The Non-Flashback – The Straight Story

The Non-Flashback  – The Straight Story

Women will never know. That’ll be the Hiptang! It’s kinda difference, and it has a hiptang. You’re joining me in the second wardrobe of
the third spare bedroom of Prince Andrew’s house – The Royal Lodge. He’s having a party. It’s not what I was expecting. For the twelve days of Christmas I’m doing a video every day about aspects of films and Tv that I think are interesting or effective. Today, it’s The Straight Story A simple, heartfelt film from David Lynch. Based on the real life 240 mile journey committed
to by Alvin Straight in order to see his sick brother. The Straight Story is Richard Farnsworth’s
last film role, and it’s very simple. Alvin decides to visits his brother Lyle,
who has just had a stroke. The problem? Alvin isn’t in great shape himself and is
unable to drive …a car The rest of the plot is simply Alvin’s journey,
there’s no antagonist, it is, who’d have thought it, very straightforward. Girl: Got a wife back there? Kids? Alvin: My wife Francis delivered 14 babies. Seven of ’em made it. Its simplicity is well crafted, it’s characters
are compellingly real and very well acted, it’s sound design, by Lynch himself, is subtlety
powerful, and I could go on, but what I really wanted to mention was the flashbacks, or really
the absence of visual flashback. A lot of The Straight Story’s character building,
and really a good deal of the drama, comes through its flashbacks, which would have
been so easy to do almost with wavy lines and a strumming harp. Alvin: My mom and dad darn near killed herself
trying to make that farm work. Me and Lyle would make games out of our chores. We’d dream up something about racing and wagering. Do anything to keep our minds off the cold. Lord, it was cold. By keeping us in the moment, by allowing us
not see what literally happened, but to hear the character’s describe it in their own words,
Lynch provides a conduit from them to us. For example these lines Alvin: I waited ten minutes, it moved again…
and I shot. The movement stopped. The next day we found Cotts. Headhsot. He’d been working his way back to our lines. I think they are far more effective
than if we had seen Alvin, played by a younger man, undertake the actions he’s describing. By not doing that, by giving us a story, we
see how Alvin reacts to telling it, and it allows us to use our imaginations – and
I think that’s important in getting the impact from Alvin’s experience, but also in the film maintaining
its tender tone. Tomorrow… wiggle wiggle.

100 thoughts on “The Non-Flashback – The Straight Story

  1. I absolutely love these Christmas series you do, you always pick the best films. Both times you did this before there was a film I really hoped you do, and you actually did each one each year (Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer and Come and See.) Hopefully I luck out this time as well, but I'll lap this up regardless. You're the best, god bless.

  2. I love this Lynch film. It rarely comes up in conversation because of how "normal" it is. Still an oddball story though.

  3. Flashbacks are like anything in story telling, it's a tool.

    It can be used for some spectacle or better yet, be a integral part of the story.

    Like a character wants tells one tale story to everyone they meet bot because they think its a goos story but because at the end we find out in a flashback that the story is altered because he would be the bad guy in it or because the truth if revealed would doom something or someone the teller cares about. Or they try to sell one story so maybe one day they might belive the lie coz the truth hurts more, maybe a combination of reasons

  4. Nice to see Damien Benedict of the hit podcasts "The Georg Rockall-Schmidt Show™"& "The Boisterous Bros.™"[Discontinued] is alive and kicking.


  6. I missed your commentary. Talk about books. I miss reading books. I still surrounded by books but I don't read them. Why?

  7. Do we really wanna use our imagination when we watch a movie? Not me, for I'm gonna read a novel then. Filmmaking is about show not tell!
    The Straight Story was ok-ish, a bit boring and not entirely satisfying, but different.

  8. I love this series of videos, but it has the effect where I have to stop what i'm doing to watch the film first, because I know it will be good if it has had a video made about it. Watching Koyaanisqatsi last year was the highlight for me.

  9. Thank you for bringing this Movie up, it wasn't in my Mind for a very long Time… I wanted to see it for a long Time and now thanks to you i will tonight… Thank you Georg and hav' a merry Christmas

  10. How does this compare with the “show, don’t tell” form of storytelling (which presumably does go for flashbacks or cut-away to)

  11. I love the Straight Story. And I also love how this video points out that rules are made to be broken when you know what you're doing. "Show don't tell" is just a guideline, not a rule to always be followed.

  12. Loving the gangs of New York look. Top hat might complete the look.

    Also is David Lynch going mainstream? Or has he been mainstream and I missed it. I’m often find myself stuck in traffic still trying to figure out mullholland drive.

  13. His elephant man is one of the most emotional movies I’ve ever seen. I can see why he was tapped to direct Star Wars…holy mother in Jesus…can you imagine if we got a David Lynch Star Wars movie…? 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤡🤡🤡🤡🌍🌍🌍🌍

  14. A great example of this is the low budget movie "Jerome Bixby's The Man From Earth". When I thought about it after having seen it, the stories the main character tells were so vivid, I could've sworn I had seen them take place.

  15. That'll be the Hip-Tang… Love these videos… Hope production has gone well with your film, looking forward to hearing about how to see it…

  16. When I first heard of the Straight Story I though a movie with this premise just can't be good and then I saw it. Lynch does pretty much everything right in it and Farnsworth ties it all together amazingly well with his portrayal of Alvin. I recall reading that Alvin's real daughter was a bit worried when she heard it was Lynch that would do the movie, but she was more than pleasantly surprised of the final result.

  17. I figured out why I can't find Hiptang here in the US, apparently it has been banned as a carcinogen. Perhaps if you put something on the label, such as 'For external use only' it can be sold here again? Please…I think I am experiencing physical and psychological withdrawal.

  18. There's a short, 2 season show I watched several years ago called "The Booth At The End" that makes fantastic use of the non-flashback. I highly recommend watching it if you can.

  19. The autozone near my house hasn't heard of hiptang and I didn't know what part of the car it was for to help them find it on the shelves. Can you clarify?

  20. Aldi are doing their own version of Hiptang now, though they are avoiding copyright issues by calling it Hipthing. I am partaking in a sit in protest of my local Aldi store to express my annoyance!

  21. If you met Alvin… you wouldn't experience flashbacks. You'd just listen to his story. Just like the film. That's why it works and feels real.

  22. Dune and The Straight Story are the only 2 Lynch movies I ever liked. I always felt guilty about that, but there ya go. My fave scene was the deer scene.

  23. 0:56 "The problem…" – is the consumption of meat, dairy and eggs. Clogs all the arteries. How does stroke happen? the brain doesn't get good enough blood and oxygen flow, because of clogged arteries. Seriously, how much do you trust politicians and the meat & dairy industry? they've turned lying into an art. Telling good people that they need meat & dairy products to survive and thrive, when it's the opposite. Also, it's so cruel, horrific and unnecessary. Don't have to take my word for it, have a watch of The Game Changers on Netflix –
    Dominion is another eye opening brilliant documentary –

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