Using Love to Shed Pounds and Boost Confidence in the Classroom | Class Act

Using Love to Shed Pounds and Boost Confidence in the Classroom | Class Act

-Physical education
is the most important of all academic
or elective classes on a campus because everybody has a body, and as things
deteriorate physically, as we get sick or we become old
or we’re injured, that changes what you’re able
to do life-wise. My name is Amber Plummer. I teach Physical Education,
Dance, and my new class,
Girls on the Go. Okay, give me
a healthy lifestyle. -Apple. -That’s a food!
A healthy lifestyle. -Sports.
-Sports. There we go.
What? Zumba. At the beginning of the year,
we took heights and weights for the kids and probably
didn’t pay any attention to it. We stuck with
our normal curriculum. The kids run pretty much
every day. They have fitness testing
every week. So in my mind, I’m thinking
they’re being very active. They’re getting everything
that they’re supposed to get. They’re getting the tools
that they need to be healthy. But in March,
we took height and weight, and it didn’t look so good. All the girls that were 200-plus had all gained weight
from October to March across the board. And I didn’t even notice it
until I had a student, Arely, come to me and she asked me
to help her to lose weight. -My name’s Arely Miranda,
and I am in the eighth grade. Since the sixth grade,
sixth grade to eighth grade, I’ve gained at least 70 pounds. Ms. Plummer said
it’s because my body changes or something like that,
but I don’t know. But I wanted to change it
and I wanted to lose it. -It got a little scary
because Arely’s opinion was that
she had gained weight — she said 12 pounds,
is what she said — and from October to March, she didn’t gain 12 pounds
like she thought. She gained actually 78 pounds. -That just made me feel like — wow, like, I can’t believe it. Like, that’s too much. -Arely is my student.
She’s my P.E. student. And I see her every day in P.E. She grew right in front of me,
and I didn’t notice it. It’s almost like you’re
looking at a group of kids playing in a pool, and there’s
literally one drowning. And then finally
she screams out, “Help!” And I’m like,
“I was looking at her. Why didn’t I do something
about it before?” Bottom line
why Girls on the Go started is because one girl
wanted to go. She wanted to change, and my thought process was,
if one girl wants to go, maybe there are
a couple of others. We invited all the girls
to lunch and then just opened it up — “How many of you guys
want to change?” And very reluctantly, they
started raising their hands. And as the hands
started coming up, they started looking
at each other and they kind of
got more confidence as they looked around,
and we agreed in the group that we have never done
something like this before. We didn’t have somebody
to follow, so whatever we were gonna do was gonna be
what was gonna be done, and we would just roll with it. It’s got zero grams. -We learned in the lesson
to cut down our sugar, to check the ingredients
that was in it, if we know if it’s good or bad. -The ginger is kind of spicy. I like a lot,
but take a little bit of ginger. -Yeah, sorry. -Like, when I eat stuff,
I think about my portion sizes. Normally, I’ll be like, “Well, I’ll just get a big handful
of this and some of this and some of this,”
and now I’ll think about, “Well, I know I’m not gonna
eat it, so why grab it?” -Fold that side in.
-It’s slippery. -And then keep rolling forward. -Like that?
Probably not. -You forgot to roll
your side, sweetie. -We wanted to be healthier. We wanted to be less
than we are now, so, like, in case of anything,
we didn’t want to have, like, diabetes or none of that. -Now, two. Back to one. And step forward. Whoo, pull it in. -That was kind of a workout,
if you think about it. -It is a workout! It’s not about
what they look like. It’s about what they feel,
how they’re feeling, because you can look
like a top model and everything’s great, and yet you feel rotten inside. That doesn’t make you healthy. A lot of times
in academic classes, they’re teaching and it’s taught
from the board, it’s taught from the book, but the kids are not able
to apply it in real life, and I think with
physical education and health, if you can learn something
in a real-life situation or a circumstance,
it’s gonna have more impact because then you’ll carry it
with you. I want them to look back
to this time and honestly have
some fun memories because if they have
a positive experience, that’s something
that’s gonna stay with them and they can draw back to
when they need it, when they come and encounter
just drama or tough times or weight becomes an issue
in high school. -These little water trails. -The water crossings
are much easier this time. You won’t have a big problem. -I’m learning that when you say
you can do something, you can do it, and when you feel down, I mean, you have to, like,
try your best to, like… to pick yourself up. -Arely, this hike
is tougher going in. -I am very grateful
that she did that because you will never find
a P.E. teacher that would do that for you. She means a lot to me.
I don’t know how to say it. I can’t say it. It’s too much. -Almost there. -Yeah, you made it! You’re there!
You did it! -Cool! -I want them to walk away
with that they’re beautiful and that somebody loves them. I love each of the girls. And I want them
to remember that. Ready? Oh, that’s perfect.
1, 2, 3. Cheese! -Cheese! -I think the advantage
special ed teachers have is we get so close to the family and we work so hard with
certain students every day that you kind of —
you can’t not have an emotional relationship
with these families and kids. -Bye!
-Have a good day.

39 thoughts on “Using Love to Shed Pounds and Boost Confidence in the Classroom | Class Act

  1. This is one of the best series i have seen yet. Am I'm sure that soul pancake will keep bringing us such great series to watch.

  2. What a sweet episode. This can be a tricky subject to cover sometimes as people are very opinionated and emotional about it but it was handled very fairly and equally, and as the description says, it was all about empowering the students. Wonderful teacher.

  3. People who want to do something for themselves are meeting the person who wants to do something for them – it does a really great impact. If SoulPancake makes us happy with this, motivate us or give somebody hope, it gets even better. Thank you all for the positive energy I feel right now!

  4. Nice to see this hasn't been considered "fat shaming" or any of that nonsense. If you have the ability to be a healthy person, do it.

  5. This is so amazing! These girls are in an environment where they can really focus on being healthier and they have commonality among each other as well as a safe space to talk about their struggles and successes! I wish I had this kind of gym class when I was their age.

  6. I want to learn to change I'm in 8th grade and I'm obese. I've opted out of gym class already this year because I'm so self conscious. I hate my body. I hope none of my friends see this comment because they all think I'm fine but I'm not. I hate how I look I feel like an idiot when I run. My dad recently offered to take my to the gym with my new step brother, he's a senior n I'm afraid he'll think I look like a moron. I'm gifted academically and artistically but not athletically.

  7. I wish I could've had a p.e teacher like her. In middle school from 6th grade to 8th grade I as well gained near 25-30 pounds. It's very hard as a kid going through puberty, and not having that support systen to help one lose weight. Now that I'm older things have changed, and we have more resources to change our eating habits/lifestyle. I really appreciate this teacher for empowering and teaching these kids in incorporating exercises and healthy food options. 🙂

  8. AMBER, YOU ARE THE BOMB! Thanks for leaning in with love. All our girls (all people too) deserve this kind of love and support.

  9. 1:08 What the heck are they serving in the Cafeteria and eating at home ?? Get after that principals Azz, and get them with the health program !!  You got the InSchool Exercise regime , but what about the self-motivational classes or the after school health maintenance programs,  for when they are out of the school?? What about getting the Parents involved in there kids health ?? Cover the Walls with Positive affirming self motivating signs !!

  10. Stopped watching when she asked what's a healthy lifestyle and she denied food as a part of a lifestyle. Lost credentials for me.

  11. The most important thing my parents taught me was physical exercise no matter what size is crucial. Move on a consistent basis. There will always be people who will make fun of you, so what. I've remembered that, keep active and have remained healthy.

  12. What a great teacher. It's important to teach kids that health/weight is important, but also that their weight does not determine their worth or how they should be treated. It's all about empowerment! People should change for themselves because they want to, not because society or someone else is telling them that they need to change to be valuable. I also think it's important to note that everyone has a different body and carries weight differently, so just because someone isn't "thin" doesn't mean they aren't physically fit.

  13. When young children learn to eat healthy for life that is a good learned skill. learning that skill is like not for school but for life we learn. That applies to every body. what you do in the dark everybody will see in the light. light eating is better then night eating. start now and you will thank yourself later but thank God always👏. exercise walk, run, have fun. learn to love yourself.

  14. This is very inspiring to watch and I wish there were more PE teachers that felt this compelled to help their students. I'm a Registered Dietitian that works at a YMCA and watching this encouraged me to share this with my coworkers to see if we could start up a similar program here. Thank you for sharing this!

  15. PE has been taken away from so many daily class schedules that we have children that are obese before they reach their teen years.  Teachers like Amber are making a difference in their lives.  BRAVO

  16. That's an awesome teacher who realy cares about building her students'' self-steem through physical education. Kuddos to her!!

  17. Props. Amber Plummer is my hero. As Natalie Patterson said, she leads with love; she provides love and support, yes, but also information, the tool her students need to make a difference in their own lives. I'm reading other comments and curious about Kell Brigan's negativity. Is it so wrong to help young people make the change they want to make in their own lives? Young people want to be healthy. Let's help them become what they want to be!

  18. I just saw this video on Amber, I use to live next door to her many years ago. I remember Amber use to run for excercise and was fit. I admired her then and I admire her now, she was always a humble person and I believe she is truly giving to these girls from a positive place. Congrats Amber, Teeria

  19. this is exactly what needs to be done to help other kids. and this is one example of kids in need. i never want anyone to feel as hopeless as i have felt like in life,

  20. We need a teacher like her in every single school in America – in fact more than one in every school. GOD bless you for your work.

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