Todd White – Have Faith in God ( Mini Documentary )

Todd White – Have Faith in God ( Mini Documentary )

In Jesus name sickness get out right now. When you give your life to Jesus you lose your life with the gospel. You either give it to him or you keep it back from him. There’s a spirit of fear that tries to encapsulate the church to keep her from walking in the spirit of love and power and a sound mind. How does a spirit get cast out?! But from the love of God! Unless you know and understand that you have been loved perfectly and you’re loved perfectly that spirit appears intact. And it tries to stop you from being bold for God! In Jesus name, let her go. In Jesus name, right now. Why do I witness to people? Because God loves people. Because God loves me. Why do I share the gospel? Because I’m supposed to. Yeah well that’s because you’re an evangelist. No, I’m a believer. It says that believers, believers, will tell all creation. There is no in between guys, there’s no gray area. This isn’t like, this isn’t just I want Jesus a little bit. This is all or nothing. This is surrender or not surrender. You’re a target for the enemy when you don’t surrender. You incorporate Jesus in just so you can act like a Christian? You’re really a hypocrite. People are going to hell because of your life. Oh my gosh, he has more thoughts for me that outnumber those grains of sand in the whole world. And every thought is for my welfare, every thought. For the person that you love the most try to take a handful of sand and pick out grain at a time and come up with things about them. See how far you get. Do you know that you’re name is Christian It’s not just tian it’s Christian One anointed by God. One in which the Holy Spirit dwells in. And He wants to rest upon you. So that you can destroy hell for a living. Blessed are those who are poor in spirit. Blessed are those who don’t think they know it all, but are teachable. Blessed are those that are not arrogant and think they know everything. Blessed are those that are teachable by the teacher. Blessed are those. Like he gave us two commandments, love God with all my heart, my soul, my strength, my mind… and love my neighbor as myself. They are the two commandments that He told us to follow. If you love God with all your mind, your hand can’t cause you to sin. All of those are desire to live Godly not to preach Godly… not to talk Godly, but to LIVE Godly! will suffer persecution! God says this in the beatitudes, blessed are those that hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled! When you’re in right standing with God, you get persecuted for it you get made fun of. People make fun of you. People mock you and scoff you. People say all kinds of mean things against you. “For my name’s sake”, Jesus said. If they hated me, they’re gonna hate you. It’s a reward! Great is your reward in heaven! Sickness is from the devil. You’re going to see that in just a few minutes, cause God’s going to sweep through and heal people because he can! He wants us to know how much he loves us! He’s a good God! He’s good! Jesus went about doing good, healing all who were oppressed by the devil. What were saying is that I surrender all… all to Jesus. Were not saying I’m giving you a little bit, I’m saying I’m NOT taking back my life! You can have it all! God wants to use YOU to heal the sick. God wants to use YOU to cast out devils. God wants to use YOU to cleanse the lepers. God wants to use YOU to raise the dead. God wants to use YOU to preach the gospel to the poor. This is a call to say I’m done living for me and I want to burn with Jesus, for the rest of my life here! And I want to make a difference in people’s paths everyday! And when people walk by me I want to give them the glorious gospel. So we had this one guy come through this one young kid, he’s like a big body builder kid… comes through and I heard the Lord say that he told his brother before he was going through, “I’m gonna prove this is a bunch of junk.” The kid said. He comes through like this, he comes through and God hits this kid like… I mean he spins in a circle and hits the ground, this kid so on the ground, he tries to get up and he can’t walk. And then God blinded him and took his sight away. And the Holy Spirit just… sucker punched him… into love of God. The kids on the ground, he’s on the ground and he’s like he can’t see. And I went, “are you okay?” and he goes “I can’t see, please tell me why I can’t see.” I said because you’ve been blind, but you’re gonna get up seeing son. I said you’ve doubted God, you’ve came through this tunnel doubting God. But you’re gonna go out in a fire with Jesus. He goes, “okay, just give me my sight back.” I said, “I’m not… God’s the one.” He’ll give you your sight back man. And the kid got up and the next night, he came up. He was one of the first kids to come up. “My whole life is in. I’m done.” Hey man, Jesus loves you guys. Bless you. I just had this thought when I went to bed that have faith in God. You know, I’m crying out for more. I want to see more breakthrough, I want to see I want to see people healed every time we touch them. I want to see blind see, the deaf hear. I want to see the lame walk. I want to see paralytics get out of wheelchairs. I want to see all that, the dead raise, all of it. And it’s not having faith in my faith, it’s having faith in God. So, He’s just all night long speaking to me, just that one scripture. To have faith in God and I couldn’t get to sleep. And I kept tossing and turning about this one thing and I know it was God keeping me awake. Then when I got to Rhema, when I got there to speak, I realized this is why. Jesus, he curses the fig tree and he’s supposing that there might be fruit goes up there and there’s no fruit on the tree. A Christian from a distance looks like a Christian, but when you get up close, do they have fruit that bears witness of what kind of tree they really are. He curses it, “May no one eat fruit from you again, ever.” Guys, c’mon have faith in God. For if you speak to this mountain be removed so I need to shift and turn my faith to God. Cause we need to speak to mountains and they need to move man. They need to leave. We need to not have mountains hanging around once we’ve told them to get out. Jesus never gave anybody an excuse, he never told anybody why it didn’t move because it always left. It always moved. As Christians, we come up with a lot of reasons why people aren’t healed or why this mountains still there. I want to be like Him. I don’t want to have excuses. Jesus said you have faith in God. I need to step it up, press in, and go after intimacy and relationship with my father. I’m on a lung transplant list, but I believe in God because he’s paying for it for me. For my healing and all things are possible. He’s a healer and tonight I checked my oxygen level and it’s never been at 97 percent so I actually had to turn it down. That’s so awesome. On fire! On fire! On fire! On fire! In Jesus name! I love the fact that it doesn’t matter what I’m going through, doesn’t matter where I’m at, I’m gonna share the gospel. I’m gonna share Jesus everywhere. I love that I have found out that it’s not just for pastors, apostles, prophets, evangelists, and teachers. I am really really thankful that the Bible says these signs will follow them that believe. That means that if you’re a believer, you’re in. It’s you. It’s yours! You are the only one that limits you cause God did not limit you. I need to jump in with everything I am. I can’t afford to hold back for such time is this. That’s who you are at your workplace. That’s who you are at your school. Doesn’t matter who you are, doesn’t matter where you’re at. No one limits you! Take the chains off of our Father! How can you light up the world if you can’t light up your own house? The only reason you couldn’t light up your house is if you have a basket on your head. Because you’re allowing the things around you to determine the Christ within you. You’re allowing the squeeze to determine what you can manifest. God didn’t give you a spirit of fear! But of love and power and a sound mind! But you can’t walk in love and power without a sound mind, sound mind comes from the renewing of your mind. From the word of God, from the truth of God’s word. He wants me to represent Him! He paid a high price for me! And if I see my value in me, then I’ll see your value in you! I’ll love God with all my heart! And what people say won’t determine what I’m gonna walk out. I’m gonna walk out what God says. Cause I don’t fear men, I fear God! Would you be a warrior? Would you pick up a rock and go after the giant? Would you live your life with Christ and realize that God is for you and not against you. Would you slay a giant so that people can follow you and blaze a trail of faith man. So that we can walk BOLD before the Lord and crush hell so that the armies of God could see somebody that walks in victory, that annihilates the devil for a living.

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  1. I'm ready to Be The Church, instead of just going to church. I love you so much God!! Only you know how much. Please send me an answer my beloved, Jesus! 💙

  2. I wanna tell the World about our King for the rest of my days….He is all we have ever needed since He created us. The empty spot alot of us went on a search to fill, He created that spot for His Love for us. I crave for His Righteousness..

  3. Thank you Todd and other believers for sharing your love for our Father, His Son Jesus and the indwelling Holy Spirit. To Him be the glory. Please pray for our gathering tonight where we share God's plans for building Christian community. Thank you.

  4. it went to far it s all about healing of the body, i saw a video from a few years ago where he teaches out of the bible it touches me more

  5. I want to be like that so bad! I have been watching todds videos for the past couple days and I am so convicted! I didn't realize I have so much fear of what others think of me. I do not understand how much god loves me. Someone please pray that he shows me.

  6. Hey my name is Abraham
    I'm a 16 years old kid and if I can just ask for you to pray for me and my life. Please and thank you

  7. Its so wonderful I thank God because I needed somebody to teach me how to evangelize And get out that fear to do it still Im learning I bless Todd with that love ,passion, fearless, commitment, and The most important thing iis to seek God Every day to be in his presence every single day, we think is imposible but with God everything is posible And I love to see people been healed I know one day ill be in The streets evangelizing theres no time we have to go step Up And go for The souls

  8. Its so wonderful I thank God because I needed somebody to teach me how to evangelize And get out that fear to do it still Im learning I bless Todd with that love ,passion, fearless, commitment, and The most important thing iis to seek God Every day to be in his presence every single day, we think is imposible but with God everything is posible And I love to see people been healed I know one day ill be in The streets evangelizing theres no time we have to go step Up And go for The souls.

  9. 😭😭😭😭💓💔💕💖💗💝💟💟❣💌💚💙💜💛🤗🤗🤗😘😘😘🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊💙💚💛💜

  10. Amen! I also want great faith to believe for a miracle from a brain tumor, seizures, headaches, nausea, etc. Only JESUS can do this miracle, I say to this Mt. move NOW!

  11. I've fallen from God and I've Ben trying to go back to him I ask for Forgiveness truly. I want to Give my everything into the Lord but I feel like he isn't listening to me.

  12. I want to heal like you heal and give and save.. my heart aches inside to share the LORD to everyone. Yesterday on the local bus I prayed silently for a young man who was spun out on drugs. We all need Jesus inside and outside of the LORDS house. I spoke to a woman from church on the bus, as we were passing by this one area she seen a man in the garbage can she said it was her brother in laws brother, I said pray for him and she said people just get tired of it praying for people and it flowed out my mouth to say can you imagine if Jesus got tired of us.. and she was shocked and she said omg, your right so I told her about my expeience at the emergency another story. There’s even people in the house of God who come and need help and love and guidance and so much we dont see. The LORD has changed me so much. Not that I was a bad person, but life’s sorrows and pains and disapointment make me not so hot.. Im glad I found you Todd through my daughter… In Jesus name may he keep you walking in him finding his lost sheep and healing people. There is so much and so many that need Jesus.. Amen, sending love Janice

  13. GOD bless you and your ministry Todd, you are used so much to send us the light of Jesus… When I feel so down I watch your videos and your spirit speaks to me, and it lifts me up, thanks God for that!

  14. Thank you Todd, my wife and I where truly inspired by this video, and felt the power of the holy spirit. I pray that the Lord continues to use you for His Glory and that you are walking in Isaiah 61, bless you brother

  15. Never seeen anything like the HOLY SPIRIT RUNNIN THROUGH U TODD! I wish I had just a the tiniest potion of the HOLY SPIRIT THAT YOU HAVE! GOD BLESS U TODD!!

  16. I’ve been feeling so sad recently, but Todd is helping me see how powerful we are! Please pray that depression doesn’t ever come into my life again, please. -Stefanie

  17. I can’t stop crying God you are so good and your love isn’t even measurable I wanna burn for Jesus Hallelujah!!!

  18. I say this in the church that it's in his word that everyone he told to make disciples of Christ all these things they shall do men and women but they've always told me God chooses who's right for the job but that's not scripture at all!

  19. Oh, WOW this Man of GOD! Speaks JESUS, His Character JESUS JESUS JESUS. That's what I hope to achieve More of JESUS less of me. Have The GOD kind of Faith in JESUS Name AMEN & AMEN!!!


  21. There does need to be freedom from fear but I think that part of the fear brings on a misconception that we all have to have the same personality. Those who are trapped in fear need a revelation that God can use you if you are flamboyant or quiet, He created us to be different.

  22. Hi my name is Carol I've been a Christian my entire life but turned away got into drugs for years then gave my life back go God I pray all the time that God will use me I ask him to change my heart and my mind. I don't understand why I still am filled with unwanted thoughts even though I get into his word every day all day like 8 hrs a day I pray. But I feel no different than before I started why is this. Am I doing something wrong here?

  23. Everything I have just seen and herd  in this Video, I herd God say in my heart this whole week. The scripture highlighted were in my daily Bible reading. God woke me up this morning at 2am and said it again. then I watch this Video …..

  24. Please Could you visit Belfast .the people need to be wake up we need Jesus the holy sprit.on all sides of religions we have been starved of the truth.i don’t have much but you could stay with us my brother, blessings to you and to your family.god is everything.

  25. I want to see you..I want you bless all I need..I want my family happy..Im poor family..bless me for all..I believe in God..Amen

  26. Hey why don't we all become like Todd.start saving souls everywhere we go.if every viewer starts getting inspired to do what Todd is doing,hell will be absolutely crushed.don't y'all want that

  27. Please Pray for me Todd it's my stomach I've been sick for year's and for my Marriage and Family Thank you for sharing MAY GOD BLESS Y'ALL I would like to be Baptist by you i would like to go to ISRAEL to do that's been a dream of mine for many years now

  28. I've been living in sin for for 10 years. I totally turned my heart from God because I was full of anger and wanted to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol. This last year, fear completely crippled – and I mean crippled – me. I thought I was going to die and I couldn't leave my house. Not one drug was taking it away and it was getting worse! I finally fell to my knees because I had no where else to go and cried out to God. Total peace fell upon me and I wept and wept. That was a week ago and I CANT STOP reading my Bible! I'm starving! IM SO HUNGRY FOR MORE. HE LOVES ME OMG AND I CANT GET OVER IT! HE LOVES ME AND I UNDERSTAND NOW!! I finally get it!!! When I watch Todd all I can think is, I HAVE TO have what he has! JESUS!!

  29. I am over 80 and I feel so inspired watching and listening to Todd. When I was a child my older sister had a picture of Jesus and His heart was aflame I wanted that picture so much when she left home she gave it to me. I got saved at 36 and I was hot for God that happened when I got a revelation of His Love. Over the years i have cooled gone religious even , now I am in a good Church and my hunger has increased. My prayer is my heart be on fire for The Lord like He is on fire(Loves me) He deserves the Best. God bless you Todd and may doors open for you in various places. The rich need the gospel as well as the poor.not that I am rich in worldly goods but i know I have true riches. God is always full of surprises.

  30. Thank you God, for allowing me to watch this video. Precisely, when I needed to hear it. You speak in so many ways.

  31. Wow I love the way how he preaching and do things for others , The lord almighty bless him , please pray for México coz the dead angel walking around the city’s 🙏

  32. Todd, you are an AWESOME inspiration for all Christians. You truly live Christianity and I've seen how God works through me and He can work through anyone who believes and seeks him.

  33. Well people say your an Evangelist, thats what you do. No I'am a believer in Christ. This job should be for every believing Christian. Amen Glory to God. Never be embarrassed about sharing the gospel we should be proud of being chosen children of our heavenly king father. 🙏🏽❤️ 🌊🎣🌎🔥🌬⛪️

  34. Hallelujah!!!! God can use me because He uses the weak things!! He can use me because I know it’s not because of my righteousness that He heals people when I pray for them. Because the list of my sins was a mile long, but JESUS blotted out my sins with His Blood. Lord, pleeeease give me courage.

  35. Sir u r my inspiration every videos I watch my body vibrates n I know dats His presence manifest Amen… Believing to meet u someday 🙏🏻 lots of love (Mhasi)

  36. Hello, please pray for me. My health is really bad and I have a one year old that I can’t take care of.

  37. How do you become so fearless like Todd? The conviction I'm feeling… I need to be like that! I need prayer, please. What should I do? How do I do it? How can I have a strong relationship like that with God/Holy Spirit? Edit:. How do I have such strong Faith?

  38. People think I'm very bold for JESUS wherever I go, but You truly far surpass!…Such a HOLY of HOLIES terrific inspiration You are Todd!…Fear is leaving me, the limits are off, and I'm going forth in Boldness for YESHUA like never before with The Holy Fire from HIS Alter penetrating my every being!…AMEN!…..Thank You YESHUA for Todd's great Love for YOU!…

  39. What is the Name of the Girl in @10:30?? I was able to watch another video this time she is the one serving the Lord through Praying for the people , healing their sickness and sharing the Gospel.


  41. Hello my name is Kamar and could you guys pray for me? I am only 12 years and I want God to give me a vision or dream or even speak to me, please I really need this.

  42. Please God give me a heart revelation of your love for me and what you've done not in my mind but my heart Lord I truly surrender

  43. I hope I have the courage to say to ppl those words. I want to be like you. You're amazing, bless u my man. So amazing.

  44. Todd white can you pray for me brother I been having trouble sleeping for Lots of years now Im always feel real tired afterwards I’m a Christian ✝️ but I don’t understand why help me God Lord Jesus Christ our Lord and savior we Love you God in Heaven ❤️😇🙏👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🙏😇❤️

  45. I ask for prayer in guidance, His voice, miracles to happen continusly in my family b/c we have been that divorced family… For the fear of God get in our hearts (once and for all) forever more, I also Believe God's Merciful love will bring us back to life in his name… Jesus Christ of Nazareth, #TrueKingOfKings

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