Why Do We Get So Angry Over Politics?

Why Do We Get So Angry Over Politics?

I am mr. beads and why won't you listen to my political views why won't you see things my way I've got everything figured out and why won't you just listen to me okay I've calmed down I just wish you would understand that my political beliefs are the best I'm sorry I got so worked up there hey why do people get so upset when it comes to politics oh I know of course you do Group identity and views on morality that's great that's fine I mean you're right but let's elaborate on this before we get into it I should say I was inspired to make this video after recently reading a book called the red and the blue by Steve Kornacki Kornacki does an amazing job explaining how the United States has become so polarized politically just in my lifetime and here's a great way you can check out the book by not reading it seriously just listen to it on Scribd Scribd is a place where you can listen to tons of audiobooks and well you can read them on there too but yeah it's a lot cheaper than actually buying them it's just $8.99 per month which is also a lot cheaper than audible Scribd also has magazines monthly live streams with celebrated authors and a large library of sheet music for musicians for a 30-day free trial click the link in the description of this video and thank you to scribd for sponsoring this video okay so let's start with the fact that humans are tribal this is evolutionary our ancient ancestors formed groups based on trust and cooperation humans are and always have been social animals who are quick to see the benefit of forming groups and will go to great lengths to keep the group together though longer we stay in groups the more likely we are to have common goals and more importantly common morals here's a little disclaimer before we move forward with this video I should probably point out that I am also a human so yeah we humans are held together by these things called morals or the beliefs and standards about how humans should behave morals hold us together but also make us fear and hate other groups and we get pretty offended when individuals in our group want to leave and join another group humans have been around a couple hundred thousand years and today we may think we are individuals but we are still heavily dependent on groups some groups we have a much deeper sense of membership of for example we are usually pretty loyal to our families or our religious group however we are usually not so deeply tied to our co-workers or classmates for example we have emotional connections to the group's we are loyal to it really doesn't matter what type of group it is we can go all in for any group no matter how big or small or no matter how nefarious it may be speaking of which I've been meaning to start a cult I'll let you know when the Facebook page is finished once we are all in there is no going back the group becomes our identity and our status and society becomes directly tied to the group so why do we so often go all in for political ideologies because politics is directly related to morals again morals are the beliefs and standards about how humans should behave politics is about what the people in power do and what they do directly affects the rest of society because we think our group is moral then of course we passionately defend it and attack other groups but here's a great quote too often we judge other groups by their worst examples while judging ourselves by our best intentions that quote was made by someone who made my worst presidents video george w bush but it's true we tend to think we are more virtuous than others we get so upset over politics because when someone criticizes our political beliefs just like when they criticize our religious beliefs we perceive it as an attack on our identity look at least politics is an important thing to get upset about I mean we get upset about petty things like sports teams I'm at fan and I used to passionately hate Raiders fans when I was younger just because I was you know a fan of a group of these guys who tackle each other and fight over a small piece of leather and I didn't want those other group of guys wearing the black and silver to get that piece of leather okay let's be real here I still hate the Raiders but I digress in general the more passionate we are about political ideologies the less we know about issues it might mean that we know a lot about one side but even that's a stretch in reality the more context and knowledge we have about both sides of the issues that divide us the less emotional in general we are about politics so how should we solve this problem of getting so worked up about politics when meeting up with families over the holidays by the way families get so upset because if one family member has different political opinions it's like they left the tribe well you could always – ever politics with your family or if politics does come up you could try to stop talking about political parties or politicians you could just talk about ideas and policies you know the boring stuff I know if I find myself getting worked up about a political issue it's time for me to shut up and learn more about the other side of the issue I find the more that I learn the less that I know anyway so in conclusion I don't have anything figured out so what are your theories as to why people get so upset when talking about politics I've linked some studies and articles in the description of this video there's actually a lot of research looking into it and next week I will be taking off but the week after that is the glorious return of the compared series thank you so much for watching

21 thoughts on “Why Do We Get So Angry Over Politics?

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    eBooks/Audiobooks free for 30 days, please use this link: https://www.influencerlink.org/SHFa

  2. I only get angry when the person I'm talking to is an asshole and completely ignores me and especially if they are a hypocrite and failing to criticize their own beliefs or know they're wrong but just trying to push for an agenda to get some support or votes( cough all politicians cough ). So I only get angry probably, say, 99% of time.

  3. If we trace all the threads of human discontent and conflict, they all lead back to one source: economic anxiety.

  4. That George Bush quote is a loose variation of a quote that has been going back and forth since at least 1836 https://quoteinvestigator.com/2015/03/19/judge-others/

  5. I just hate people who are ignorant from both parties. It does seem like the more politically extreme people get the more crazy things they believe in. And I hate people who just ignore scientific findings. But having crazy morals is fine as long as they don't harm anyone.

  6. Man these comments are filled with centrist bullshit "guys stop caring political opinions like don't even matter" and "muh civility" some people would rather be civil than be right

  7. All people getting so angry over morals is stupid, obviously everything is equally worthless.

  8. As someone that has been right and left I now believe only radical political change can change a country in the long the run. The democratic systems in the west are designed to act as if there is a big difference between parties when actually they are almost identical.

  9. Despite the group ideologies and identity politics that floods our culture, I still strive for individualism. Debate, constructive criticism, self reflection and respect are important to individualism, lest it devolves to collectivism.

  10. Anyone that is correct or right (not necessarily in the political sense), is the last person you should listen to. They are subjective, not objective. Not honest. Not willing to weigh the benefits against the costs. Humans are generally lazy. Uninterested in thought and logic. Existing is enough but they don't want to see themselves as less than others. There is nothing wrong with being uninformed or stupid. We aren't good at accepting reality. We want it to conform to us, not us to conform to it. We want simple solutions and definitions. Things aren't simple. It takes time and thought to understand and articulate ideas and concepts. We are lazy. I often use your comment. The more we know, the more we understand we don't know. Robert Jordan talks about how what looks like a slight tweak to political policy can hav large and misunderstood consequences. Even counter to the intended outcome.

  11. Besides the channel named unknown 5 which is like 10 million times better than yours I think yours is the best Channel on YouTube so you know it kind of upsets me. Oh well today's the day I officially turn old.

  12. I've gotten so sick of the broken two party system in the broken electoral college and most of all the military industrial complex socio-economic Elite base with 1% and are over dependence on technology that I have become very angry. And there's a lot of things I don't like. It seems like you don't talk to me anymore now that I've got my less popular views out there. I mean from what I get of you you like everything except for tariffs and the Electoral College. Maybe you're just that much of a chill dude but I'll leave it at that but it's actually upset me that you no longer respond to more intelligent posts because of some of my more controversial ones.

  13. I NEED the music you have playing it your vids. I know it says Tabby Cat in the description but I can't for the life of me find this band. Can you send a link?

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