The State of Antarmukha | Introversion of the Senses

The State of Antarmukha | Introversion of the Senses

Baba Bholenath, a rare and unique Aghori mystic, sheds light on the State of Antarmukha (Introversion). There are millions of things about religion
that are unwritten and undocumented. And Supersouls such as Sairam represent all those unwritten and undocumented traditions. Sairam was the representative
of undocumented religion. And remember, unwritten religion has no
classifications of Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, or Christian. If it is written and defined, then
the boundaries have been set, that these texts will define your beliefs and
tell you that you are a Hindu or a Muslim… If you go against what is written in
these texts, then you are showing dissent. But it is the unwritten, undocumented things
that govern the laws of Universal religions. These ideas are conceived at a time when the human
brain is in a very unique state of perfect equilibrium. At that time, in that state, we can
only discuss humanity and ideals, not behaviour. So there will be thousands of
obstacles in this kind of work. There are two ways to deal with it : One is to look outside,
which we do with our eyes wide open. The other is to close our eyes and go inwards… inwards… is there a path inside? No. Going within… it means
Samvedansheelta (sensitivity)… That’s the word, Samvedansheeltar,
(the sensitive range). The journey of introversion is nothing but
the attempt to attain Samavedna (sensitivity).
. When the eyes are closed, the door
to the visual senses is shut. The ears cannot be shut, we cannot be selective about shutting out
certain sounds, and say, for instance,
“I do not wish to hear the crows…” I can hear the sound of the waves…
as I enter this room, I hear the sound of silence…
I hear the melodious song of the sparrow… I enter the room, now there is no sound, the sound of silence is now increasing… Sound and Atom in the Cosmos… Atom and Sound are the last Duality
in the whole of the Cosmos. The last Duality looks like Atom and Sound. Every planet has its own sound. Earth, Neptune, Pluto, Saturn, all have sounds…
the Sun also has a sound, okay, it may be
different, but they have sounds. An atom means that in the whole of the Cosmos,
you will find every planet, every Pindh (body),
every unit (we are a unit, a part of the whole). Sairam knew it, He had its knowledge, its realisation. And He had so much knowledge about it
that He even put it in practice. Just as the Cosmos is made up of five elements, this body also has the same five elements –
fire, water, air, sky, and earth. There is approximate 75 percent water on the Earth’s surface, similarly the human body is composed of about 75 percent water. There is so much similarity. There is so much similarity that the shape of the
human brain is Ardhavrttaakaar, semicircular. And remember, from anywhere you look,
the Universe will only appear semicircular. Am I right? This is the similarity, but where is the sky? This is the sky, the palate. Once you talk, your tongue starts –
click… click… click… clicking… The tongue is moving in a particular way,
and creating a particular sound. The front of the tongue is just dashing on the
upper surface of the mouth, at a particular place, with a particular sound, with a particular wind vibration. And that opens a channel, a different channel. Inside the body, there is in totality, everything
present what you find in the Cosmos. Yatha Pinde, Tatha Brahmande – Ved Vakya.
(As is the human body, so is the Cosmic Body –
this is an ancient truth) Sapta Chakra Bhedana…
Piercing the seven chakras… Sairam knew that. The same body… you might have heard of it… my Guru, I saw… he was invited to
a Bhandara (a religious feast), He said to me, “Brahmachari, I will not go, you go.” I said, “Guruji, it’s too far, I will not
go so far just to eat a meal, no, no…” Guruji said, “No, there will be a gathering
of saints who will come from far and wide,
you will get to meet them, you go, go.” I said, “No, no… you go. I will guard the
Ashram from the troublesome bears.” He said, “Okay, I won’t go, and you need not go either.” He remained seated there. The next morning, the day we were
supposed to go for the feast, Guruji asked me, “Where are my Khadaus?”
(wooden footwear used by mendicants and saints) I replied, “The Khadaus must be with you.” Then I spotted a disciple of the saint,
the one whose Bhandara we were invited to,
he had brought the Khadau and he gave it to me. I said, “This is Guruji’s Khadau,
where are you bringing it from?” “He came yesterday, didn’t he?
He left it there,” he replied. So I took it reverently like this to Guruji, and said, “O Lord, (forgive me)… you are my God, my Master, but I think that you also have a Master. You did not tell, but that God told me –
that yesterday you were present over there,
and over here as well.” So he started laughing… “It happens, it happens… I am foolish, right?
A foolish man hardly remembers
what he should say to whom. But okay, never mind, you are wise, aren’t you?
I didn’t tell you, but you still managed to find out.” Anyway, what I wish to say is that
it is quite possible… Lahiri Maharaj was a clerk, a typist, and the whole world knows about the incident
that took place, so what more can we discuss? His English boss received a telegram from England. His wife was critically ill and he was torn by anxiety.
He started weeping. “I think my wife will die.” And then he received a second telegram
that said, “I have recovered,” and a third
that announced, “I am coming to India.” She reached India and visited her husband’s office. When she saw Lahiri Maharaj sitting there, she fainted.
(and was taken to the hospital) It is possible that I am adding something to the story, but when she opened her eyes in the hospital,
she told her husband, “Your typist is God.” Lahiri Maharaj was then discharged from his duties and was lifelong paid double his salary. He was told,
“Please continue doing whatever You are doing.” Lahiri Maharaj… It had happened thus, Lahiri Maharaj had gone to England, and there he administered medicine
to his boss’s wife, after which she recovered. This is one Truth, but there is one more Truth… whatever has already been done by a person,
it is possible for someone else
to do that same thing again as well. Understood? So, if a Yogi resolves to defuse all the bombs
on Earth, it won’t take him long to do so. He can defuse them all in one go. Tratak (Yogic gazing) has so much power
that it can bring down an airplane from the sky. If you want to see the power of Tratak, you should watch the Wild Wild Country interview of Osho’s
where journalists are harassing him. He had piercing eyes, piercing…
A journalist tells him, “I love your piercing eyes.” Osho says, “Don’t worry, it is only love that is pouring from these eyes. See, all these people are sitting here…
You think my eyes are piercing eyes?” Why was it so? Because he was a great Yogi. Remember, great Yogis do not blink, their eyelids do not close. Like a snake doesn’t have eyelids at all… What is a Snake?
A snake represents the Kundalini Tantra.
Nag… Cobra… the Spine It has Ingala, Pingala, and
Sushumna – the Brahma Nadi. When that middle Nadi is awakened, a man
becomes Brahma Gyani (God-conscious being), He then does not need to read or study anything,
he gains knowledge about everything.
It’s called Sarvagyata, omniscience, all-knowingness. Sairam had this quality. He knew how to travel inward. And if you go deep within, there is
no end really, there is no bottom point… And the truth is that, instead of referring to it
as an inner journey, it would be more appropriate
to call it a journey to the subtle level. If we say inner or inside, it indicates
a direction : inside… outside… In the Universe, there is no such
concept as inside or outside. There is Zero…! All celestial bodies are zero-shaped…
spherical… round… circular… The Earth is round, the Moon is round, the
Sun is round. Not just is their shape
circular, but their orbit is also circular. It is from here that the sages and monks
of India discovered the value of zero. What was it? How was it done?
It was done with the eyes closed. This is called the journey of introversion,
and Sai had knowledge of it. Which is why He said, “If you wish to succeed,
if you want to attain the Divine essence, if you
want to be liberated, then do social welfare.” Shraddha and Saburi… Have faith, along with patience. If the barrage of patience is broken, you become an atheist. Just imagine how much patience God has;
He witnesses so many sins being committed on His
beloved Earth, yet He continues watching patiently. According to the Hindus, this is His Leela. Yes, it is
His divine play, and He is happily directing it. In patience, there is peace, but
His divine play makes Him happy. Krishna solves all the problems of the
Mahabharata by playing on His flute. He clearly states that He will not use any weapons. And there is a test of devotion in that as well,
for Bhishma Pitamah states,
“I will compel Krishna to take up arms today.” People sing about this episode in Benares…
this song is not new…
these songs go back thousands of years. (singing)
Aaj jo Hari ko na shastra gahau (2), (singing)
To main Ganga suta na kahau…” “I am not the son of Ganga if I do not compel
Him (Krishna) to pick up His weapons.” This was Bhishma’s pledge, and to honour it, Krishna picked up his chariot’s wheel, to use as a weapon. Because Bhishma Pitamah had
confused Arjuna with his arrows. On the one hand, there is a devotee who is
shooting arrows, who has pledged that
he will compel Krishna to use weapons, while on the other hand, there is a devotee,
Arjuna, who is sitting there and
enduring the onslaught of arrows. Both are devotees of Krishna;
and Krishna is the favourite God of both. It is Krishna’s moral duty to protect both His devotees,
for devotees must always be protected. While both want to kill each other,
only one of them will survive. Krishna is Omniscient. He knows that
only one of them will survive. If Bhishma succeeds in killing Arjuna, then this war
of religion will end right there. Religion will lose. That is when He decides to pick up
the chariot wheel, He stops Bhishma. Bhishma quietly stops,
he puts down his bow and arrow. Bhishma says, “That’s it, no more war. I am tired,
Krishna, I want some rest,” and he sits down. Krishna understands this
and He makes Arjuna leave. But did Krishna say anything when
Arjuna killed anyone? – No. While Arjuna was fighting Karna, Krishna Himself
said, “I command you to release the arrow, I command you to kill him, otherwise he will kill you..!” So for the Hindus, for us, these are
our principles, our philosophy. There used to be wars between Muslims and Hindus. They had one philosophy of war: victory. For us, it was victory through righteousness. The ancient text ‘Kamasutra’ was
written by a Maharishi, who was a
Param Brahmachari, a supreme celibate. Unbelievable ! Rishi Vatsyayana… a Rishi..? He was not a person of a lustful disposition,
nor did he indulge in sensual pleasures,
nor did he have fifty wives. And he even writes in the end, that
through Kama, liberation is possible Kaivalya..! (Spiritual liberation…!) Liberation is the aim of Ayurveda as well.
Liberation is the final aim of all our learning. It is the final stage of Ayurveda, Yoga, Sankhya, Vimansa, Vedanta – all these have one goal :
Moksha (spiritual liberation). Dharma (righteous duty), Artha (wealth),
Kama (desire), and Moksha (liberation) –
the four goals of life. But this is not the religion of a Fakir,
this is the religion of society, of a householder. Sai never violated any religion. Did He ever say, “Be like Me,
adopt My opinion, be My disciple?” Maybe someone might have told Him that they wanted to be His disciple, and maybe He accepted them… but He did not advocate any religion, nor did He force His opinions, nor did He articulate any doctrine. “Shraddha Aur Saburi” and “Sab Ka Maalik Ek!”
What a fantastic thing this is…! Anyone can easily remember these three words… This is known as the journey of introversion. When we exceed the limits of compassion,
that is the journey of introversion. Going even beyond the endless divine sound,
that is a journey of introversion. Why? The miracles performed by
Sairam are testimony to this. Because if the person has not transcended those
boundaries, he is not capable of performing such miracles. It might be a miracle for us,
but for Him, it is his very nature. Sairam knew all this. It is a human trait that whatever man has faith in,
he calls it Ram, or he calls it Allah, although Allah is Formless, yet man says it,
he has never seen Him, yet he says it, “I have not seen Allah, but I have seen Mohammed,
I have not seen Shiva, but at least I have seen Shankaracharya Maharaj…” Someone sees them and a beginning is made. To begin the journey of self-observation,
close your eyes… Close your eyes to what?
Close them, shut out the contempt and hate. Sairam’s journey of Introversion is to undertake
this journey, but pay no heed to
whoever is abusing you on the outside. Go an a journey of introversion in him as well,
and you will find that he is just like you. While his tongue is abusive, his conscience is pure. The conscience is suppressed because his outer mind has suppressed it with worldly affairs, desires, lust, etc. Sairam, the religion of the future, the Creator. The word secular has become a joke,
it has become a mockery. People are taking political advantage
of this insidious doctrine. One tells the other party you are not secular,
the other tells the first that you are not secular;
and the truth is that neither is secular. Secularism was the very reason
why Sairam came on Earth. Lord Dattatreya ordained Baba to
go and reconcile and unite both religions. From Sairam’s viewpoint, there is one more
journey of introversion, and that is ‘negativity’. Food, clothing, a roof over one’s head, a house
to live in… all these are conveniences, right? We cover the body to protect it from the elements. Social norm dictates that we keep the body covered. Modesty deems it necessary that we are clothed. Sairam’s inner journey is also about moving
towards knowledge, not towards indulgence. In His original photos, he is seen wearing
tattered and dirty clothes, it would seem
as though He hasn’t bathed for years. Negativity… Renunciation is a kind of negativity. Even a King can be a renunciate, but only
if he travels inwards, on a journey of
soul-searching and self-questioning. Maybe there is some grandeur in it. When a bowl of fruit salad is placed before a person,
it is a ‘sacrifice’ only until the first morsel
is put on the tongue: the person is hungry, and the food is tantalising. But God is worshipped in Mathura as well,
by singing, dancing, loving, applying fragrant
substances, and feasting on delicacies. That is a kind of devotion too, that is also a path. And in Kashi, the Aghoris who sit in the
crematorium eat just about anything,
even a half-burnt piece of human flesh… that is to say, recrement and waste,
that which is rejected by the Earth… The Sanyasis have the right only on that which is discarded and cast aside by the householders. The journey of introversion goes backward. Nobody has seen me doing Asanas (body postures). The Buddha also says that we must go inward, that is to say, go inward, so deep into contemplation
that there is no trace of the thinking mind. Sairam’s renunciation was natural.
There was no effort to demonstrate it. He clearly states, “It is My Dharma,
my righteous duty, to ask for Bhiksha.” What is my religious duty? Seeking alms. This is an inner journey too – to ask for alms
and then eat whatever is given in charity. There are always chances of being
mocked and humiliated. The donor might
refuse to give food and say, “Go away.” The truth is … In the Gita, Lord Krishna says a very good thing, “The Yogi who becomes corrupt is
born into a noble family in his next life, and then if he practises Yoga, he succeeds.” So… Of the four goals of life –
Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha –
(righteous duty, wealth, desire and liberation) two are achieved through Purushaarth (effort),
and two through Prarabdha (destiny). The unfinished Karmas of previous births
that are carried forward in the present birth
is known as Prarabdha. So Kama (passion) and Dharma (righteousness) are obtained
through Prarabdha, and not Purushaarth.
(through destiny, not through effort) Artha (wealth) and Moksha (liberation) are attained
through Purushaarth, and not Prarabdha.
(through effort, not through destiny) To attain Artha, one has to put in effort.
And for Moksha too, effort is required. When beginners sit for meditation, their biggest problem is their thoughts and their passion. If they are pre-pubescent children,
they won’t be troubled by passion, but after reaching puberty, if they sit down to meditate, then desires, passions, and thoughts of sex
will be uppermost on their minds. Their mind will be full of thoughts. A journey of introversion is possible only after
the relinquishing of thoughts. But there is one thing to consider here – renunciation. Who should renounce what, and how? Because the mind is our greatest enemy,
it pulls us down completely towards negativity. The mind is self-propelled, it is self-driven. Just as the Earth and the Sun are self-propelled,
the mind also is self-propelled. To stop the mind and its thoughts…
the question now arises – who stops what? No, Is the mind a slave to anyone?
No, it has to be enslaved. The mind will repeatedly go
toward thoughts and desires. Therefore, all thoughts and desires
have to be checked and suppressed. Lord Krishna has used the word ‘Daman’ in
this context, ‘Daman’ means ‘to crush’. Krishna has not outlined any method for crushing
and suppressing of thoughts and desires. Initially, a seed sprouts very fast
because it has a lot of latent energy. If you observe children, before they enter puberty,
they do not sit still for a minute, they are always active. It is energy, and that energy is bouncing about. It is the same thing. When the mind becomes detached and indifferent, there is no need to suppress it, because there is nothing else that interests it
except one subject – Brahma, or the invisible Truth. And when curiosity crosses the
boundary of distraction, there is no cognition of the body, and
one is unaware that one is naked or clothed. Without asceticism… and asceticism happens
by itself, through Destiny, and not by wanting it… Do you think a rich man’s kid, or
Mr. Ambani’s children will become Sadhus? They cannot even think of giving to God, Because they have the means to get whatever their mind wants, whatever desires they wish to fulfill.
They will never achieve Vairagya (detachment). Then why did it happen to the Buddha?
For He, too, was a Prince… Because the Buddha achieved Vairagya
because of his Prarabdha (destiny). Dharma is always attained because of
Prarabdha, and not because of Purusharth. For children to begin their journey of introversion,
it is important that they first perfect their posture, a child should remain seated, be still,
and not jump around or fidget. A child first needs to learn to sit still,
the focus should be on his posture. By succeeding in sitting still in one place
for a prolonged period of time, the body will come into such a state where it can easily connect to the channel of
cosmic energy… by perfecting its posture. Osho had also discussed this, that our
food, posture, and sleep –
these three things should be perfectly balanced. But I would say that along with food, posture, and sleep, Seva is also something that should be perfected. If Seva is not the intrinsic nature of a saint, then I think
it is not possible for him to enter the spiritual world. In the absence of these qualities of Shraddha and Seva, the saint’s life is reduced to a performance, an act. It become a performance, and spiritual
attainment is always at the gross level only. I realised this when I spent a whole month in
Jabalpur with a group of Osho’s followers. If you wish to prepare children for a journey of introversion with Sairam’s support, once their posture is perfected, they should be encouraged to live with minimal resources. To have the means is something else, but to wish to live with the bare minimum is called Aparigraha.
(non-possessiveness). In Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga, the first lesson is about Yamas (five specific ethical precepts that offer basic guidelines for living a meaningful life). So, Yama has five parts – Satya (truthfulness),
Ahimsa (non-violence),
Aparigraha (non-posessiveness),
Brahmacharya (sexual self-restraint),
and Asteya (non-covetousness). So, the other thing to do is to adopt Aparigraha.
Letting go of all attachment to possessions
will hasten the process. Imagine there is a boy who owns 25 pairs of trousers.
He spends a lot of time deciding, “Should I
wear this one, or should I wear that one?” Aparigraha here saves time and energy. So first practise Asana, and then Aparigraha. Next, practice Satya and Ahimsa as far as possible. Practice Brahmacharya (sexual self-restraint). The outside Sun is in the open sky, whereas
the inner sun is in the body as the seed, the sperm, As he becomes more still,
his power of thinking will also increase. It is also a known fact that all the great people
in the world were more passionate and sensual. Talented poets, gifted artists, and geniuses are generally so driven by passion and sensuality
that these qualities become elemental. Therefore, as soon as the youngster goes into Aparigraha, his mind will start advancing toward Yoga. Now the word ‘Agrasar’ indicates that
the mind will advance, move forward;
there’s no going inside or outside here. The more simple a life he leads, the fewer resources
he needs, the more spiritual power he will have. And it is that spiritual power which will make him undertake an inward journey. According to me, if one concentrates on Sairam
(and this is His own Teaching), if children concentrate on Sairam and instill Him in their hearts… Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi…
(deep concentration, meditation, enlightenment…) and if they meditate on His image
that is established in their heart, the ensuing cognisance and enlightenment would then be greater than following Sairam’s Teachings. At that moment, all the principles of
Sairam will enter that person. I would say that all believers of various religions should meditate on Kabir, or Sai, or such people, or saints, so that during a meditative state, when one
goes into a state of Samadhi, one can
obtain complete spiritual knowledge. Samadhi is of a thousand different kinds. We now hear of a Morcha Samadhi, (for political protests) which does not benefit anyone. There is one more thing… the followers of a religious cult are like the vines that creep up gripping
the trunk of a tree for support. And then there is the Deodhar (cedar) tree. Both are classified as flora – one is a plant,
the other is a tree. Their properties are different. So if a seeker is a follower of either
Hinduism, Islam, Osho, or anyone, if he follows, then there is less likelihood of him
gaining fundamental spiritual knowledge. The Buddha did not follow anyone. You can see that the Buddha, Gorakh, and Krishna are the three most important people of the Sanatan Dharma,
but there is no mention of Sairam…! Because Sairam is neither a religion nor a doctrine. Sairam has only one principle, The Lord, who is the Master of all, who is One,
who is Advait (nonduality) – believe in that
Advait who is the Master of all. So, who is the One?
It is Advait. So, children should have such convictions,
and they should ruminate on such matters. Siddhartha was asked by Amrapali,
“What can You do to earn money?” And that Yogi had replied thus:
“I can think, I can wait, and I can starve.” Amrapali said,
“These three won’t bring money.”
But the money came. That is why great saints advise us to
undertake a journey of introversion, and it is when one makes a deep study
of its practical and true aspects, the journey of introversion will take place on its own. He is not good-looking like Rama,
His body is not adorned with ornaments,
He looks like a present-day beggar… He doesn’t even smile… Now, man has made a smiling picture of Him,
but that’s a different thing; but what do you see in His face?
And His eyes are always looking upwards. Who do His eyes see?
They see God, the Master, the Advait. Thank you. “If My stories are heard wholeheartedly
and with complete faith, My devotees will be one with the Supreme Consciousness.” – Sai Baba Sai Baba’s Devotee Speaks is now available
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