as you may or may not know the UK has a deep-rooted social class system so pre-industrial revolution brain what did it look like well society was divided in a hierarchy within a system this involved that hereditary transmission of occupations social status and political influence since industrialization however the system is constantly changing and adapting however it is the belief of the rear Ward Allen esteem that the social class system is deeply rooted into British society so you say I love you why do you say that what does you probably know great bit still has a monarch a lot of people are very proud of this however that it shows we still have this hierarchy of power and wealth now this ridiculous power and wealth gets passed down to their sons and doors and effectively keeps it within the royal family so the money stays within the family and the power stays within the family effectively you know a monarch if it's a royal family and we went on to our government but now you ask RW surely a class system can exist within government isn't the government's supposed to be for the people well in the UK we are the House of Commons now the House of Commons consists of politicians elected by the people or MPs as they're known so what happens when these MPs decide on a new law they want to pass well then it goes to the House of Lords now the Lords are these hereditary elite of Britain and if they say no then the new law gets rejected and returned to the House of Commons the new law is passed however and our Lords agree that in a sense of the queen or king for the Royal Assent and at this point the law is pretty much passed yeah this is more of a formal process nowadays nowadays if the Queen was to really reject a law that had been passed by the House of Commons and the House of Lords they'll be there be political uproar and I don't think we'd have a queen for much longer put it that way but anyway so the queen of scientists signed off this new law is passed and this now becomes an act of parliament and the law of the land this shows the social class system is still deeply rooted in our country now for the sake of keeping a video short there was a lot of information I haven't included this is this is very very brief only touching the outskirts of the social class system within the UK however if you enjoyed this please let me know in the comments and in the future I may upload a more in-depth video talking about all these issues that I've spoke about today and that is pretty much it see times you have to ask yourself who really has control of our country and how its run the people or the heretics free elite the rich the powerful the Lords if you enjoyed the video then please hit that like button and subscribe for more very and brand new videos coming your way this is the RW analyst team thank you


  1. Thanks. MP to my american ears always meant military police. This all makes a little more sense now. 😔

  2. You have explained something that is very complicated, in a few minutes, very well. I think it should be pointed out, however, that the Queen is the head of the Church of England, and therefore can hand pick a number of Lords in the House. She has considerable political power, but its camouflaged. She is also a trillionaire, not a billionaire.

  3. What is the difference between the class system in The United States vs Britain.How many Britons achieve The British Dream?

  4. Those who are very poor or extremely wealthy i tend to get along fine with,it is the empty heads in the middle i have no time for

  5. Interesting mate . I would love to know more about it in depth. I have never been to UK or Europe, but it is intersting to compare it with other class systems. Its easy to build knowledge about other races class system , but it seems a forbidden topic in Europe. Thanks and pardon my intrusion. cheers

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