White Nationalist Website Recruited Protestors By Promising They’d Get Laid

White Nationalist Website Recruited Protestors By Promising They’d Get Laid

If you’re not familiar with the white nationalist
website, the Daily Stormer, you may have come to find out a little bit more about it this
week as it turns out GoDaddy kicked them off their servers, then they went over to Google. Google immediately kicked them off their services. Now, that white nationalist Neo-Nazi website
has found a new home with web hosting services in Russia. But the Daily Stormer is more than just a
Neo-Nazi website, it’s the website that helped organize the rally, the race riot, that took
place in Charlottesville this past weekend. You know how they were able to recruit so
many people to come to this rally? According to a report by the Atlantic, they
used the same tactics that ISIS does. One of those tactics specifically is slightly
more disgusting than the rest. On the Daily Stormer’s website, in order to
entice young men, young white men, to come to Charlottesville and protest, they promised
them this. Here’s the direct quote from the Daily Stormer
website. “Random girls will want to have sex with you
because you’re the bad boys. Every girl on the planet wants you now.” Those were the exact words that the website
put out to entice these sex-hungry, racially charged dude bros to show up in Charlottesville. You’re going to get so much sex if you come
here, because nothing makes a woman want to swipe right more than seeing a guy with a
Tiki torch in one hand and a Nazi flag in the other. Right? This also further shows how misogynistic the
stupid white nationalists in this country are, because not only do they hate people
with different skin colors, they also apparently think of women as prizes that these white
supremacists need to win. But they can only do that if they embrace
the warrior culture, which is once again another tactic used by ISIS. ISIS, in terms of the sex thing that Daily
Stormer promises, says that if people join ISIS, we’re going to get you wives and we’re
going to get your female sex slaves. All you have to do is come fight for ISIS. That’s essentially, to a lesser extent, what
the Daily Stormer was telling people, using this same ISIS terrorist playbook. Come fight with us! Come plow your car into a 32-year-old woman
and kill her, and the women are going to be beating down your door. Hey, you see that black guy over there? Go beat him in the head with a lead pipe. Girls are going to be throwing their underwear
at you like you’re Justin Bieber. That’s not exactly how it works. I don’t think too many women in this country
are turned on by disgusting displays of racial violence perpetrated by white men in Polo
shirts and khaki pants standing next to people in full KKK regalia. Not how it works. The Daily Stormer, this entire movement, everything
they say, everything they do, is absolutely reprehensible. When we learn now that they’re using the same
tactics as ISIS, then I think it’s time the United States government starts treating these
people like ISIS.

100 thoughts on “White Nationalist Website Recruited Protestors By Promising They’d Get Laid

  1. The Antifa people were there as a security force to protect the peaceful anti-nazi demonstrators. They were armed only with non-lethal riot suppression equipment, while many of the mouth-breathers had firearms. The heroic Antifas were forced into action to protect the ministers of God, the women and youngsters who had come to peacefully protest against the ugly horde of evil doers.

  2. Welcome to ISIS haters ISIS thinkers! Not sure if these guys promised 72 virgins, of course if they did it would only be white virgins!

  3. Oh yeah, like when Madonna said she would give a blowjob to anyone who voted Clinton ……if…..if…she won!..even Madonna knew she was a loser!

  4. I want you to let people know that the BLM is also a racist group comes from the same energy and vibration as the white nationalist group does.

  5. Wow that is pretty pathetic actually, but as you look through the crowd you understand why women don't want these guys, AND if you look at it from the women's side again it is pathetic but again you look at them and understand this IS the only way they can get a man. I would also venture to say these are "Christians" that support donny dump. It would "almost" be hilarious if it wasn't so sad that they go to this just to get laid. # SAD

  6. Heheheh, at least they are alive to get laid , Those terrorists were promised that when they died on the Action they will get laid by 19 VIRGIN, well if I am a man I will not pass that kind of a Deal… VIRGIN is superb than COUGAR.

  7. Please don't treat them like we treat Isis. Some of them might live near me and I don't want to die by random bombs that were aimed at them and missed.

  8. Do these Christian Nazis believe the world will come and fight with them ? Don't they understand that they will come and set them on fire. Feed them to caged bears and lions….🤣 they want the good ole days .. well let's go back to the Roman days and have a party. We can bet on which part of the Nazis gets torn off first.

  9. All tourism to usa has ended except for nazis and white supremacists . The civilized world is boycotting usa . buying american supports nazi values.

  10. Screw you, Farron. You don't know how hard it is to meet girls when you're hiding out in your momma's basement because we have to worry about our extinction, coloreds, Muslims, and scary libtards. I hope you find yourself scared of everything one day so you'll know what it's like!

  11. Everything far right Isis, nazi will always give the world trouble. Always magnified and triggered by sexual incompetence.

  12. they were promised 1000 virgins ! oh wait .. thats from
    and the sites are in russian … oh wait .. thats from
    are you sure you are still americans?

  13. why do you think trump refuses to name this domestic terrorism? and sebastard L.v. Goorrrka just took away funds that were used to monitor these terrorism groups. trump administration act like they are complicit with them.

  14. Every single one of these racist p- … persons caught on camera on Friday and Saturday should loose their jobs! If they even have a job!

  15. I'm thinking of photoshopping myself into random rallys, eating cake somewhere in the background, and truthfully saying it's the only reason I was there.

    "I don't care what you think, YOU haven't tried this racist mother fuckers CAKE!"

    "Black buddy'a mine stared at me with the same condemnation you are! But then I brought him a piece of that cake! Ran straight home, and told me later he fucked up three sheets before he got it right! His wife is pissed, but DAMN THAT CAKE, THOUGH!"


    "How can man so evil make cake so good!"

  16. As a woman I so sick to the bone over that people in my gender say I would love to have sex with such a disgusting bunch of pathetic lossers.

  17. Hope these losers brought their Tic Tacs and limbered up their 😺 grabbing hands …and have a carload of roofies.

  18. Good news is you're going to get laid.
    Bad news is, it's a total sausagefest.
    Goddamn, these are some stupid fucking "people".

  19. Farron they are being manipulated by older racist males who want to create chaos. You need to find out the names of the males who are influencing them and report it.

  20. A 20yo terrorist was so oppressed he was able to afford a dodge charger (I'm not sure if that eas the car, but I do know that what he drove is about as expensive as my house that I work my ass off at 2 jobs to buy).
    Oppressed my ass.

  21. When you destroy your country's economy with trickle down economics, stigmatize education, feed you population heavy metals and program them with propaganda and video games what do you expect? A generation of angry, impotent, frustrated cellar dwellers coming out of moms basement and swiping her tiki torches. Sad.

  22. 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  23. Haha. I knew it. I fucking knew it. Only sexually frustrated and repressed males could sublimate with such hate. Give em some pussy and all the hate would disappear. They just need love bro. Lol

  24. Most women I meet want a guy of a certain age, economic class, intelligence, and common interests. Granted I don't know if neo-nazi would be a common interest. But most of them claim things like theater, sports, volunteering for the community, traveling, and outdoor activities. Maybe I am just not asking the right questions.

  25. Man I KNEW it. Bill Maher did an excellent piece on these types "sexual frustration/dysfunction" using the Charleston church/school shooters as prime examples. Not getting laid='s fanatical tendencies and violent outbursts. Blue balls breed batshit maniacs.

  26. So the Democrat founded KKK was promised to get paid with sex. That is no different than all the other Democrat paid protesters we have seen in the past year. So you have one Democrat formed group antifa that dress like ISIS and you have another Democrat founded group that uses ISIS recruitment tactics. When is the Democrat party going to stop creating and backing violent groups?

  27. I'm honestly not surprised, low functioning individuals that swallow that bs wholesale are exactly the type of influence-able cannon fodder they need to inflate their numbers. Around here (SE Texas) there was a push in the last 2 months of the election to get dems to vote republican by offering blowjobs. I'm not going to get into details because of the immense stupidity of it all, but its not the first time I've seen this sort of thing from the sex starved and sexually repressed right.

    That 'Vanilla ISIS' protester sign was funny, but like in a funny cause it's true sorta way that makes it tough to keep laughing.

  28. All of a sudden people come out identifying as Nazis? What the fuck?
    And now they found a service hosting in Russia? They would do anything to keep this ideology and "Supporting Trump".
    Donald Trump is basically the Terrorist enabler to these people. "DOES IT LOOK LIKE I GIVE A FUCK? TRUMP IS PRESIDENT NOW! MAGA!"

  29. idk if yall have ever actually looked at the shit the daily stormer puts up but you have to be literally mentally impaired to be won over by their articles. You literally have to have missed taking some of your anti psychotics. You literally have to hallucinate when you step out into sunlight.

  30. Wait 3 people dead and it's because the protesters were promised they would get laid? This country is becoming more and more of a dark sitcom daily.

  31. Finally! Preach, Farron! As a Southern woman, this is my first criterion when considering whether to even be around a man, much less date him. Racists can't spend the kind of time they'd like to on beating and killing black and brown people, so between "rallies," it's the woman, the children, and the animals who bear the abuse. Only a defective woman can pair up with one of these cretins. Smart women know that only time can tell on crafty racists trying to get in your pants, your wallet, your house, your family. Healthy women wait and notice exactly how he treats those of a different race, Creed, culture, religion, economic situation, sexual orientation, and so on.

  32. They can shut down the Black Panther Party but allow this white Nationalist group to exist, Only in America. What they do not understand is, All other non-white groups are going to band together and take back this country because of Racism. This is what the Elite want to happen. They are feeding both sides and people do not understand they are being played.

  33. Actually the rioters that opposed the rally had an add on crags list to pay $25.00 per our to disrupt the protest. Sounds like Soros style.

  34. the USA is under the thumb of facism, Hitler divided the German people and took over that brought the German people into ruin. America is going to hell in a basket like the Germans. Hitler is not dead he has been reincarnated in Trump.

  35. They were promised sex, so they showed up.

    But when they got there, the neo-Nazis told them they'd be having sex with Vernon from Oz.

  36. so true, same tactics , they should call them white isis then that might discourage em. MG whats going on in the world so sad

  37. the thought of possibly growing a personality literally scares men that much, eh? "oh, no! wanting to be with a woman makes me want to do things to better myself to make me a more attractive mate! can't have any of that shit… ( vroom! vroom! )"

  38. White racist goobers… such a charming bunch. That's their whole problem in a nut shell. No decent woman will go near them. Actually, no women at all will go near them.

  39. Fuck all forms of nationalism, but honeslty, that quote sounds like they were being kinda ironic, like they were making a joke about themselves.

  40. You're FAKE NEWS.

    You're also a self loathing miserable liar who feigns moral outrage at decent White Men who stand up for their self interests.

    It's because of anti-White bigots and Leftists like yourself who tear down SWM, while spewing venomous racial hatred at them and at White people in general.

    You're the kind of rat who would sell out his friends and family to the KGB or Gestapo to save your own skin. You instead virtue signal for now to the regressive Leftists who hate your Whiteness

    Let's not forget that
    not all Muslims who drive their car into a crowd screaming "Allah Akbar are terrorists, right?

    The same can be said for the people at the Unite The Right shit show, not all of them are lunatics who run a car into a crowd. It was ONE mentally I'll Man, right!

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