The Worst Movie Ever Made? The True Story of ‘Birdemic’

The Worst Movie Ever Made? The True Story of ‘Birdemic’

100 thoughts on “The Worst Movie Ever Made? The True Story of ‘Birdemic’

  1. I love making movie but dont know an unique way to make it. But this guy just gave me movtivation to keep thinking about it.

  2. I feel like if this guy ever gets a 100 million dollar movie deal he'll definitely freeze up and realize just how hard and extensive the movie industry is.

  3. This movie is on Amaxon Prime. I saw the terrible 1 star reviews…but since i qas in a bad movie type of mood i watched this. It was fucking marvelous in terms of how bad it was that it was enjoyable.

  4. That talent agency guy is REALLY trying his best to help him out without going “birdemic is shit and nobody wants more”

  5. This guy is like the hero of every person with anxiety and low self esteem. I m here like saying all i'm doing is shit while this dude against all odds and for years believed in the thing he did.

  6. I feel bad, that ICM guy was the only person who actually tried to help James and give him good advice. He didn't tell him he'll never be a legitimate filmmaker, but he also didn't lie to his face and tell him Birdemic was a good movie.

    I think that's the most humane way you can deal with these "so bad they're good" filmmakers. You gotta be honest with them about how their movies are, but also encourage them to use the attention to go back to the basics, learn to be a real filmmaker, and start with short films. The bottom line is, it's never too late for anyone to chase their dreams.These guys just need to be brought back to reality.

  7. He's just released a new 'movie' if anybody's interested, although I doubt many of you people are:

  8. Evan Husney and Bobby Hacker. The two "filmmakers" that helped promote Birdemic and James Nguyen. They were able to do so well for themselves afterwards. It's so weird how Evan makes the comment that EVERYONE was in on the joke besides James. This Vice mini-doc is gross. It's not a story about a guy with dreams of making movies, catching lightning in a bottle and seeing that dream come true.

    This is a story about two unremarkable guys that couldn't come up with anything to separate themselves from the crowd. Until they found a guy that was so sincere and believed in his dream so much, he poured every dime be had into making a movie and getting people to watch it. The movie wasn't good by any bc stretch of the imagination, but it had something that Evan Husney and Bobby Hacker could never accomplish. A movie with the heart and Soul of the filmmaker. But cynically, they saw an opportunity to promote the film and make fun of James as a way to make a name for themselves. To "work with him", get him exposure and to make him a joke because of how dedicated he was to fulfilling his dream. Using him until there was nothing left and they successfully opened a few doors for themselves. Especially Evan Husney, who was even able to build a marginally successful career by turning a man's dream into a joke. No matter how delusional James was, or how awful his movies might be, anyone that would build themselves up by mocking someone's sincerity is a disgusting parasite. Good to see you using Vice to go back to the well again.

    I especially love the part where Mr. Bigshot explains Hollywood deals and belittles James for putting THEIR DEAL in Jeopardy.

  9. The Birdemic thing always shocked me, but this video showed a completely different take on the situation and got me thinking. Sure, it's still hard to understand the true thoughts of this delusional guy, and it's really sad he actually thinks all those things. But this video provided so much real insight.

  10. Seriously: even after spending a lot of quality time watching Birdemic and being assured multiple times it actually IS one of the best worst movies ever made – getting to know James Nguyen makes me realize: there's an ambitious person behind all this, who's really passionate about making movies. Even if you laugh about the kind of filmmaking and everything, he's still a human being who deserves being treated with dignity! As I said, I love watching it because it's so bad its funny, but I respect people like James, who at least try to make their dreams come true 🙂 Thanks for this look behind the scenes!

  11. James' ambition far exceeds his talent. That's the main issue. 2nd, he should never have spoken to a single person about Paramount's interest. 3rd, he is delusional and refuses to heed good advice of those who know what they're talking about. 4th, he can hardly speak English but he thinks he can write good dialogue in English? He comes across to me as somewhat stupid but it could be his passion overrides any rational thought. One may say that is stupidity.

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