Top 10 BEST Indie Game Hidden Gems – March 2020

Top 10 BEST Indie Game Hidden Gems – March 2020

with hundreds of games out each month
it’s almost certain we all miss out on seeing and playing some amazing indie
games and the overall C of releases today on get indie gaming we continue
our hidden gem series with ten more indie games you might have missed when
they first came out let’s begin at number ten with rogue aces which excuse
the pun flew out on the PlayStation 4 the Vita the switch and the Xbox one
back in April of 2018 we suspect for many over a certain age rogue aces will
put you firmly in mind of wings of Fury which is what drew us to this one when
we first laid eyes on it while the controls can feel a little awkward to
summit burst once you’ve got the hang of things rogue aces quickly becomes a
hugely enjoyable arcade style emergent air combat Road like that’s particularly
unpleasantly addictive and something that once started has the ability to
turn a quick 15 minute play session into something where you glanced at the clock
and somehow it’s 2:00 in the morning having gone back to play this once more
in the making of this video rogue aces feels decidedly unloved and
were more than happy to give it a get in the gaming Seal of Approval from July of
last year clear features a story based horror puzzle adventure game with a
tremendously dark anime inspired art style it’s also very much about stealth
and item gathering with you playing as two siblings trying to escape their home
that’s crawling with dangerous monsters called chaos servants while there are no
jump scares there are sections and clear that are genuinely and exquisitely
frightening with an atmosphere throughout that feels devilishly
menacing some if not all of this comes from the luscious audio with the music
and sound effects combining alongside the visuals to create something that’s
so very eerie but also full of character and charm originally out for home pcs by
way of steam clear is also expected onto the switch at some point later this year next up at number eight we have the
supper a super short and free game that can be played from start to finish in
between 20 to 30 minutes going into too much detail a super spoilery
although the supper sees you play as mrs. Appleton an aging lady and
proprietor of a small dockside eatery that’s famed for its special sauce that
cover each of the items on the menu there are puzzles although they aren’t
overly taxing and the short journey comes with a delightful payoff at the
end that makes it so worthwhile adding to your collection the fact it’s free is
a mystery and will happily if paid to play it with it being downloadable by
way of Steam or each dot io at number seven and something that made its way to
our doorstep by way of a follower at the get indie gaming Twitter feed 36 apples
is another free little bite-sized game like the previous game on this rundown
would be quite happy to pay for it’s certainly a gentle and relaxing
experience with you looking for yes you guessed it 36 apples which can be found
anywhere within an orchard you’ll get the most out of it by way of exploration
and finding the hidden paths and little secrets amongst the orchards differing
locations 36 apples has plenty going on within its 30-minute playtime to be well
worth picking up from May of last year bird gut is all
about a disabled B having been thrown out of their hive who then manages to
get eaten by a bird once inside the birds innards the bee finds the insects
and bugs the bird eats are actually enslaved and brainwashed to operate the
machinery and factories it all exists within the bird in place of its organs
having been able to avoid the enslaving process our plucky little bee takes it
upon himself to destroy the bird inside out and while doing so free all of the
enslaved little critters within completely hand-drawn this 2d puzzle
platformer is given the jovial nature of the story and the imagery a really
decent challenge it reminds us more of the type of game player you’d find an
older classic platformers the game isn’t just though about moving and jumping
there’s more things to keep you busy while prolonging the action in some
areas you need to find objects or items from around the place to move forwards
in other sections you’ll be asked to manipulate certain areas of the birds
innards for example having to move and angle a
set of lasers to emit a pulse to the right place and at the right angle to
open the doorway to gain access to the next section coming in at around 2 hours
if playtime bird gut can delight them frustrate with its gameplay an equal
measure although we really enjoyed the artwork the bazaar overall story and
characters you meet while working to free insects like a few others in this
list in fact the last two before this one it’s also free and can be downloaded
to play from the steam link we’ve added down in the description next and at
number five and our hidden gems countdown from March 2020 we have sky
rocket which came out on home pcs in October of last year as far as we can
tell and please correct us down in the comments if were wrong we can’t recall
having seen such as Janvrin mashup as we have here while it’s a side-scrolling
action game where you play as rocket boy a rocket girl it also combines an arcade
shooter with good old-fashioned clock raking where you dash around levels
bashing enemies by hitting projectiles back at them with your
trusty tennis racquets it’s a fun little concept that works really well
particularly the local couch option that’s hugely enjoyable to play
we spent the Friday evening just gone with a few friends and while we had
intended to play a number of party type fun games we pretty much spent the
entire evening with sky racket as we pass the controller from Player to
Player with it bringing smiles and laughs they’re all round one thing on
the difficulty though it starts simple enough although it does have decent
spikes in some places although given how cute this looks and good way silly at
all is it doesn’t detract from this little gem in any meaningful way up now
at number four while we have covered lonely mountains downhill before we
wanted to give this delightful downhill bike racer game a little further signal
boost now we really love playing this one and to our mind what makes it all
jell so well together comes not only in how beautiful this all looks from the
low-poly artwork perspective but also in how it sounds the rustle of the leaves
and the trees the sound the bike as it tares or in our case tiptoes down the
mountain feel so perfectly measured what’s more the lack of the in level
musical score is just so very fitting for what lonely mountains is all about
and feels an inspired choice in the overall design as for the courses as one
of us is a keen bike rider from Roly to crits to slope start with downhill they
all feel naturalistic enough and each have multiple ways and shortcuts you’re
able to take to get to the bottom of the run but simply this bike racer is a
dazzling achievement and we’d love to see more people particularly streamers
getting hold of it at number three and possibly and arguably the most well
known game of this month’s rundown or to those that people that know it the
adventurer pals had its initial release back in April of 2018 to be honest while
we recall picking it up at the time it’s only been in the past few weeks just
gone that we’ve started to take another look and began playing it once more now
it’s very clearly inspired by many class take platformers but that doesn’t really
matter here you play a sparkle the giraffe and a rock simply called mr.
rock with five different worlds – platformer and fight your way through
the controls are simple and intuitive while the platforming is super spot-on
going back to this has been a real pleasure and well there’s nothing in the
advantage of powers that wouldn’t trouble you fast having to redo a few
bits here and there it’s all the better for it
it really works well for both adults and children alike particularly as we often
talk about the couch co-op aspects that all of us here at Ganon game really
enjoyed there are a few things here and there that could be improved
particularly in screens slow down when things get really busy although from
what we recall this has improved from the initial launch if you’re a fan of
platformers and are looking for something that’s suitable for players of
all ages the adventure pals should if you’ve yet to play it until now be way
high up on your wish list it’s also available to play on all of the usual
consoles taking the number two position iris and
the giant came out only a few days before this video aired promising a
melancholic and gripping adventure it’s a card based game that blends a mix of
CCGs RPG and roguelike elements it tells a tale of a young woman facing and
taking on her inner demons as she climbs a figurative mountain to confront a
raging giant that’s within her we’re big fans of the minimalistic art and color
tones and while the story is handled with care and a light touch the real
strength of iris and the giant comes within the deck building itself with 51
cars to collect you begin with a very limited deck although each time you die
you can gain access to new cards and skills which further enable you to get
into the game like every decent deck builder is a real sense of progression
and achievement right from the start with you also having options to develop
your characters traits depending on how you like to play as far as deck builders
go this one’s a decently solid option and if were totally honest we’d love to
see it come out on the switch at some point in the future so down to number
one and the game we’ve been really surprised to see how little traction it
seems to have had in comparison to its predecessor it helped to first hit the
market in the summer of 2017 and came on the back of tremendous success of the
original which has become somewhat of a cult classic
this time the visuals are a mark step up in terms of their overall looks and
general sophistication although will readily omit the taste and style will
not be – everybody’s liking particularly in how this sequel opts for blood and
guts and gore over the humorous characteristics of the original that
said side by side away from the visuals need hog2 keeps much of what made the
original so much fun to play looking back at it we’ve underestimated how
great this games local multiplayer really is it’s super addictive and packs
are such a potent punch we can readily forgive and forget a single-player
option which is well it pretty down awful if you love the original like
local co-op and can look past the art styling then you really should
go and get this one played so which of these have you enjoyed playing or might
like to add to your backlog if you’ve enjoyed the video and found something
new one of the best ways to help us out is to like the video would really
appreciate if you did that and if you haven’t done so already why not
subscribe and hit that notification bell to stay in the loop for what’s becoming
one of the largest indie game communities of the platform
either way many thanks for watching we’ll see you all next time for more
indie game videos

34 thoughts on “Top 10 BEST Indie Game Hidden Gems – March 2020

  1. Hi there and welcome to our hidden gems rundown for March 2020! See anything you like? Be sure to say so down in those comments.  Cheers!

  2. Lonely mountains seems like the winner this time around for me, also downloaded The Supper to check it out

  3. The Nidhogg games have a problem that is common in Game Maker Studio 1 games: the multiplayer lag (it's fine for turn-based stuff, though). Maybe GMS 2 is better.

  4. The Supper and BirdGut seem interesting, each in its unique and very different way of course! I am downloading them now and will play them this weekend once I am done with my exams. Another great video as usual, keep up the good work Get Indie Gaming Team.

  5. Absolutely loved Lonely Mountains: Downhill. A true gem of a game.

    Thanks for the heads up about The Adventure Pals, hadn't seen it before or overlooked it, looks really cool.

    Hope Bird Gut comes to xbox at some point. Really love the art style and whole premise of the game 🙂

    Cheers for the video, love you!

  6. I hope you can find time a take a look at a game called Recursed,I really think it deserves a mention because it is the best puzzle platformer in last 5 years in my opinion

  7. I happen to know one of the devs that made Sky Racket, but as it's been a while since I've last talked to him, I wasn't aware that the name changed, much less that the game released, so in a strange turn of events I'm finding out just now by way of your channel .So thanks a lot!

  8. Love that you're taking the time to tell people about these smaller indie titles. I do feel like you're missing some of the influence of old flash games on the design of some of these games, especially super adventure pals and birdgut.
    It's probably not as big of a deal as I think it is, but I think its kind of sad that the influences of flash games are slowly being forgotten.

  9. I need to second Sky Racket and Iris and the Giant. Played bot before launch and they are simple amazing games that anyone should have in their collection. Specially Iris.

  10. Iris and the Giant! Thanks for sharing that. I could do with another great looking deck builder after Slay the Spire.

  11. In this top 10, there are several good looking FREE indie games. Usually, when a game is free it is either not so good, or just flies under the radar so I never get to play them. Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to make a list of the best free indie games.

  12. The first Touhou Project game, Highly Responsive to Prayers, from the PC-98 in 1996, is a cross between brick break and bullet hell/ shmup in the same vein as Sky Racket before succeeding titles took on more traditional vertical scrolling formats. While not the most-liked in the series, it was the first game of what would become one of the biggest indie franchises of all time.

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