100 thoughts on “Violent fake video of President Trump on killing spree in ‘church of fake news’ circulating online

  1. Why would any of you attempt to make excuses for this video? Have ANY of you Trump Supporters "hit bottom" yet in what behavior you'll justify or support on behalf of Trump or his acolytes!

  2. 🇺🇸🇺🇸VOTE TRUMP🇺🇸🇺🇸
    President Trump's accomplishments.

  3. Look, I personally can't stand the guy. He is a pig as far as I am concerned.. And that is putting it lightly. I think those of you who think he is great are fools and delusional sheep.
    This is just a stupid video and the more of a big deal we make it the more 2 faced and hypocritical we look. Let it go. Stop giving into the set-up BS that makes thoes of us who actually care about what's going on look bad.

  4. Amazing how liberals don’t get symbolism. The video is not about killing people at all, but how Trump has exposed an damaged dishonest partisan media. Does this REALLY need to be explained to these babies?

  5. Awesome video, fuk McCain and his turncoat daughter ,
    looks like she turned out just like the old man , a turncoat !!!
    Thx for Obama care JOHNNY !!!

  6. Can you Trumpers not see he has now just sanctioned a new era for ISIS by pulling out of Syria? Putin wants ISIS attacks on US soil, so we are distracted—while he completes retaking the Ukraine—and is making Trump set it up. Putin has leverage over Trump and Trump is selling the US out before our very eyes. Please shake off the cognitive bias and help us before its too late.

  7. Really, we got some much extra time to sit and discuss about how offensive a meme was. Trump has nothing to do with that. I'm pretty sure that trump and his administration has nothing to do with that. In my opinion the meme was not very specific cause everyone the left and the media tries to paint trump and his supporters as far right they ending up increasing his approval ratings cause the people are familiar with the medias hypocritic reporting and they know for sure that it's fake news. That's why trump won in the last time and pretty sure he will again. Y'all are giving the far right a platform when trump clearly condemned the far right.

  8. Kathy Griffin? (crickets)
    Snoop Lion? (crickets)
    Robert DeNiro? (crickets)
    Joe Biden? (crickets)
    Maxine Waters? (crickets)
    Johnny Depp? (crickets)

  9. The video was from King's Man, which is a good movie. This is just a meme created to show his relationship with the news, and other politicians. A similar video was created for Putin and his relationship with other countries.

    It just shows you the mindset of a portion of his supporters

  10. LOL…They get triggered so much. The funniest thing is their utter hypocrisy with all the anti Trump violent stunts pulled by the lefties themselves. Kathy Griffin anyone ? Just as a small example.

  11. Never seen a smaller MSM channel get so many (deservedly) thumbs down for their content. Got this one wrong, chief…

  12. A lot of trolls in here hiding behind keyboards and bullying anyone that has an opinion different than theirs … no wonder they love trump!

  13. This is the dumbest take on that video i have ever seen. But what can you expect when they let the sister of harambe moderate it. lol

  14. Hahaha lefties kill him all the time in their videos, and now they whine once again. Create more support for him, Keep it up. Trump 2020

  15. Funny how they didnt react like this when Snoop satires him shooting Trump or Kathy Griffin satires cutting his head off. Fuck off you fake news fucks

  16. How it is more disturbing than the movie Kingsmen? Because that is where it is from. How does copying & pasting someone’s faces & logos make it so bad? I really wanna know

  17. USA how to make everything illegal so we can get some money out of almost any situation and they call it country of freedom lol….

  18. Where were you when Kathy Griffin held president's severed bloody head in front of the camera? You thought that was art you sick Nazi demRats…

  19. Where were you when Kathy Griffin held president's severed bloody head in front of the camera? You thought that was art you sick Nazi demRats…

  20. I love the video!!! It is like Madonna Blow jobbing up the White House and Johnny Daft asking for an actor with more guts to shoot the president!

  21. Click bait… the video is not shown yet suggested by you tube rather than the actual video I searched for. Obviously the down thumbs doesn’t work or it wouldn’t have been suggested

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