20 thoughts on “Ukrainian plane crashes with 180 on board: Iranian state TV

  1. This organization is why America fights…Ukrainians are amongst some of nicest people!
    R.I.P Iran….🙏

  2. No way this wasnt shot down… Whats the coincidence a plane that was flying fine and normal altitude suddenly crashes in IRAN in THIS TIME! This country's hand is full of blood that many people dont see but think is innocent… go to iraq and see the amount of protestors being killed for protesting against iran involvement in the government and thats why Solretard was going there to continue the oppression of protestors

  3. CIA successfully intervened in the automatic control system of Boing 737. Therefore it was used repeatedly for its purpose. MH17

  4. Another terrorist attack by the US on Iranian soil. Trying to divert attention and involve Europe hahahaha, gotta do better than that Us

  5. Let's wait till the morning when Trump speaks . Something dont seem right here , USA kills general, Iran sends 10 missiles to attack USA soldiers but miss , now plane crashes with 170 on board all dead . Hmmm what's going on 2020 starting out weird .

  6. who believes a thing the Iranians or should i say the iranian government/ leaders say . they will have shot it down . hit them hard something has to be done with the leaders of this country before they get any nuclear weapon because if they get one you can say bye bye to any freedom and democracy we may have left in this world ,they will use the weapon if we dont bow down to there way of life . something has to be done before its too late

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