To Enter The Elite Society – YOU NEED TO GET THIS RIGHT: A Sample from my Online Finishing School

To Enter The Elite Society - YOU NEED TO GET THIS RIGHT: A Sample from my Online Finishing School

ladies we have now arrived to module three and module three is all about your personal appearance it's about your fashion the way you dress it's about your beauty and your grooming and it's about your body and how you stay in shape all these three factors are the mayor basics when it comes to transformation and what comes to leveling-up everybody has to go through this there are no cutting corners on this one we have to get our looks in order meaning we have to get our fashion in order our beauty and our body those three are so important why well first of all you do want to attract the opposite sex and the opposite sex in the wealthy Society rich men basically they all want to have a beautiful woman and that everybody needs to be a supermodel at Victoria's Secret model know there are many how can I say more normal looking girls that become wives to rich wealthy man but they still have to look well taken care of they have to look beautiful in terms of how they present themselves they have to look clean-cut and fresh so they have to be on top of the game which is why this module is super important so that means your presentation has to be up to standard it's a big big part of your personal brands and we have the focus in this course personal branding image development trust me this module is all about image development it's all about how we want to be perceived in people's eyes and dress accordingly and groom myself accordingly but then there are ladies who say yeah but I'm not pretty yeah I have a bit of overweight okay but you can do something about it it's really what I answer because that is the truth here ladies I wouldn't bring up this topic if it's not fixable you know if this is something God just gave to us and we just have to take it or leave it then what's the point even talking about it the whole point is that actually just as behavior just as entering the high society everything is possible you don't have to be born with beautiful looks of beautiful features you don't have to be thin you can create being thin or slender or in shape whatever you can create a beautiful canvas you can create a nice overall appearance you are the creator you are the creator of yourself the reason why you look the way you look today and that can be very good that can be very bad that can be a average I don't know how all of you girls look like but the reason why you look the way you look today is because you have created yourself in this way you have taken certain decisions to make yourself look this way yeah we were born with certain features we were born with certain genetic codes that's true which is why this module might be a little bit more difficult for some people and it might be a bit easier for other people but that doesn't mean that the people who find it a bit more difficult that it's game over for them that they cannot do anything that they might as well just jump onto the next module no girls no this is really in our hands this is why I'm so passionate about transformation because it gives us this incredible power to be control of ourselves in our lives and our future girls our future is so reliant of what we do today with ourselves like the seeds we planted a will manifest in the future so if we start by looking after ourselves our appearance that will pay off in the future beauty is very high valued in our society Beauty pays off when you are a beautiful lady you get so many benefits yeah it's unfair yeah it's annoying but that is the reality today and we can't afford that it's just the way the society is built but we can take advantage of it we can make the most out of it and we can use it our own benefit we can work really really hard on polishing up our appearance so that it is up to the standard that we need to have it us and the benefits are going to start manifesting in our life really it's that simple but like I mentioned in the previous modules it's not only bound to looks you know it's about the entire package which is why I didn't want to go straight into looks because I know that most girls that's exactly where they put all their energy on which can be good in a way but it's also been bad sometimes because the other necessary parts can get neglected you know this actually reminds me mmediately of one of the things one of the struggles that I really noticed in that looks Department girls who do not get their looks right oh this is like such a big problem because especially when girls like really invest a lot of time money energy in their appearance but they just make all the wrong choices and it's all for nothing you know they want to level up they want to become high-caliber women but they make the wrong choices they make themselves look not what's beneficial for the journey they make the opposite they put even more obstacles on their journey because they're making the wrong choices oh this is so tricky you know because first of all you don't want to offend somebody you know you maybe don't even have the right to correct somebody so I hope that in this course you know we can really be vulnerable enough to open ourselves up even to the point that it maybe feels a bit uncomfortable you know but it can be really really necessary I'm not saying that I'm going to sit and dictate to you like do this and do that and whatever I say is you know the right way no of course I can only share with you my personal opinion and then you also have the community who can help you you know but I do encourage you to share your current states if that makes sense and ask for feedback this will be in our workbook I do encourage because this is actually invaluable and this is why I wanted to build a community around this online course because it's not only about the theory but what about how we are right here right now you know we need help to sometimes get into details and understand where are we doing rights where are we doing wrong this is like the key to success and we're able to really take that courage really because this requires courage well we can do that be honest with ourselves and then correct our mistakes and yeah this is not easy this is not an easy process I had to go through some painful reality checks when it comes to my appearance let me tell you I thought I had something's on point I thought I was all that at some point I thought I looked perfect I didn't understand like how come all these friends of mine they have so much better success than me like I don't look that shabby what is wrong with me you know and I couldn't really understand that actually maybe was a little bit off-putting the ACMA that I had on my face to the rich man that I tried to date maybe was not very attractive like my I am very damaged hair before I had extensions they just looked like something you sweep the floor with like a broom you know I mean and that made me you know I wasn't in my greatest shape I was a bit like no shape and a bit like cellulite girl you know I wasn't in my prime state and when you're not in your prime state that's what it's difficult to attract the primates or the primer social scene you know what I mean like attracts like in the end of the day so who we want to attract into your life we have to resemble them as much as possible this is why I keep saying ladies stay on top of your game so in this module I will of course talk about the things that we maybe don't do correctly and I will also share with you the things that you should do correctly you should put the emphasis there I will share with you where I find the girls doing wrong but what I know from my experience are the secrets to make your fashion your beauty and of course your weight loss spot-on and how to make it work like I'm sharing with you in this module my personal experience what has worked for me and what I've seen has worked in the high xiety with my friends with even women that I don't know but I've analyzed them from far and I'm just like gather like these common traits that I see people are doing wrong and people are doing right and I want to share them with you and this module because I think they're very interesting and I'm sure you will learn a lot and I know that some of the struggles that you know some ladies have that the ones who don't have success in affluent world usually have maybe the wrong taste maybe the wrong understanding of what is perceived elegant or beautiful or classy they might think that they're doing enough but in reality they're really not doing enough and these type of things can be obstacles so this is also something we really need to scrutinize with you we need to understand this with you where are you in relations are you doing enough did you have a good taste are you putting in enough time and energy in this I can understand finances can be a limit so I will be talking about finances as well we need to have a bit of emission but just strategy here I am fully aware of that because really beauty and fashion and even weight loss is actually where most of the money of a woman goes to I calculated once my spendings per month and it wasn't like rent or it wasn't like I don't know the basics bills and the transportation and all that it was actually the beauty the appearance department my clothes my beauty my treatments my gym my weight-loss my extensions my fillers everything calculated everything but per mom I realized oh my god this is so expensive it's true it is super expensive but it is also an investment in yourself this is going back to the personal brands when you want to create a product that will sell you have to invest in the product so you have to invest in yourself so you have to invest in your appearance now I know it's overwhelming and I know we cannot do everything you want go my personal transformation took several years I don't know how long yours will take because it all depends where you are right now if you prioritize right and do a proper strategy and if you also maybe walk the extra mile you know that sometimes needed in the beginning especially I mean I was working hard in the beginning I was paying my own leveling up in the beginning and I was saving up money I was living very cheaply it sometimes they even took a part-time job you know we have to sometimes make these sacrifices so all of this plays an important role good looks is not just going to fall down from the sky and land on your lap you really have to work for it even if that means taking some spare job part-time job just to make that extra income so that you can level up yourself a bit faster invest in yourself because in the future you will get the return on this investment if you do the investment correctly of course so having said that ladies I'm now ready to welcome your into module three and the interesting video content that we have I had there's loads of things I want to share with you so please do take notes and if you have any questions you know where you can find me be active in a Facebook group share your level up share your where you are right now ask for feedback ask for fashion tips for makeup tips I don't know girls if you like something share that as well with a group it's always interesting to know what type of fashion what if a beauty style you like and let's just inspire each other would like images with ideas with role models whatever let's make the community super interesting when we can just bounce off ideas from each other and get inspired from each other everybody has something to share I'm pretty sure about that so I will see you in the Facebook group and enjoy this module now

35 thoughts on “To Enter The Elite Society – YOU NEED TO GET THIS RIGHT: A Sample from my Online Finishing School

  1. Your are saying the truth. It may sound unpleasant to some viewers, but it is the truth. Thank you for your videos and sharing your lifetime experiences with us. I truly appreciate the eye opening you give us to the REAL world.

  2. I m entering the tech field and i'd like to meet some well off men as possible husband potential. I could do with losing a few lbs im not fat and men like the way i look now, it's more for me. My issue is in nyc where do i find the rich bachelors? i only find guys who are rooming and have an ego of a billionaire. Im tried of meeting guys on hindge, who are either too boring, not attractive or looking for a one-night-stand

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  4. YESS! All of this!
    I love how you put this journey as an investment in oneself! It just clicked for me 💡‼️

  5. Thank you very much for these videos that you make. I do have a question. What do I do when I am a single mom? Men tend to be scared to date single moms. I have been on few dates but they did not turn into anything serious. One of them directly told me that it is because of my child. And I am definitely not looking for them to look after my child as I earn my money and pay my bills alone, neither I am looking for a father of my child. I find this very confusing. Also you mentioned about your acne. I struggle with acne as well. I have always had problems with my hormones, and I think after my child thing's become a bit worse. I have always used good products, I used to go to private dermatologist for years. I do take care of myself and my acne but I can never clear it fully. I am only 24, my child will be 2 next month. I just started my dream job this year ( I mean I returned to it after my pregnancy) and I think that maybe I am still young and I better focus on my career at the moment. I fought for this job a lot. it took me 3 years to get it. It is business and I am completing level 3, the highest is level 4. Do you think That I should focus now on my career and maybe spend few years ( maybe 2-3) in really finding what works for me like acne, or my weight, even thought I do maintain my weight as always) but I know I have things to fix still. Can you please give me your advice on this?

  6. Love your job excuses attitude. People make excuses to be mediocre or blah. Develop a personality and take pride in yourself. Can u please tell ladies to avoid tattoos? Or is it now mainstream? To me it is like vandalism of the skin.

  7. I was about to go buy another chocolate when I just ate a 38g bar! I could not have chosen a better time to watch this video Thank you!!!!

  8. I have to say a part of me sees your point of view when it comes to being elegant or presentable but at the same time I've always looked at those people as stuck up (don't know why it's just the way they come off to me), so it would be difficult for me if not challenging to become more elegant for the fear of someone else looking at me as a stuck up and I'm sure I'm not the only one viewing "elite" people as stuck up and that's the last thing I would want to portray so now you see where my problem is lol A part of me would like to be more presentable but at the same time I don't wanna look stuck up and I'll be honest and this is just my opinion, being "elite" like or however you wanna call it, does come with an air of arrogance or at least looking like it. Does that make sense? Does anyone else have this issue?

  9. You created yourself! Perfect! You can recreate too. We have the power- don’t allow someone else to make you a victim. Take control. I am very happily married to a wonderful man who supports my career. I am the primary earner and I do fairly well for myself. BUT… this information is for ME. So I can be the best version of myself. Every woman suffers from insecurities no matter how well they cover it. Making the best version of yourself will always lead to more confidence and success.

  10. It's truly a grand effort to be your best self. And thats the key, your effort should reflect your best self in all aspects. This approach make you powerful. This is true for men and woman.

  11. I've started learning more about the 13 body types and how to dress my body accordingly (look up Aly Art). Knowing my colors and what looks good on me has been a game changing journey!

  12. You're literally the only person I binge watch on youtube. No one else wants to level up like you and no one else wants to be honest that being like the rest of the society doesn't work and will not work.

  13. Such a positive video. Other bloggers make it seem it you are not Barbie , you don’t have a chance to be apart of the elite.

  14. Learn to love yourself, forgive yourself, and celebrate you and the rest falls in place and comes easy once you have mastered those things.

  15. Looks unfortunately are extremely important, but I got my body acceptance from my Southern Belle Momma and Military Daddy. My Momma was overweight all her life, and it wasn't because she ate a lot or didn't exercise, it was just her, but she dated some very rich men, because she was extremely intelligent, elegant and funny, my Momma was class all the way and since I was a little girl, she taught me all her secrets and when she married my Daddy, he taught me elegance too, but from a man's point of view. I'm a girly girl, Glamour Queen, whatever people want to call it, but when I look good and I know that I do, you do get treated differently. That's why I'm taking more etiquette, elegance, etc… courses, like yours,so I can improve myself even more and I've got books on the subject too. LOL I just wish my Momma was here to see, but I'll be honest, after hearing comments on her weight for years, she gave into weight loss surgery and passed away from it, so I eat healthy, excercise and keep myself up, but I'm voluptuous, Goddess size, and I accept it.

  16. If have to be honest with you, Anna, I wasn’t a big fan of yours when I first came across you on a video from “This Morning”, but in the last couple of days I’ve been through almost all your videos and absolutely love them. I think you are very brave and inspiring for sharing all these details that every other girl who lives the livestyle would be afraid to share because of other people’s judgement. But I love people who are 100% honest about things, go after what they want and do not care about what others may think of them. Looking forward to purchasing your course and going through it very soon, it sounds like something that could definitely add value to my life. I’ve been trying to date more affluent men as well over the last couple of years and even though I haven’t found Mr Right yet, I can definitely see a remarkable difference on how they act and how well they know how to treat a woman compared to other types of men. Thanks for all the wonderful content! Looking forward for your next video x

  17. I love how you include examples from your own life and share your experience. That is really interesting! Maybe you could do some 'Story Time' videos, in which you share more about your personal journey and adventures! Love from The Netherlands

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