6 thoughts on “What the f**k is social reproduction? An introduction by Plan C (sp. subs)

  1. "Production or Reproduction?: Against a Reductionist Reading of Capital In The Left Milieu, and Elsewhere"


  2. when we say 'short introduction' – we are hoping to reach people who are interested in the ideas, struggles and the politics of what it means to make and remake people under capitalism (aka: reproduction), but who are probably people who have not say read anything written by Karl Marx. Hence why the language of the video is as jargon free as possible – while still trying to get across some pretty dense concepts. The video is based off a presentation at the plan c congress last Dec that was trying to talk about the politics of social reproduction in a user-friendly, clear and political way. For some die-hard Marxist scholars this will prove challenging. Luckily we have a feature length film coming out in the fall that will address their concerns – jokes!  — you can read the whole text here: 


  3. I admire cutting to the roots of things here; it's good food for thought, but to what extent is social reproduction independent of whatever mode of production society finds itself in? 100% 80% etc.? In other words, it seems too much to say that 100% of our social reproduction is attributable to capitalism alone, especially considering that many of these features are found within alternative modes of production.

  4. Is this why socially people feel the need to get married and HAVE children?

    I've never felt this way.

    I have always felt that I wanted to have children on my own accord because making another human out of love would be the most beautiful thing to do.

    If someone tells me I shouldn't have children in the name of social reproduction then thats not right.

    I live by my rules, my agenda and my believes.

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