Top 10 Fast Food Menu Items with Cult Followings

While we all love to down our favorite fast
food items, there are some items that hit the spot more than others. Those special items quickly become favorites
with fans. However, just like a lot of good things in
life, these things don’t last forever. With that in mind we look at those fast food
items that really get us going with the Top 10 Fast Food Items With A Cult Following. Taco Bell – Nacho Fries For all those people looking for a taste of
Tex-Mex, Taco Bell upped their game, and their menu, when they released their Nacho Fries. The new take on the classic french fry was
an instant hit with fast food lovers everywhere. So much so that Taco Bell sold over 50 million
portions of their Nacho Fries in under five weeks. That’s pretty impressive, even for a giant
of fast food like Taco Bell.. However, while Taco Bell can give us this
truly amazing fast food item, they can also take it away. This seems to be the cycle that Taco Bell
are putting us through as these precious items constantly disappear from the menu as soon
as they appear. As the Nacho Fries don’t have a specific time
of year they come back, all lovers of these fries will have to keep their eyes peeled
for their surprise return. Starbucks – Frappuccinos During the 1990s, Starbucks were at the fore
front of a pop culture revolution. With a huge shift in music, culture and even
politics, the country was changing and Starbucks found itself as a symbol of that changing
world. While coffee shops were by no means a new
thing to any of us, selling tailored made and fancier coffees certainly was and Starbucks
did it better than anyone. While a traditional coffee will always be
a winner, it was Starbucks introduction of their Frappuccinos that really sent coffee
fans into a frenzy. These blended drinks became a huge success
and two decades later, the Frappuccino is still a must have drink for all Starbucks
fans. With thousands of possible combinations, the
Frappuccino really took it up a notch when Starbucks released the Unicorn Frappuccino. Since then Starbucks has been releasing limited
flavors and versions of their classic take on the coffee drink. These include; Midnight Mint Mocha Frappuccino,
Zombie Frappuccino, Christmas Tree Frappuccino and their Tie-Dye Frappuccino and many, many
more. With each release of a new flavor, the Frappuccino
has many of us rushing out to get our hands on the newest version of a Starbuck classic. White Castle – Sweet Potato Fries As White castle are often credited with being
the first fast food chain in the US, we’re not surprised that they keep giving us great
tasting treats. Often making an appearance in the fall and
winter months, these sweet potato fries have been pleasing fast food fans for years. Giving us a unique take on the traditional
french fry, White Castle also gives us an option of dipping sauces to go with these
tasty fries. The most popular choice is their cinnamon
infused sauce. Pairing these salty and sweet fries with a
hint of cinnamon gives our taste buds a true holiday flavor. While these tasty treats aren’t on the menu
all year round, the moment the leaves change, we all head off to our nearest White Castle
to get our hands on their sweet potato fries. We’d better stock up while we can. McDonald’s – Shamrock Shake McDonald’s has become the masters at using
the holiday period to sell a unique item that we can’t get enough of. While the big holidays, like Christmas and
Thanksgiving may attract the most attention and limited edition items, March has become
a real winner for McDonald’s. While many of us see March as the end of winter
and the window to spring, McDonald’s uses it to re-release their hugely popular Shamrock
Shack. Originally released in the 1970s, McDonald’s
Shamrock shake has been a staple of St Patrick’s day and it’s celebration of all things green
and Irish. This vanilla based milkshake has a hint of
mint and is topped off with whipped cream and is a must have for all shake fans who
wish to join in the festive fun. The McDonald’s Shamrock Shack may only be
an annual addition to their menu but it’s an item that has all fast food fans running
to their nearest McDonald’s every March. Sonic Drive-In – Cherry Limeade Sonic is one of the more unique restaurants
in the US as it is purely a drive-in. Customers sit in their cars, order their food
through the intercom and then have their meal brought out to them by a real life carhop. The whole experience takes us back to days
gone by and a much simpler time in the world. While Sonic Drive-In provides some of the
best fast food on the market, it’s their Cherry Limeade that everyone goes crazy for. This fan favorite drink is the perfect blend
of sweet, sour and bubbly. Sonic uses two whole fresh limes in their
trademark drink, which is one reason for it’s popularity. The other might be their magical ice pellets,
which gives this drink a ‘slushier’ quality to it rather than with regular ice chips or
cubes. The drink itself comes in a Styrofoam cup
which helps keep it cold for much longer. If having a regular Cherry Limeade wasn’t
enough, Sonic Drive-In has a happy hour everyday and you can pick up this tasty drink for half
price. No wonder the Cherry Limeade is such a winner
with fast food fans. KFC – Double Down The original release of KFC’s Double Down
was actually released on April Fools Day, and a large number of people thought it was
a joke. After all, no one has ever released a chicken
sandwich without bread before. The chicken sandwich however, received such
a positive reception that KFC decided to leave this sandwich on their menu. Two thick slabs of bacon, two slices of cheese,
and of course the Colonel’s special sauce, are sandwiched between two deep fried chicken
breasts. The Double Down is said to be so meaty that
they didn’t have room for a bun, it is also said to be one of the most unhealthy sandwiches
KFC has released. However, that hasn’t stopped KFC fans lining
up round the block to get their hands on this chicken sandwich. The Double Down chicken sandwich is so popular
that, even though it hasn’t been on the menu for a while, people still talk about it and
share their love for it. With constant online petitions and requests
for the Double Down sandwich to come back, hopefully KFC will take notice a re-release
this popular item soon. We all have our fingers crossed. Taco Bell – Baja Blast Over a decade ago Mountain Dew and Taco Bell
got together to give us a tropical twist on a classic soda and fans have never looked
back. The drink became so popular that Mountain
Dew actually released Baja Blast in stores. Unfortunately that was for a limited time
only and if you want a regular fix of Baja Blast then Taco Bell is the only place to
get it. After the initial release of Baja Blast at
Taco Bell, they released the Baja Blast Freeze which is a Slushie version of this soda. The tropical drinks themselves pair perfectly
with Taco Bell’s Tex-Mex style food, especially with their Burritos and Tacos, that the Baja
Blast has become one of the most successful fast food tie-ins in recent history. In fact, a lot of people have been quoted
as admitting that they only go to Taco Bell for the Mountain Dew drink and nothing else. Luckily for most people, the Baja Blast is
not one of those fast food items that disappears and can be found as a regular item on any
Taco Bell menu, which for all of us, is lucky. Starbucks – Pumpkin Spiced Latte Every now and then a drink comes along that
transcends the normal menu. Starbucks’s Pumpkin Spiced Latte is one such
drink. Not only has the Pumpkin Spiced Latte become
a popular drink but it virtually has it’s own holiday as every year we count down the
moments until this drink is back on the menu. It even has it’s own Facebook page devoted
to its release. While the fall season may have no shortage
of pumpkin or pumpkin spiced products, Starbucks has made their pumpkin product the most famous
and desirable of them all. This has been seen on several occasions as
Starbucks has actually run out of their famous pumpkin spice several years in a row and had
to declare a ‘Pumpkin Emergency. Starbucks has created one of the biggest drinks
in the world with their Pumpkin Spiced Latte and the only one that comes close is possibly
their other holiday favorite the Gingerbread Latte. This Latte has all the best holiday flavors
mixed with Starbucks’s famous espresso and topped off with milk. Starbucks has truly found the drinks that
the people love and the cult following grows every year. When Fall comes around, the social media pictures
and posts start to pop up of people with their pumpkin spiced lattes, and it just grows into
another seasonal cult following zeitgeist for Starbucks year after year. McDonald’s McRib Over the years McDonald’s has given us some
truly great fast food items. The Big Mac, McNuggets, the Shamrock Shake,
Filet-O-Fish, the list is almost endless. With each release of a new item comes new
excitement and anticipation from the public. No other sandwich as shown this more than
McDonald’s legendary McRib. Because of the elusive nature of the McRib,
it doesn’t have a fixed time of year that it’s released like other fast food items do. McDonald’s now have a McRib finder so adoring
fans can keep track online as to when the sandwich will be back on the menu. The McRib is a boneless pork patty in the
shape of a rack of ribs and is then covered in BBQ sauce and then topped with onions and
pickles. It’s both simple and genius in it’s design
and has everyone who has ever tasted it, desperate to try it again. It may be surprising to know that the legendary
McRib was actually a failure when it was first released. Way back in the 1980s, McDonald’s hoped to
release the next big thing but due to poor sales and a lack of interest, the McRib was
pulled from the menu seemingly never to return again. However, as soon as the McRib was discontinued,
the public suddenly started to yearn for the pork sandwich and McDonald’s released it again,
but only for a limited time. This strategy worked well with the McRib and
McDonald’s continued to release the McRib in short periods and never fully added it
to their regular menus. This worked extremely well for McDonald’s
and their McRib and the fast food public has been lusting after the BBQ pork sandwich ever
since. Popeyes – Chicken Sandwich Popeyes Chicken sandwich didn’t even need
a week to become inducted into the cult hall of fame. When Popeyes released their first ever chicken
sandwich, people went crazy for it and what was supposed to be a two month promotion for
a new item, all Popeyes restaurants sold out within three weeks. Fast food fans were up in arms and very quickly
voiced their disappointment online. Then the storm began. Almost over night Popeyes chicken sandwich
became the biggest and most talked about fast food item in history. The frenzy surrounding this sandwich was so
great that Popeyes had to bring it back, which they did a few months later. Everyone rejoiced as Popeyes started to roll
out this sandwich nationwide. Although there were a few incidents in which
the public were a bit inpatient to get their hands on this chicken sandwich which resulted
in a few unsavory incidents. Other than that, the re-release of Popeyes
chicken sandwich was a huge success and secured this sandwich’s place in the fast food hall
of fame and it looks to be there for some time as we may not see a fast food sandwich
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