UNI ROOM TOUR! (Durham University, St Cuthbert's Society) – Small Halls of Residence | Jack Edwards

UNI ROOM TOUR! (Durham University, St Cuthbert's Society) - Small Halls of Residence | Jack Edwards

hello MTV and welcome to my crib this time last year when I was thinking about going to university all I wanted to know was what peoples uni dorms looked like and so today I thought I'd show you mine for my first year at Durham University I've lived at San Cuthbert society which is my college on the Bailey which is like the world heritage like kind of area in Durham I've got quite a small room its walls of residence I have a shared bathroom which actually is quite interesting because one of my prerequisites for university was to have my own bathroom like an ensuite I didn't get that and actually it's been completely fine we never run into each other we have two showers between ten and two toilets between ten so really you've never bumped into each other because we all have such different schedules so without further ado let's get on with the video and remember what happens on tour stays on tour I just hope this video isn't torturous for you ha ha ha I'm here all year as you walk into the room this is what you see my room actually if you look to it from like a bird's eye view oh hello there it's actually kind of like a big cube which is great because it feels quite cozy the first part of the room that I'd like to share with you on this Whistlestop tour is my pride and joy my bookshelf so as you can see it's got three shelves it's quite unfortunately placed because this is my bed here and it kind of like goes over the bed and I have to say I have hit my face on this several times gave myself a nosebleed one time after a nice house which was horrendous I hope anyway this is the bookshelf this is the first shelf so on here I just have some kind of textbooks that I needed for this yeah well we're just kind of course stuff I have a cookbook which I think will come in handy next year what I have to cook for myself but it makes me look like a domestic God at least next to that I have this yellow John Lewis frame with a picture of my dog Archie this picture was taken actually on the day before I left the university he's a diamond in the rough haha and then kind of obscured by this photo is a picture of my friend Cara and I when we went to Washington DC last year then I've got this oversized clock from next have to be very careful how I say that which definitely isn't compensating for anything thank you very much below that so I this little sign that says on-air it was actually a candle you can kind of see the two wicks in the top it was from Primark it was reduced to one pound in their sale then I have my holy scripture my English literature anthologies these come in six volumes alternatively you could get them as like two big books it would be all of that would be book one and all of that would be book – I went for six different volumes just because I thought they'd be easier to carry around and I was so right so I definitely recommend that if you have to buy something similar on top of those I have my signature scent which is Dunhill icon racing so if you ever wondered why smell like this is it onto the second shelf which is entirely populated by books from my course next to that is a very sad-looking pot which is empty that's one point this had a billowing flowing ivy that went all the way down here but it died a very sad death because I just forgot to water it I was too busy trying to like keep myself alive to keep a plant alive to and below that I have a cactus they did in freshers week a houseplant sale I'm outside the library and that's where I bought all of my plants and this I think is the last survivor so well done you catch this so the general vibe is that you have business down here and then party up here this is my favorite part of the whole room I've also got a cocktail mixer over here and then next to that is this big box that says a place for everything and basically just has loads of miscellaneous goods in it pick your poison stationery or alcohol I like both and yeah moving on from the bookshelf here I have a chest of drawers which is kind of next to my bed so it also serves as like a bedside table on here I have this ampersand light you may have seen this in the background of my videos there it is our lovely stuff and another cactus oh this one survived too and I've just realized creeping behind there is a little hip flask oops and finally next to my bed I just have some books that I've been reading recently and a little light which fun story has never actually been used because I just cannot find the right bulb for it so it's been Bowl bliss for the whole year and that's just quite sad really isn't it next to that we have my bed and this is where the magic happens and by magic I mean I can do card tricks so I just had keep down here my little wash bag service got all of the essentials that I take to the bathroom with me the bedding I think is from Matalin the pillows are from next and IKEA obviously the college kind of provided my mattress and stuff but to make it more comfy I have a mattress topper a John Lewis feather duvet these pillows I think what M&S they were on sale just before we came here so look out for that again this year and then at the end of the bed is this little cushion that says hello because I'm always just entertaining guests I'm joking obviously but this is a really nice place to kind of sit I've used it as kind of like a reading nook but also when people come over just to chat it's quite a nice little seating area above the bed I have some posters this one says garage on it I got it from Ikea I don't know it just kind of matched the color scheme and I thought it was quite cool the other one that says a destination London which is where I go to go home but also the kind of destination I'd like to end up after my degree ends I mean I've just forged a meaning out of that I actually just got it in John Lewis as part of a set I thought it was quite cool next to that I have this huge world map now if you've been following the vlogs for a long time then you'll know that this was sold to me as a vintage world map now it's so vintage that it has the Soviet Union on it which is not ideal but since I'd spent a whole four pounds on it I thought I'd keep it anyway and basically what I've done is I've stuck these little map pins into all of the places that I visited around the world and just in case you were interested in perhaps doing the same thing basically how I've done this is I've stuck a notice board like a cork board to the wall using these adhesive strips which you can just pull off the wall when you're done so they don't leave a mark on the wall and then I stuck the world map to it using blue tack just on all four corners and then the pins kind of go into it and stick into the cork board so it doesn't leave a mark on the wall which is good because I don't want to pay those fees panning around we have my wardrobe this is quite unacceptable skits from HTM home with some products that I was sent very kindly by brands for my like blogging and YouTube stuff and then this one has camera equipment in it I've also just remembered that this one has a wig in it that I think I stole by accident because I was in a photo booth and this was one of the props and I put her on my head and then just left with it and went clubbing with this on and then just never gave it back so that's in this basket too behind those still at the top of my wardrobe I've just got some mixers for like pre drinks and stuff like that and then if you watched my last video you will recognize these these my pug slippers the side of my wardrobe as you might have seen before comes down to the bed I used to have loads of pictures from home all on this side of the wardrobe but we had to move out over Easter so that the new freshers could kind of come and have a taste of living in student halls so I had to like unpack my whole room and put it like so basically if you can see down here this is my bed these bits lift up you can take the mattress off and lift these bits up and the whole of the under of the bed it's like a storage unit and so I put all of my stuff down there I had to take most of the posts off my wall and just because these ones were quite personal I took them off and then basically I put this little cabinet inside sit in here is like my underwear and socks and then here is like my sports stuff which is probably dusty by now and then I kind of used these little shelves that it has as shoe storage I think my favorite icing in my poop's as I was saying I think my favorite item in my whole wardrobe has to be my gown we have to wear these for formals basically and for matriculation and if I could wear every day I would moving swiftly on from the Wardrobe we have my windowsill first up we have this picture of my dog and I and in this vars is completely useless but it was from Ikea and it just looks kind of kind of cool there I thought next up is the only plant I've managed to actually keep alive and this is a fake one from Ikea you versus the guy she tells you not to worry about anyway so this is the view from outside my window I think it's quite nice well actually and then this is the Bailey which is you know I think that's a pretty cracking view on this side I have this weird bit of roof that I sometimes see rats on and then that over there goes down to the river then we have my desk area which is where I do a lot of studying I spend a lot of time here so I really wanted to get it right firstly I have a candle which is from Charles Ferris which I definitely haven't burnt despite the black wick because that's not allowed in halls of residence definitely never did that personally I like to kind of store all of my stage Neri on my desk so that it's really accessible so I have this little pen pot from Muji and then I have this desk lamp which was from next I believe and it just looks kind of like industrial and quite cool I feel above that I just have lots of posters on my wall these little luggage tag ones were from John Lewis they came in a pack of ten and they kind of match these ones as well I have on the wall which were again were from John Lewis this one here obviously is a photo of Amsterdam which is just one of my favorite places and I went traveling there in the summer so I thought I'd get this little poster which was from Amazon speaking of which I have my inter fails here so he went in trailing together this is the kind of group I went with I'm in a next photo frame which is hanging from the wall also from the summer is this photo from Lake Bled which again was taken when we were interviewing the funny story behind this photo is that we actually were just sitting up here what looking at the view drinking beer watching the sunset and this guy came up to us and was like hey can I take a photo of you with my film camera he sent it to us and I just think this is the coolest picture I love its pieces and yeah what a cool story you can kind of see on here that I have a notice board which is painted the same color as the war which is just like here and it has my mirror on it for some reason but anyway I've been sticking things to it or pinning things to it using these pins they're like oversized colorful pens from Flying Tiger Copenhagen firstly I have this ticket to Lourdes and Khalid at the Brighton Center which I went to see the night before I came to uni another one of these little postcards a photobooth picture from summer ball this New York City poster because my parents took me to New York on my 18th birthday then above that this is really cool I really love this um it's basically I don't know what they're called but you kind of stick the little letters into it and this says work hard and be nice to people which i think is a mantra to live by below that I have my dreaded exam timetable although they are all ticked so that's a good thing and to save from the misery of that for good measure I have another picture of my poppy because quite a lot then I have this little wristband which was from the first time I went for a meeting at the BBC which I just think is quite a cool thing to keep forever above that is my map of the Durham City Centre which I was given him freshers week because I still just have no idea what I'm doing then at the top I have these notes so basically for all of our bulls and formals and stuff at darn we do notes so on the back of these are kind of like notes so you send them across the table so these were ones that were written for me got McComas ball summer ball the feast of st. Cuthbert's and then I didn't have a fourth one uh I could find once I've put Becky's business card on it one pretty major thing that I forgot to mention is this whiteboard which I've just got some classics notes on at the moment below my desk we have my biggest firm yeah basically this is just a USB fan that you can plug into your laptop and it just well does what a fan does basically next to that is this oversized peg which i think is meant for holding photos but I like it that way up so that's how it's staying and then below that I have this other lens for my camera the rest of the things on my desk are just my laptop my keyboard my mouse and my Mac and then down here is just my hard drive although I did fail my driving test three times so any drive for me is hard down here I just have three drawers with stationery and folders full of all my notes from the year and then a little printer and some paper back up here now as I said I have a mirror which lets not look out for too long on the wall I just have this academic year planner which I was given at freshers week below that I have my doorstop for starters this was really good actually just for like freshers week as I kind of freshers week tip keep your door propped open so that people can come and speak to you up here I just have my laundry basket this was from Argos and it has separates baskets for lights and dogs which is very useful for an incompetent monkey like myself moving over to my very tasteful green door anyway in an attempt to cover up the door as much as possible I've put my towels here but really um this hook it was so useful I think it was from Dunelm and it just hooks over the top of the door so it won't leave any damage and I've just got my towels my dressing-gown coats an umbrella this was the only kind of hook that the door originally had and I also have a little carrier bag just to take out with me you know save the planet all that a light switch and then my keys although my keys are so rarely on this hook that I usually spend so much time tearing the whole the part before I realized they were on here and it's always quite a surprise when they're here I think this was like 50 P and you can just stick it onto the wall leaves no marks but very very useful and yeah I think that is pretty much everything this is the room I love it I feel like I did get the smallest room in the house that I live in but I've made it quite cozy and homely and I really like it so thank you very much for watching this video I hope you liked it if you did please give it a thumbs up I really appreciate that and if you'd like to subscribe do so down below but we're getting dangerously close to fifty thousand subscribers which is bonkers yeah thank you very much for watching I've been Jack Edwards hopefully I still will be Jack Edwards next time you watch and I'll see you next time bye bye

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  1. Wow pretty vintage, it has the Soviet Union, and Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa as British dominions as well as a stream of African countries + India as a part of the British empire.

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  3. I was offered an unconditional offer one month ago and I got my college allocation just a week ago and it's St Cuthbert so this was sososo helpful thank you so much

  4. thank you Jack for sharing your experience but I have some question about the other kinds of rooms so you said in the beginning of the video that you have a shared bathroom so my question is for students from the middle east who get a full scholarship can they get a private- uni room – room and a private bathroom and kitchen ? or do the students of master degree have this choice that is uni room , bathroom and kitchen ? I am going to complete my master degree in linguistics and tried to read the information on their website but it is confusing and it will be the first time to travel abroad and live in a shared house with a stranger .Another question , do you think that their scholarship- Durham for foreigners is enough and can cover the cost of living ? especially if we talk about that choice (uni room with your own bath and kitchen –

  5. Jack, I find you extremely annoying and yet I can't get enough of these Vlogs…..In hindsight, I think that says more about me than you.

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