Tuned Society Springfield Car Meet

Tuned Society Springfield Car Meet

a person who thinks all the time has nothing to think about except thoughts so he loses touch with reality and lives in a world of illusions by thoughts I mean specifically chatter in the skull perpetual and impulsive repetition of words of reckoning and the calculator I'm not saying that thinking is bad like everything else is useful in moderation a good servant but a bad master and also called civilized peoples have increasingly become crazy and selfless time excessive with the real world this is the beginning of meditation most of us would have blaga money in intangible wealth and a great occasion is some house oil forests and less photographed and to read about it the next day in the newspaper is oddly more fun for us than the original event this is a disaster or as a result of confusing the real world of nature with mere science we are destroying nature we are so tied up in our minds that we've lost our senses time to wake up what is reality one can say words material an idea reality is cannot be explained I'm trying to put you down it's an expression in you as you are one must live we need to survive to go on thank you for coming down and next time it's a wrap you

2 thoughts on “Tuned Society Springfield Car Meet

  1. Good turnout last night Nice video Bro next one will be double the size Peter and the Team came threw 💪💪💪🔥💯 Springfields definitely on the 🗺

  2. Buen video Rokero Loko, soy fan tuyo desde hace mucho tiempo y me encantaria poder ver alguna video reacción en español como lo hacias antes con los videos de risa o con videos comicos o algo asi. No se si en estos momentos estes con el tiempo para poder hacer esa clase de videos pero si puedes me encantaria ver uno. Te mando un saludo desde Puerto Rico y gracias por este gran video 👍💪

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