45 thoughts on “US mail bombs: Can the rage be taken out of politics? DISCUSSION – BBC Newsnight

  1. What rock has Holly Turner been living under?! She said Trump "has not called for people to behave violently." Where was she when Trump said about a protester, "I'd like to punch him in the face"? Where was she when Trump told a crowd to "knock the crap out of" protesters? Where was she when Trump said of a congressman, "Any guy who can throw a body slam, he's my type?" How can an otherwise intelligent person deny repeated statements, easily found with a simple google search? This is simply baffling and entirely scary!

  2. poor people live under constant economic and psychological violence and abuse by the elite, it's only natural that the people want blood.. people want to see heads roll. too much humiliation and austerity builds up rage an resentment.

  3. "Hey you Right-wingers, stop complaining when we punch you, speech is a form of violence don't you know."

  4. We cannot let "mob mentality" become become the causal factor in our society's downfall.
    The fear of "mob-think" (you cannot say that because the mob will react), is actively eroding THE foundational right of free Western society — the right to free speech.

    It is by this and this alone that we identify problems and disparate groups hash out their problems and come to accords. That it might reveal something ugly — something that we've "banned" away and hoped it will just go away on its own — should not be added to the cascade of fear-of-the-mob: or of the dispossessed or ideologically-possessed individual that has grown strong in echo-chambers right under our Utopian-fantasizing noses.

    If anything, we should push to preserve freedom of speech, and claw back on the "rights" of mobs — whatever those might currently be. (There is no specific "right to protest". )

  5. Violence can be infectious. So can syphilis.
    So watch what/who you hop into proverbial or literal bed with.

    Yes, there is some blame reserved for the carrier of the infection. But there has been a horrendous sociopathic push in our country to erode the foundational concept of individual moral agency: someone else is always to blame for everything evil and you are just a "victim". Our social and moral "immunity" has weakened; just like a child who has been coddled with too many allegorical hand and surface sanitizers and bully-proof zones.

    But the problem is deeper than we might think. Undercurrents in our society have also made it taboo to explore causal factors lest they prove "politically incorrect" or "victimizing" . . . or the examiner be themselves accused of "hate" (ie, daring to say something true but which makes a group feel bad about their lack of responsibility and accountability).
    After considerable thought the conclusion seems inescapable that these social changes are consequence of "the death of God" (Nietzsche's prediction) and the pharma-fueled sexual revolution of the 60's.


  7. "how do you prop up that moderate middle" and the real target shows it's self. not a neocon? you must be a fascist.

  8. "work with them to alleviate those concerns rather than encouraging those concerns" – IE if you have concerns that the british government thinks are not warranted, like about invading iraq, shut up and get in line, we're going to make you feel better and do nothing other than restrict who can say fuck on the internet.

  9. prediction before viewing: BBC is calling for general censorship of the public

    edit: yes they are. bigears says "are violent words the same thing as violent behavior"

  10. "Violence begets more violence"? They just can't stop with the false equivalency can they? What similar violence have we seen from the left? 90% of the violent issues have been from the right. Calling people deplorable, when they are doing these things, isn't the same thing as running over protestors, sending mail bombs, shooting up churches, schools, and synagogues. But no, as far as the media is concerned: both sides do it!

  11. The left wing that has spent the last few months calling for incivility is now pretending to be the party of the civil? Oh please.

    Trump has never advocated violence, he is the exact alternative to political violence, he is saying vote for him if you feel that you have this grievance rather than resorting to political violence. He is the nonviolent route. He never used words like stabbing or shooting his opponents, Jesus Christ.

    Meanwhile the left continues to call him a racist white supremacist rapist misogynist russian bot who is putting children in concentration camps, taking away women's rights, taking away LGBTQ+ rights, abusing immigrants, blah blah blah. And don't forget how the leftist media was pushing the punch a nazi meme, which they applied to everyone on the right or who was a trump supporter when the Nazis aren't even technically right wing – it's economics, children, look it up, the Nazis were authoritarian racialised nationalist authoritarian centre-left. Conservatives have never supported most of those things, certainly not to anywhere near the same extent, and the Nazis themselves resented being lumped in with the right just because they were both patriotic nationalists and anti-communist – there is a world of difference between classical liberalism/conservative ideals which champions individualism, and racialised totalitarian collectivism which champions the state over the individual.

    Oh, and the anti-semetic shooter that happened just after this hated Trump, because Trump supports Israel and has Jews in his family, anyone equating that bullshit, of an actual neonazi terrorist attack, with Trump, needs to seriously wake up. The guy openly railed against Trump and burned maga hats.

  12. The crazy American bomber that tried to take out to ex presidents and several others is a Dixie cup somebody paid $100,000 to and told congratulations you can go back to prison for life he said cool

  13. But if my difference of opinion is, I will kill you and others like you because… how is that alright? You can have different opinions, but if my opinion is yelling fire in a crowded theatre…is that still an opinion?

  14. No, the rage cannot be taken out of politics, because that's what Trump uses to manipulative effect on the minions that follow without ever questioning his motives. They are like water buffalo with rings through their noses. Whatever he says is gospel to them. If he told them to hammer their own windshields they would without hesitation.

  15. Just look at Russia. It's basically a failed state with journalists regularly murdered and opposition leaders assassinated. No one there cares and the country is collapsing. That's what happens when things get out of control.

  16. Just look back at Corbyn's history. See who he supports. Violent extremist left wing groups, IRA terrorists, Islamist terrorists. He'll sit down with all of them, if he sympathises with their cause. Only don't ever ask him to sit down with his moderate opposition – The only question is why the media has allowed him to get away with it.

  17. The "opposition that started the ball from the back and worked their way forward.". As for Football Putin already gave the ball back to Trump. Symbolism is very interesting if you try to follow.

  18. I think the chances of "stacy skywatch" being a native English speaker are zero.
    Shitstirrers with slightly off English are increasingly common, aren't they?!

    What or who could they possibly be doing it for?

  19. It would pretty naive of people going around and just only talking good things, that's acting and bottling up emotions. If there is something wrong in what people are talking about someone needs to speak up or they will never look back on and realise what they said was wrong. It like we all grew up singing from the same Hymn sheet, then listening around people are starting to sing a new song no-one heard has before, half the people are confused why people have changed their tune. You still don't release there is a minority that believe in a book of life that encapsulates society and leadership and dictates how it should infiltrate a majority to change their way of thinking. Take over positions of power and influence to convert the masses to their way of thinking. The very fact this day and age we are discussing what we say and how we say it makes me ask the question why are we doubting our existence are upbringing our faith. Well when you introduce people who divide themselves from the laws of the land and at first live in a peaceful manner yet they slowly eroding away at the majority and convince them this is way and the only to live. When the power and the will of the people is broken it will be too late to turn back because the beast they created will have already devoured them. The UK needs to stop looking and shifting focus on other parts of the World, the danger is here within, because you have allowed it in and the freedom to move around Europe. Why am I still here? because of the feeling that the countries is in trouble and I care about the British People. I refer to story of Lot in the Old Testament when God tells him and his to leave and there's nothing but destruction left behind them and ask yourself what was it that God hated.

  20. Video focusses on why, how to help calm it down, where divisions come from.

    Paid poster just mention irrelevant ridiculous stuff to try and make it look like Trump isn't partly to blame

  21. Can we just take a moment to realise that this guy tried to bomb 14 people, including two former Presidents. Like WTF is it gonna take for Americans to get a clue?

  22. Since politicians like the Tories, corporate shills left still in Labour and most of American politicians except people like Sanders or Ojeda are effectively committing proxy violence against their own citizens then the stage is set. The state uses violence on a regular basis. They support and sell arms to terrorist regimes like the Wahabbis, play nice with racists and ultra nationalists like the Zionists, deal with crypto-fascists in an incompetent fashion allowing their agent provocateurs to run amok, permit derisive poverty porn on the TV, allow MSM to peddle NATO propaganda then censor those who tell the truth. All this adds up to the perfect storm for violence. Nay, the secret services and governments treat their own citizens like their enemy whilst allowing white collar criminals with international reach get away with murder.
    What the hell do you expect?

    Treat your own like the enemy and set up a system in which no one cares for them and don't be surprised when people resort to violence. It's the only logical action left for them to take.

  23. False flag 101 and the BBC does it's pernicious, disingenuous best to push the narrative of the globalists. Nobody believes anything emanating from the establishment or MSM circus anymore.

  24. So dont bother to mention these" bombs" were obvious fakes incapable of exploding and intended as dark humour will u BBC? Oh and just randomly link it to Tommy Robinson Despite all the lies u spun about to get him banged up! And for which he has Just been exonerrated! Fake news scum!

  25. The problem with people they coordinate , developed habits with others , rather than separately within each individual. Without the consideration of the self .. may I asked for what ever you people doing , what is there ? By the way there is such a thing as wonderful you ! Arise …

  26. Watch your thoughts, they become words;
    watch your words, they become actions;
    watch your actions, they become habits;
    watch your habits, they become character;
    watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

  27. FYI, the person posting as The Crusader is neither British nor American – and is certainly not a native English speaker.
    You should ask him where he's really from … he likes that.

  28. The BBC are liars. They are slimy, left wing, fake, untruthful, deviant, undermining, manipulative, oppressive, smug, London centric, anti British, rotten to the core advocates of paedophilia.

    I ditched my TV for this reason a decade ago.

  29. I'm surprised there isn't far more political violence, particularly in the UK. As a British man in his 30's I have no faith in politics whatsoever, and practically everyone I know, including those older and younger, feel the same way. Everyone knows the system is corrupt, that politicians don't listen to people and that there is massive injustice within society. I feel completely excluded from society, as an example, I don't drink alcohol but I do enjoy smoking cannabis, this immediately means that I am essentially written off as a person in this country. I was raided for growing cannabis when I was younger, which was an awful experience, far worse than when my home was burgled or even when I was the victim of a home-invasion robbery in my teens. This just shows that entire groups of people, millions of people, are made to feel that they have no place in society and are open to being harassed and having their homes violated by the state for the most insane of reasons. I find it ridiculous when you see politicians and commentators on the news try and act like we live in a fair and inclusive society. These people can't be serious, they must know just how untrue and ungrounded in reality what they are saying is. If anything all this talk of violence is being pushed in the hopes that it causes more political violence as a justification to bring in yet more draconian laws and clamp down on what little rights, freedoms and privacy people have left, which is essentially close to none at this point anyway! Fuck your system, people are out here unable to even feed themselves and having to rely on foodbanks just so they don't starve! People have to choose whether to buy food or heat their homes in the winter, including pensioners who have worked their entire lives! And entire generations of people have no hope of ever owning a home and getting out from under slumlords who take most of their earnings in rent! I've seen enough of this shit from the media in my life to know that they are up to something when they start pushing a narrative. Call me cynical but if anything what is going on is politicians are starting to get worried that people will start organising and demanded their rights and a fair place within society and they are just preempting this by pushing the idea of political violence, knowing that a few crazy people will be inspired by this, so that they can bring in more laws and controls to target at the real 'problem' which is people saying enough is enough and demanding that they be treated fairly and are no longer exploited by extortionate rents, insecure jobs and having their rights stripped away and trampled all over!

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