23 thoughts on “Trump: White nationalists are a small group of people

  1. And yet I thought Ms13 was the biggest threat to US soil thank you white knights you take the number #1 spot now homegrown terrorists killers with records to prove it.SMH🗽

  2. It's sad, but Trump's children need to start having that conversation about which insane asylum they're going to put daddy in…

  3. Donald Trump has no idea that his actions and words align to all hate crimes……..how can anyone respect that?? ….we are all human beings no matter where we come from and live….and all of us have a right to breath the air…..after all we are only a dot in the wider universe….it seems Donald trump believes he is the universe….very sad…..

  4. Google "Pudgy Off Whites are committing MASS SUICIDE"
     Then swallow your feelings and cry like a baby you inferior off white wannabes.

  5. Donald Trump is a gutless coward more interested in pandering to his base than acknowledging a threat to American lives!

  6. At least Fox news is not using a massacre to support their political agendas like CNN! CNN is not disabling their comments because they are in their glory right now…trying to separate us even more! Please don't fall for any MSM BS coming from Fox or CNN! The left and right must find common ground or all of us are doomed! Do not trust any mainstream media or government propaganda! I am a conservative "right-winger" and I will be praying for the victims in New Zealand… Peace be with all of us!

  7. It’s great how the Lefties are calling Fox FAKE news. There was no “fake” news until The Don pointed it out. These cocksuckers watch CNN for all their news and they actually have the guts to call “fake” news when they invented it. How many times will they get caught red handed telling lies over the air and how many times do you dummies fall for it?

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