Top 10 most secluded towns in United States of America. Some Footage from FreewayJim

Top 10 most secluded towns in United States of America. Some Footage from FreewayJim

Hey welcome back everybody, this the
world according Briggs and I’m Briggs on this channel we do lists about locations
towns cities states in the US soon we’re getting branching out to other countries.
I’ve been getting a lot of quests about Canada.
So last week while doing research on a few my lists I came across some very
secluded towns in the United States, some towns in this country are four to five
hours away from any other town or city. We have some in Alaska that are even
further all the towns on this list started in these locations for a reason
so we’re gonna get into it find out where they are and why they are so
here’s my top ten most secluded towns in America number 10 Red River New Mexico
the town of red rivers sprung up in the 1870s when miners were drawn in by gold
strikes in the area it was named after a red tinted stream that flows through the
center of town Red River is one of my favorite town names in the whole country
don’t know why by 1895 Red River was a booming mining camp with gold silver and
copper in abundance and the population is estimated to have grown to about
3,000 people mining hit its peak in the late 1800s and by 1905 the mining for
the most part had dried up and most the people left the town turned into a
tourist location and a great spot for trout fishing and later on skiing last
mining extended till about 1931 by that time tourism had become the real
economic force and the town survived this place is a secluded mountain town
and the closest city being Santa Fe about two to two and a half hours away
there’s nothing in between Santa Fe and Red River and before the comments come
flying in I know they have some small roadside towns along the route they’re
just glorified rest stops quit typing number nine caribou main the first
settlers came to what is now caribou in the 1820s between 1838 and 1840 a war
flared up between the United States and Canada and the Battle of caribou
occurred in December of 1838 the dispute was over the proper use of
the word a just kiddin it was about an international boundary now it delayed a
settlement of the area till after a treaty was signed in 1842 now
makes caribou so secluded well for starters it’s one of the most
northeastern cities in the United States it’s a three-hour drive from Bangor
Maine Bangor Maine isn’t even that big but it’s three hours away from that now
it does have a few really small towns along the way but for the most part
you’re looking at forests out your side windows on your three-hour drive and if
it’s winter the trips gonna be even longer Maine is kind of sparse when it
comes to people and towns so it isn’t hard to have a secluded town or two they
have a lot of woods out there they even had a dude living in the woods outside
of Rome Maine for 30 years for 30 years this guy avoided people now there were
the occasional sightings and rumors of him that there was a hermit at what they
called North Pond or North Pond yeah that was that now recently he was
arrested for breaking into cabins and when they interviewed him he said he
hadn’t had a conversation with another human being in 27 years 27 years another
human being he said human being in that 27 years was he communicating with
forest creatures what was going on with that dude number eight Crested Butte
Colorado the East River Valley where Crested Butte is located was once used
as the summer residence for the youth people the bad news is they were quickly
displaced when European Americans first entered the area and I’m sure at some
point that you people thought great white people there goes the neighborhood
the first white people to explore the valley were beaver trappers and we all
know when people start trapping your beaver it’s time to find a new home
nothing worse than someone poaching your beaver Crested Butte is a ski resort
town that spans only about a half a mile maybe a little more
it has about 1,400 permanent residents and is 21 miles away from the nearest
small town and Denver and that’s about a four and a half hour drive what also
makes this place so secluded is that all but one of the roads to Crested Butte
get closed during the winter and it’s real easy to get snowed in here and
being snowed in sucks especially if you don’t have any beaver moving on number seven point Roberts Washington
point Roberts was created when the United Kingdom the United States settled
Pacific Northwest American Canadian border dispute in the mid nineteenth
century with the Oregon treaty both parties agreed that the 49th parallel
would you know basically cut the country off you know Canada above the 49th
parallel the United States below the downside is point Roberts
it’s kind of in a weird place it’s below the 49th parallel but separate from the
United States that way so you have to actually go up through Canada now over
the years there’s been questions about ceding from the United States and
becoming part of the Canadian territory nothing’s really happened with that I
know I’ve talked about this place in past videos and it’s one of the places
I’d love to retire to now what makes Point Roberts so secluded is you have to
cross into Canada then back in the United States for your two-hour trip to
Seattle which is the closest major city so you have to leave the little nipple
of land that is Point Roberts go into Canada I’ll kind of get close to
Vancouver and come back down through blaine washington and on to seattle it’s
just kind of weird that you have to cross into another country to get here
so that’s what makes point Robert’s so secluded number six – come carry New Mexico
Tucumcari is the actual inspiration for this list I was doing a list and saw
Tucumcari and how far out of the way it was it just made me think of secluded
towns Tucumcari is truly in the middle of nowhere now I talked about this one
before like I said the one thing I didn’t talk about was how it’s part of
the historic route 66 if you don’t know anything about route 66 it’s one of the
original highways in the US highway system and it was kind of the only way
to get to the west coast back in the 30s and 40s
what’s neat about Tucumcari they really haven’t moved that town past the 30s and
40s like the rest of the country it’s kind of stuck in a time warp you go
there and it’s just old buildings and extra wide roads like you’d see in old
50s movies it’s weird now it’s secluded the nearest cities are Albuquerque New
Mexico that’s about two and a half hours to the west and Amarillo Texas which is
about two hours to the east and in between there you have what appears to
be filming locations for Mad Max films Tucumcari is just desert number five
Nome Alaska there’s no reason to live in Nome Alaska unless you’re avoiding a
subpoena or you’ve always wanted to live in an igloo now that’s a quote from the
Nome City Hall website just kidding I don’t think they have internet much less
a web site in Nome Alaska the largest city in Alaska is Anchorage I can’t give
you the drive time from Nome to Anchorage because they don’t have any
roads that go from Nome to Anchorage they only have one Road out of Nome and
that’s to a place called Teller Alaska why anyone would want to go to tell her
is beyond me there’s only about 15 buildings in the whole town and when I
say town I’m being generous it’s more like a camp but if you are a gnome and
you ever contemplate driving to teller know that the roads are only open about
four months a year they closed it down for winter which if you know anything
about Alaska seems to be most of the year but if you do need to get to
Anchorage it is about an hour-and-a-half flight from Nome to Anchorage Alaska number four Ely Nevada Ely is the
largest city in White Pine County Nevada Ely was founded as a stagecoach stop
along the Pony Express and central overland route in 1906 copper was
discovered it Neeley had a small mining boom after that as of 2010 the
population was about four thousand people and that’s not counting the
supermax prison just outside of Ely now here’s a fun fact this little town has a
famous past resident first lady Pat Nixon as in President Tricky Dick Nixon
‘s wife she was born there in 1912 now Ely has some other little towns
around it but for the most part it’s far and away from any real cities Las Vegas
is about three and a half hours to the southwest and Salt Lake City being three
and a half hours to the east I drove through Ely once my impression of the
place for my brief time there was that Ely has a whole bunch of senior citizens
and I’m not talking just there was a lot of them there was a whole bunch as in
90% it seemed like in my brief time there now I didn’t spend a whole bunch
of time maybe a couple hours every single person I saw downtown Ely
including a little park there was a senior citizen I saw one person under
the age of 40 and I think he was a cop so if you like bingo you hate traffic
and you like to be near prisoners you might want to move to Ely number three
Neah Bay Washington Neah Bay is the Makah reservation in Washington the
population was about 865 back in 2010 now it’s across from the canada-us
border in British Columbia this is the most northwestern town on mainland
United States it’s the far northwest you know and before you comment Alaska is
not on the mainland quit typing the local economy is
sustained mostly by fishing and tourism and during the summer near Bay is a
popular fishing area for sports fishermen the big draw to this place is
nature this place has some of the best hikes in the whole Pacific Northwest
this place is really out there the closest town is almost two hours away
and that would be Port Angeles and that’s on a really sketchy coastal
highway Seattle is almost five hours away still along that
sketchy coastal highway and then you gotta take a ferry and go through the
woods and some other things wear a seatbelt you’re probably gonna hit a
deer eventually number two angle inlet Minnesota angle Inlet is in Lake of the
Woods County Minnesota population is only about 60 people Nets back in the
2010 census this community is part of the Northwest angle the only place in
mainland United States north of the 49th parallel this place is hard to get to
the first closest small town is Warroad Minnesota and that’s about now in half
away there’s another one those places you have to leave the United States
enter Canada leave Canada and enter the United States to get anyplace even in
that part of Canada there’s really nothing around it now War Road is just a
glorified truck stop like a lot of the places I talk about the closest small
city I guess would be Grand Forks North Dakota and that’s almost four hours away
from Warroad so we’re talking five and a half hours six hours to get anyplace now
I don’t know why anyone would really want to live here at angles Inlet unless
you like maybe like taunting Canadians or something like that you go stand on
your dock and yell at passing Canadian boats hey hey you fricken Canuck Here I
am I’m above the 49th parallel suck it you know I mean if that’s your thing why
not number one Barrow Alaska Barrow is the
largest US city north of the Arctic Circle nearby Point Barrow is the
country’s northernmost point the location has been home of the Inuit
people for more than 1500 years this place has no roads in or out of barrel
boat fly dogsled those are your only options this is a place where the snow
never melts the ground is always frozen and the snow falls midsummer these are
the only people in the world that are hoping global warming is true and would
happen faster than it already is this place is so far north the Sun doesn’t
come up for almost three months during the winter
imagine having a one-night stand in the winter three months of awkward mourning
conversations now there’s an old joke about Barrow Alaska this guy walks into
a bar talks to a girl she tells him to kiss her where the Sun doesn’t shine so
he buys two tickets to Barrow Alaska Barrow Alaska is a five and a half hour
flight from Anchorage Alaska the biggest town in Alaska and it’s about a two to
three month sled ride if you don’t like airplanes those are your only options in
Barrow Alaska Barrow Alaska is the second farthest North town in the world
there’s one in Siberia Russia that’s a little bit further but that’s about it
Barrow Alaska is the most secluded place in the United States well that’s it
that’s my list that’s the most secluded and hardest to get to places in the
United States if you know of any places that I may have missed leave them in the
comments let me know about it maybe we’ll make another list I hope you
enjoyed it don’t forget to leave a like don’t forget to leave a comment this
your first time here or third time or fifth time here and you haven’t
subscribed yet please do so I appreciate everyone watching my videos then
subscribing be nice to each other everyone you

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  1. Point Roberts is actually extremely connected, yes you do have to cross into Canada to get back to America, but you are pretty much in the suburbs of Vancouver the entire time, then you cross back into America and hit Bellingham with it’s international airport and 90,000 residents, not to mention the dozen or so sizable towns and cities between Bellingham and Seattle

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  7. of all the towns secluded mountain towns you choose Crested Butte??? its one of the most popular ski resorts in the State. You could have choose Silverton, Leadville, Marble, Lake City or Twin Lakes. All of which are more secluded

  8. 12:03, Barrow is a 5 1/2 hour flight from Anchorage because you have stopovers in Fairbanks and Prudhoe Bay, mostly for Slope workers. Those two stops alone are about a 1 hour delay each.

  9. Nome and Barrow are the only decent small towns in Alaska, but the villages of Galena and McGrath are pretty decent as well. All the rest of the small towns and villages you can’t drive to are cesspools of filth and poverty, trash everywhere, many homes without electricity or running water, drunkenness, domestic violence, and a pit to dump your human waste into.

  10. Not true about the roads outside of Nome! I worked at Pilgrim Hot Springs in 2013, about a 50 mile drive outside of town. It’s an oasis with trees around it, an old church and school, a hot spring pond, and two hot spring tubs in fields nearby. I worked there from August to early November 2013 and it snowed only twice the whole time, the snow melting both times. But rained almost every single day!

  11. Red River is only 36 miles from Taos, NM en-route to Santa Fe. I wouldn't call a town with over 5,700 people a rest stop.

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    Respect !
    Something to do with your Military past I guess.

    BTW I thought getting to Manhattan during peak hours by road will take longer…… any thoughts?

  13. I just photographed some areas around Lignite North Dakota. I'd tell you that it's one of the most remote spots I've ever been.

  14. Caribou isnt really secluded. There are several towns within a few miles proximity; Presque Isle, Fort Fairfield, Limestone, etc. Low populations yes, but not secluded.

  15. I feel like this has to have an "…above X population" qualifier. This list could be 50 towns long just of Alaskan bush towns. Like good fucking luck getting to Lime Village.

  16. Caribou, awesome for snowmobile, gone there 3 times. About 9-11 hour drive, haven’t been back due to fact bunch of demorats!

  17. Another secluded town is Fields, Oregon. It's about 2 and a half hours from any major shopping, there is a gas station/restaurant that has some groceries and some other gas stations/mini marts an hour away.

  18. Oh man, Tucumcari is just OUT THERE. I stopped and stayed there on 2 different cross country business trips. First thing I did was ask a gas station attendant how to pronounce the name of the town. Honestly pretty nice though.

  19. Yeah, the language and put down of Canadians really tarnished whatever nostalgic shine this video would have had, that would have made me like and share it, dumbass!!!

  20. Not true. The first settlers to Maine were my ancestors, the Vikings, before anyone else came. Some stayed and married, bred children, lived peacefully with the natives., before there were colonies. Christopher Columbus and the Spaniards did not discover this land first.

  21. Ely is more secluded then Nome? Idk lol. It all makes more sense now though….knowing where your from lol. 😂 Good day

  22. I'm in Point Roberts all the time. It's about as secluded as any typical suburb anywhere in North America. Sure you have to go through customs to and from but it basically functions as a cheap gas station for Vancouverites, cheap place for Americans to live who commute to Van (many do that). Before 9/11 the various cross streets that connect Point Roberts to Tswassen (the Van suburb on the BC side) weren't patrolled and people walked and biked back and forth all the time. It's a goofy place in many ways but anything but secluded.

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  25. The main population center of the reservation is centered around Cataract Canyon (also known as Havasu Canyon), where the capital of the reservation, Supai, is located.[4] Supai has been referred to as "the most remote community" in the contiguous United States by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.[11] It is accessible only by helicopter, on foot or by mule. Supai is 8 miles (13 km) from the nearest road and has no automobiles in the community. It is the only place in the United States where mail is still carried out by mules.[12]

  26. If you ever decide on a part 2, check out Roy, New Mexico. Went there for a job and from what one of the people living there told me was, there are about 600 people in the entire county which are spread out farming lands. So there’s probably maybe 150 living in that town alone. If that. I don’t even think they had enough houses for that many people lol

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