an atheist. That’s why I identify as an agnostic atheist. All it takes to be an agnostic atheist is answering two simple questions with “no.” Do you believe in any god/gods, and do you know that any god/gods exist/s? It is possible, however dishonest a position it is, to be a gnostic atheist/theist. Though, how these people pretend to know that there is or isn’t a god, is beyond me.

  16. It really should be an easy question. Knowledge in expanding. So we're becoming smarter. Questioning things. Learning things. Seeing through propaganda.

  17. Athiests say they believe in logic but believing that we came from a big explosion and that explosion came from nothing is not logic

  18. Hey, I can't believe this information. What about 60's when Soviet Union existed. Religion was prohibited which means at least +300 mln atheist

  19. Guys why cant we coexist? Like atheism is not a problem and in respect who is one, im christian myself, so why dont we stop arguing over religion and look to fix the world.

  20. Atheists don't necessarily believe that there is no god or gods. It's simply a lack of belief. It's an absence of belief, not a firm belief against the existence.

  21. I hate how most people seem to think that belief in God has somehow been refuted by science, when science has nothing to say about Gods existence. It is telling of just how ignorant most modern atheists are (including people like Richard Dawkins and Stephen Hawkins). The essence and existence of God can only be discussed from the standpoint of philophy, since God is an IDEA; and philosophy is the discipline that analysed ideas. Science, on the other hand, studies matter in a causal and systemstic way, which precludes the study of God for God is said to be incorporeal. There is no better way to do a disservice to a csuse than to defend it with falacious arguments (ss Nietzsche used to say).

  22. No no, agnostic and nostic are labels attached to theist and atheist, the former means that they can be convinced, the latter means they refuse to be convinced

  23. Look up a letter dated August 15, 1871, written by Sovereign Grand Commander Albert Pike to fellow 33rd degree Freemason Giuseppe Mazzini. Some try to discredit the letter by attaching fictional material to it, which when discovered false, leads people to discount the whole letter, but the letter is real and in the British Museum in London.

  24. Simply put, "Luciferian" Freemasonry plans to exterminate (Pike uses that word) both Christians and atheists. Yes, satanists are using you, atheists. Do not doubt it. They have been using you from the beginning, and when you outlive your usefulness to them, they will attack you with demonic fury such as only those into dark arts possibly could.

  25. Fewer deeper thinkers. Shallow thinkers will never see the word. Atheism appeals to us and then you look deeper and at the bottom of the glass. God waits. Superb science is found by knowers of the word. Tesla, Galileo, Newton, Babbage, Watt, Maxwell, Joule, Euler, Descartes, Faraday, Gibbs, Dalton, Davy, Hooke, Boyle, Planck, Heisenberg, Schrodinger, Da Vinci and so many more geniuses all held beliefs of something bigger. Of something connecting this all together in a way that surpasses our comprehension. There is a reason why. There is a reason and we will find out through science. Science wins. The universe is so much greater than we think. It might not be a religious God. Nobody knows but it is certainly amazing. We do not know. We must be humble to this fact.

  26. Ok some things are wrong here. First you are wrong about what atheism is. Secondly you are wrong by the fact that you didn't answer the question of why atheism is growing and yes it is growing and also

  27. I am a proud atheist. Whenever facts show that I could be executed in any of these countries, I always play the slaughter game to see who has the most points. If the courage to tell the truth about something always ends up in a slaughter, you know you are on the right track. I know many Christians for example. They live lives of utter lavishness and worry free happiness. What happened to the days of their slaughterhouse reveries. Wasn't their Messiah a true martyr? I am pretty sure that hypocrisy is the definition of a person who would run away from his own crucifixion and put it on a scapegoat. I find it funny that atheist can make a fundamentalist fanatic more angry than ever. I wonder how the tides have turned.

  28. I’m a Jew and I will always believe in God.
    One of the worst things one of any religion could say is that God does not exist.

  29. Religion ( Opium) is popular in Poor, Uneducated countries. While Atheism is popular in Most advanced and educated countries.

  30. the answer is the same as you would answer to the question "why this generation is more intelligent?"

  31. Q: why is atheism more popular now?
    A: because people arent allowed to execute them in most country anymore (exept for islamic country that is)

  32. Why does one believe in such nonsense? There can be no almighty person, since no one can create a stone so heavy that one can not lift it. Logical problem. That is, there can not be an omnipotent person, so why do certain idiots call this Fictional Person God? Next problem: Why are newborns born with leukemia? Question: Can not God prevent this or does not he want it?
    Thus, the theory of an infinite good or omnipotent person refutes and there is no reason to believe in such hoax!

  33. I’d like to point out one mistake you made (and perhaps someone else has done so already). Atheist doesn’t mean someone who believes there is no god. Atheist is the negative of Theist (as in a-theist, or “non-theist”). Therefore, Theist being one who believes in god, an Atheist in the negation of that (i.e. one who does not believe in god, or one who lacks a belief in god). There’s a common mistake (which I myself used to make) that there is a spectrum of Atheist-Agtostic-Theist, but Atheist to Theist is one spectrum, while Agnostic is the negation of Gnostic. Gnosticism means “to know”, making Agnosticism “to lack knowledge”. In this way, you can have Gnostic Theists, Agnostic Theists, Gnostic Atheists, and Agnostic Atheists. What you gave as a definition of “Atheist” would be the “Gnostic Atheist”, but most of us would classify ourselves, or take the position of Agnostic Atheism (i.e. we lack a belief in hod, because we cannot and do not know if there is or not a god, seeing as there is no evidence for one).

  34. Only those peoples are being stuck with in religion dilemma who don’t have the ability to think.. m an atheist and happy too

  35. People are only religious because it was forced upon them from birth…with fear. W'e're all born atheists until we're told what to believe. Anybody that "converts" or "discovers" god later in life are usually suffering from some kind of mental health issue.

  36. Atheism is more popular than ever because it doesn't require any actual thinking. It's mental laziness, that's all. Religion (and i don't mean modern Christianity!) requires effort, requires self-inquiry, examination, analysis, and deep curiosity. Modern Christianity has been so dumbed down that it's embarrassing. And atheists ALWAYS use modern Christianity as their model of religion, which is also laziness. No atheist i have ever met knows how to discuss religion in the abstract. Not one. And just to get this out of the way: I don't care if someone is an atheist. What annoys me about atheism is its shallowness. It's on the same level as modern Christianity, and they both reflect the shallow and superficial age we live in …

  37. How often does it have to be explained that atheism is not, N-O-T necessarily the positive belief that there is no deity?
    Atheism is the absence of a belief.
    You can be an agnostic atheist, most atheists are agnostic (meaning they don‘t claim to know whether deities exist).

  38. Does (Nothing) Create a (Universe) ?!
    Does (Chance) Make a (whole system) ?!
    Does (Cell) Given the (Life) to herself ?!
    Does (Monkey) Given the thinking to himself and be a (Human) ?!

  39. If you debate a Christian fundamentalist, you are essentially arguing with a concrete wall. You will never weaken the wall unless you actually break it physically. That is not what we atheists are trying to do. We are open to all ideas, and will accept their truths under one condition. There must be scientific verifiable empirical evidence of that truth that can be demonstrated, not just to one or a few, but the majority of the population. We have the scientific method, not just faith in it support our beliefs.

  40. Why is atheism more popular then ever

    Answer:people would rather share twerk videos and go to yoga classes then go to church we truly live in the end of western civilization though atheists may use the excuse religions are awful because it scares people into doing stuff. It is completely right to scare people into doing stuff like drag kids late abortions and bullying this world we live is proof

  41. Well it's going to be tough living New Zealand
    our national anthem is literally about God blessing our land and protecting our people Lmao

  42. Easy, Atheism grows more popular because people want Evidence, Like Christopher Hitchens said "its called faith Because its not Knowledge". People today are becoming skeptical these days and questioning everything. Rational Thinking. The Evidence that Science brings is the evidence that makes sense, Religion makes NO SENSE. We even can say that the Teachings of Jesus Christ was even Fantasized and even Changed and Made up as one side of Christianity Dominated the other(St. Paul v. James). We have disproved the Bible countless of times, Found Hundreds of Contradictions within the book, and to top things off, the Bible/Qur'an has very disgusting things within them(Go read for yourself). The People who go against their Religion went away when they take the god glasses off and see the world of Facts, Evidence, and who we are as a Species, and see what the "holy book" is really about. Evidence destroys Faith, because Faith is nothing but a Fallacy.

  43. No no no. That's where you're wrong buddy. Atheists, by definition, don't believe that there is no god, we just don't believe in god. There is a difference. Most atheists, including myself, are agnostic atheists. Very little atheists are gnostics.

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