We won BIG at the Florida State Fair Carnival Games!

We won BIG at the Florida State Fair Carnival Games!

– Hey guys, today we’re at the greatest carnival on the planet. – Yeah, we’re at the Florida State Fair. – We are at the Florida State Fair. What do we do at the Florida State Fair? – Play carnival games! – And hopefully win stuff.
– Yes. – Last year wasn’t the greatest,
we didn’t win that much, but this year’s going to be different. I promise it’s going to be different. So let’s go start winning everything. First up we’re going to play Skee-Ball. So she has to get a score of 180 and she only has five balls. So you need to get some 50s. Oh man, she got a 10. She could still get it, though, if she gets some 50s. Just focus! Oh man, she got a 20. Or no, she got a 10. So she has to get all 50s here. Oh no, this is not looking
good, this is not looking good. But she has three games, so it’s okay. Crystal, you’ve got to go in the middle! Straight down the middle. Aw man, that was a practice game. Is that the last ball?
– Yeah that was the last ball. – [Angel] She got the
lowest possible score, 50. (laughs) Alright, second game. This time she’s going to
get higher than 50, I hope. Let’s see. That’s okay, 10’s fine, just
got to get a lot of 50s now. There it is, 50, there you go! Get some more of those! So she’s at 60 right now. Yes, she got another one, she’s at 110! Alright, so here she goes. You got it, you got it, Cris, you got it. – [Crystal] Aw man! – [Angel] No, you can’t get it. Even if you get a 50,
you’ll be 10 points away. Aw man, but hey, you did
way better that time. So you have one more play. Whoa, these prizes are
going crazy up there. Look at them, oh my gosh! Alright, last game, Cris, come on. I know you can get 180. (disappointed yelling)
That’s okay. That’s okay, a 10’s
fine every now and then. Oh no, oh no. I don’t think you could even get it. Even if you get three 50s
you can’t get it, oh no! At least get better than 50. Oh come on, Cris, you have
to make at least a 20 here. – Skee-Ball’s so long! – [Angel] At least a 20, come on. (whistle blows)
(Crystal sighs) No, so she ended with another score of 50. – [Crystal] Angel’s going to
win this Skee-Ball for us. (chuckles) Whoa, oh, he got a 40, okay. Come on Angel, straight down the middle. I know it’s a lot easier said than done, it was so hard for me. He got 90 so far. Oh my gosh. He’s not going to get it this game. That was just a little
practice, Angel, that’s okay. Yeah, he ended at 120. But this is the real game. This one is what counts, Angel. (chuckles) Angel’s like, “I was playing for real!” He got a 20, a 40. He needs a 60 right now. Oh my gosh. (laughs) I told you
it’s super hard, Angel! No! He ended at 110 on this one. Angel’s last game. Come on, Angel! Okay, we don’t want to see any of those– Yes, 50, 50, okay! Come on, this is going to
be the game the he wins. Another 50! Cross your fingers,
guys, cross your fingers. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, Angel! All you have to do, all
you have to do is get a 20. Yes, yes, he got it.
(shouts excitedly) Yes, he got it! – Okay, Cris, what do you want up there? – [Crystal] What do I want? What do I want, what do I want? – [Angel] We’ve got
E.T., we’ve got Pikachu, we’ve got Charmander. – [Crystal] I want those
Shopkins, the Shopkins! – The Shopkins, okay.
– Yeah! Yes, he’s getting me the Shopkins, guys. He’s so awesome!
– That’s you! – [Crystal] Aw, thank you! I’m so excited, I’m getting
this little apple Shopkin. – I got it for you, look how big it is! – [Crystal] It’s huge! – And it’s soft, they’re normally hard. This is nice and soft!
– Awesome! Angel’s going to play Shoot Out The Star. So you have to get that star that’s in the middle all the way gone. It doesn’t matter how, like, you can go around it, shoot
it straight in the middle. Just make sure that that
star is completely gone. It’s hard to aim it, too,
with that little laser. (rounds firing) That looks so hard. (rounds firing) Hope he doesn’t run out
of the little pellets. (squeals) It’s getting close! (gasps with anticipation) Oh my gosh! Holy moly. Oh my gosh! (gun firing rapidly)
(Crystal shouts excitedly) We’ve got to see it.
– That could be really close. – I see.
– Is there any red on there? It’s the best I’ve ever done.
– I know. – We’re about to find out.
– I hope we got it. – [Angel] We’ve got to
compare it to the other one. – [Crystal] Oh, okay. – [Angel] Oh man, I might have it. Any red in the–
(disappointed groaning) – There’s some red on there?
– No, there is! – Oh man.
– The smallest piece! – Aw man, I see it.
– Oh my gosh. – Wow, that is so–
– That’s like one shot. That was one shot, I was so close. – [Crystal] He was so close,
he’s going to try again! Come on Angel, make those pellets count. Every pellet counts.
(rounds firing) Come on, Angel, come on! (rounds firing) (squeals in anticipation) – [Angel] Get out of there, paper. – [Crystal] Yes, it looks good, guys. – Think I’ll get it?
– Yeah. Oh my goodness, guys, oh my gosh. I think this is it! Oh my gosh! – [Angel] I think
there’s still some on it. – [Crystal] Really, make
sure you shoot it off. Oh yeah, I think there is some. Get it, Angel, get it! He’s out of pellets, aw man. I don’t think he shot off
the star completely, guys, I think there’s some red left on it. – [Angel] Yeah, there
actually is a lot of red left. – [Crystal] Oh wow. – [Angel] Probably like 10 more pellets. – Let me see.
– Yep. – [Crystal] Aw man, a little bit left. – [Game Owner] This embedded piece. – Aw yeah.
(Crystal giggles) – About four there.
– Yeah, that’s a lot there. Well, I did better than the first time. Next up is Ring a Duck. So, all you have to do here is ring one of these
rings on the duck’s neck. (celebratory cheering) First time! What, I didn’t think
she was going to win it. So she has to play these
just for fun, I believe. She won on the first one!
– Won on my first game! – [Angel] Get that one by itself, aw man. – [Game Owner] She can’t win again today, however, if you want to win– – [Angel] So I can play
after her, okay, cool, cool. You have two more, let’s see
if you can win another one. Well, you can’t technically
win but let’s see if you can– – That’s my last one. – [Angel] Can you make
another one on there? (celebratory cheering) You would’ve won two, that’s so crazy So what’re you going to get? There’s donuts, there’s a giraffe, there’s an emoji over here. So you can pick any one that she wants. Is that a pig? I don’t think that’s a pig. But she’s going to look at them and figure out what she wants. Winner, winner, winner, you got it. That is so awesome! – I got this one because it is so cute! – [Angel] And you won on your
first throw, that is awesome. – I know, I could not believe it. Now it’s Angel’s turn, let’s
see if he can ring a duck! I cannot believe, I’m so
excited, I’m so excited. I can’t believe I won. – Not the first time. – [Crystal] Oh my gosh, that was so close! Come on, Angel, focus. Down right there, down right
there by itself, get it. (disappointed groaning) I can’t believe I would’ve
won two, but you can only– (Angel cheering) Good job! What’re you going to get? Oh my gosh, I’m so excited. He’s going to finish off his rings. Another one.
– Back to back! – [Crystal] Oh man, that was awesome. But yeah, you can only
win one time on this game. – But that’s okay, I still won. Now, what do I want? – [Crystal] I don’t know,
there’s so many to choose from. They’ve got a panda, panda, panda, panda. – Do you want the cat? – Yeah, that cat is–
– Nah, that cat’s too hard. – [Crystal] That cat is hard. – The husky one. – [Crystal] Oh the little Husky, yes, yes! Good job, Angel. – I think mine was much better than yours. – [Crystal] Oh no way, I
think mine is way better. – We’re probably even. Let’s just say we’re even. Next up is Bottle Up. So she has to stand
this bottle straight up. It’s laying down, but
she has to stand it up. She has two tries. (whoops) Uh-oh, I don’t know. Let’s see if she can get it. Alright, she’s got it. Don’t let it fall,
Cris, don’t let it fall. Look, he’s over there doing
it like a professional. Alright, she’s got it
halfway, she’s got it halfway. (bottle clatters)
Oh no, you were so close! You’ve got one more try, Cris. One more try. Alright, let’s see if she can get it. She got the ring on there super fast. Alright, now all she has to do is get this bottle straight up. Come on, Cris, you can do it, just focus. Just focus. You were so close. – [Crystal] Now it’s Angel’s turn. I don’t know, I thought
it was super hard, guys. This game is so impossible, it seems like. And it’s so windy. Whoa, oh my gosh, it’s so wobbly, right? – I almost had it!
(giggles) – [Crystal] It’s so wobbly. Yeah, it’s super windy. I’m so nervous, I hope you can get this. Okay, oh my gosh, yes! (gasps) Oh my gosh, yes,
you got it, you got it! – Winner, winner, winner!
– Oh my gosh. Holy moly! What, what? It’s staying right there! – [Announcer] Well now,
any prize, any game. There goes the winner right there. – [Both] A winner, winner, winner, winner! – [Crystal] Oh my gosh,
I don’t know what to get. – [Angel] The owl? – [Crystal] Yeah, the owl
is huge and it’s so cute. You did so awesome. – That was really hard. That was very hard.
– I know! (Crystal cooing)
– Winner, winner, winner! – [Crystal] He’s a winner, winner, winner. Oh my gosh, it’s huge! It’s humongous! – It’s as tall as me! Crystal’s going again and she
has three plays this time. – [Announcer] You want me to show you guys how to get it again? – [Angel] Look, he’s going
to show us over there. Crystal’s got it halfway. Come on, Cris, you’ve got this. You’ve got this, Cris. (cheers) Hold it, hold it, hold it! (whoops) Which prize do you want? Which prize do you want,
which prize do you want? Which prize do you want?
– I don’t know what I want! – [Angel] What do you want? What about this big old Pooh? What about this big old Monkey? – What about that big Pooh bear? – [Angel] Yeah, get the Pooh
bear, get the Pooh bear. Crystal got it. It’s so big!
– I got my Pooh bear! – [Angel] And it was so hard, right? – Yeah, it was super hard. – [Angel] Wink, wink. Last up is Ring A Bottle,
pretty much Ring Toss. If she lands on that one
single green one in the middle she’ll get a bicycle, so.
– I don’t want a bike. – [Angel] Don’t land on that one! Only try to get a brown one, because then you can win any of these big prizes up here. You’ve got a Scooby,
a Stewie, a Spongebob. What’d you say? – [Crystal] These rings are so tiny. – [Angel] Oh my gosh,
that’s the smallest ring I’ve ever seen. Man, those rings are small. I bet they barely fit, just barely. She has a whole bucket
of them, though, so. – [Crystal] Whoa, that green one. – [Angel] So take your
time, you can get them. Try throwing it like a Frisbee. (bottles clattering) Nope, that’s not working either. I thought maybe that would work. – [Crystal] I’ve never
won on this game before. – [Angel] Yeah, we’ve
played this game a lot and never won, ever. I wonder if there’s a
technique to this game. Okay, she threw that one underhand and she kind of lobbed it. – [Crystal] I’m trying to see– – [Angel] You’re trying
to see if it works? – [Crystal] Yeah, but I don’t
think this one is working. – [Angel] Maybe see if you
focus on the front ones, maybe? – [Crystal] Okay. – [Angel] Nope, maybe
not, maybe that’s not it. Nope, I don’t know, I
don’t know about that. Try to throw it like a Frisbee, like that. Oh man, you bounced off
the top of that one! (both laughing)
– This is so hard! – [Angel] You’re having
more fun than if you won. – [Crystal] Did you see that one? – [Angel] Yeah, I see
that just bouncing around. How many more do you have in your bucket? Oh, she’s only halfway through her bucket. – [Crystal] I want you to play some. – Oh, you want me to?
– Yeah. – [Angel] But then I might win
and I’ll make you look bad. Oh man, I’ll try a couple,
though, I’ll try a couple. – [Crystal] Okay. – [Angel] Oh man, almost had it there. Oh man, watch out for that green one. Don’t get the green one.
(chuckles) – [Crystal] Alright, I’m
going to play two more and– – Two more?
– And then you can play. – [Angel] And then I get a try, okay. Okay, my turn. – [Crystal] Angel’s going to win it! Come on. I’m telling you, this game is so hard. He’s throwing it like a Frisbee. I don’t know, I don’t think. Any way you throw it,
you’re not going to get it. That one was a pull, downwards pull. Come on, Angel, keep
throwing it like a Frisbee. Maybe that is the way. – [Angel] I’m just going to
finish this bucket, okay. – [Crystal] I actually wanted
that Spongebob up there but it doesn’t look like we’re going to walk away with a Spongebob. – [Angel] Nope, we’re
going to, we’re going to. – [Crystal] Angel said
we’re going to, okay. (grunts with frustration) How many more do you have in your bucket? – Just a handful.
– Oh goodness. – [Angel] No! No! – [Crystal] Oh goodness. – [Angel] Okay, my last one. – [Crystal] Last ring, get it. Guys, it’s going to be the lucky one. No! – [Angel] Alright guys, it’s time to go over all the prizes. – Yes, we got so many!
– Yes we did. Let’s start from the beginning. Skee-Ball.
– Yes, you did so awesome! – Ring a–
– Ring a Duck! – [Angel] Ring a Duck, yeah. I knew it was ring a something. Crystal won one and I won one.
– First time! – That was so awesome.
– I know! – [Angel] You were way
better at that than I am. But you still won and I still won. And then the big ones.
– Yay! – The super big owl.
– It’s huge! – [Angel] And the wannabe Pooh. So which prize is your favorite, Cris? – Probably the big owl. – [Angel] You know, I
would say my favorite is probably one of these three because these are soft
and these are really hard. Like, these you can’t put anywhere. I don’t think they’ll fit in the car. – Oh my gosh, good
thing there was a limit. – [Angel] Yeah, there was
a limit on all the prizes. You can only win one prize from each game. If there wasn’t a limit, we
would have too much here. – I know! – [Angel] We’d have to tell
them to hold onto the prizes until we go get a U-Haul truck. – Yes!
(Angel chuckles) – [Angel] You guys have to let us know which one of these
prizes is your favorite. Look at them, they’re big, they’re huge. Thanks for watching, everyone. – Bye!

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