1. ACTIVATE the VIBRATION of SUCCESS to ATTRACT What You WANT! (Law of Attraction Motivational Video)

  2. What might be the limiting belief if you care a bit too much what other people think? I.e. You're easily hurt by what others think/say.

  3. 1.identify and write down limiting beliefs
    2.give a name to them(beliefs of powerlessness) and separate yourself from them
    3.Thank your beliefs for trying to protect you
    4.Release your beliefs, announce "I send you back to the universe so you can heal and grow" tell the beliefs they will be happier where they are going.
    5.make a sentence encompassing all 4 steps, write it down and repeat it to yourself.

    Good luck everyone!

  4. This is insane I just got out of the shower and was thinking about doing a cleaning of old beliefs. I didn't knew exactly how to do it and ta daaa this video was uploaded.

  5. Hi! You have a great video but I am in need of some guidence:

    I am trying to get a driving licence. Easy for many. I have spent quite a lot of money of exams and lessons. A lot. Alot of theory exams i turned up to late (set myself to fail … always had plenty of time).

    I do know of people who barely know english and passing and those taking a handfull of lessons and passing. I think my mindset is not benefitibg me nor the situation. After a few years break from all driving i took a mock theory test and still failing at the most basic question. How do I change this? (I am capable to achieve it but my mind isnt quite in place) I feel it is now a priority for me so i WANT to attract it to my life but without action nothing can be achieved.

    Action for me means attempting many tests and paying for them and again setting myself up and ending in dissapointment. My current biggest obsticle. Please guide if possible.


    Lily L

  6. Thank you! I have struggled in certain areas of my life because of old beliefs! Now I will move on and be who I want to be.

  7. Wow! its amazingly wonderful.Thank you so much for introducing me to this new though strange method of eliminating the mind of its limiting beliefs.I simply love the way you make me like your beautifully enriching methods.

  8. its impossible to change ur limiting believes on a conscious level it does not work at all!!!only subconsciously by hypnosis or subliminal tapes,if u say on a conscious level im successful directly ur conscious say no ur not!!!only u need to put the new believes secretly inside ur sub mind without ur conscious recognize it!!!!thank u

  9. What if there is ZERO evidence to go against a limiting belief? I'll tell you – it's a TRUTH. It's not a belief of mine that my life is garbage – it's a TRUTH – sure, relatively speaking less adjustable than that of a homeless person or someone with no legs, but still TRUE. There are just some people the Universe just decides to crap all over and never let up.

  10. I have a questions. Is it that if we cleanse our beliefs in our mind completely, then we can directly command our subconscious mind so that our manifestations show up fast?

  11. wow amaizing <3 million thanks Jessica to your awesome videos……I love them and I love you…..Love and Light to you Gabriella

  12. Identify that no human is born with fear. Fear is a learned behavior. Fear is the root that all the other negetive thoughts grow from. Irradicate fear and the whole plant will die. Try doing something you are scared of doing. Keep doing it. You will find our just how afraid you are of being judged by others. You allow yourself to be controlled by what others may be thinking. You must care only about what you think. The only truth that matters is your own.

  13. The exercise is designed to teach your ego that it has permission to do what it wants. It's designed to undo religious fears. You can use any concept of God. I gave Christianity only as an example. I found that 'the 😈 devil's is the human mind. That's it's origin. Humans made it up. it's apparently easier to blame the world's issues on the devil rather than take responsibility for unconscious choices. And if you believe in the devil then reality will mould itself to your belief to confirm that. You are Divine. But you haven't woke up to that. Yet.

  14. Very powerful. Changed my negative cildhood beliefs to such abundant positives – Thank you so muchπŸ’š

  15. Thank you very much this was so helpful as I am working through releasing a lot of old limiting beliefs from childhood

  16. Inspired, brilliant and right in time! What an easy and practical approach to remove limiting beliefs. I’ve been wondering aimlessly through other spiritual platforms and ALWAYS come back to Your Youniverse to help me for the BEST guidance and information. Thank you for all that you do! Sending you love and light πŸ’•

  17. I've watched the video and not to be racist but,… anytime the narrator talks about negativity and limiting beliefs,…. a black guy is brought on the screen,…and when a success was mentioned,…it was represented by some white hands,… i'm black ,.. and if i watch this video i will only associate success with white people and limiting beliefs to black people,…i believe you weren't trying to be biased but at least diversify the people on the images,.. i don't care if is asian, american indian, black, white ,…just make me believe that anybody be successful

  18. This is truly inner work. This is the real work it seems like a lot being that we have so many limiting beliefs but it’s so worth it.

  19. Wow that was a powerful process! It felt emotional at times, but that's how I know it worked and was real. Than you! Much love

  20. The mind not just searcjes to vind things to validate when it believes they are true , but creates them too, creates them to appear in the physical world ( if they don;t exist)

  21. I just did this today. I was feeling so low, so discouraged this afternoon then I saw this video on my recommended. I made a long list of limiting beliefs! I felt even worse seeing all those beliefs listed down as there was so many and so emotionally draining that I had little by little slouched my shoulders so low they were almost touching my desk as I wrote!
    I picked one and wrote it down on a small piece of post it paper to better help me visualize it being separate from my person. I then lit a black candle and held it up and addressed it, energetically expressing my gratitude for it's service noting in what ways it has helped me. I spoke to it like it was another person. I said to it: "You're going to be happy there (the Universe/realm of possibilities). Goodbye now". Then I burned it and watched it go up in flames and smoke. And then as I looked down at the ashes I simply said "You are no longer a part of me" and I felt a lightness, a sense of relief and freedom wash over me.
    While I was feeling uplifted I wrote a strike-through line crossing this item out from my list and felt even more amazing. Now instead of feeling bad about my list I feel excited to go through it in the coming days
    This is so freeing! Thank you.

  22. Absolutely beautiful. Your processes are so on-point with energy transformation and creation. I've written a few coaching programs and used NLP and metaphysics in my own practice, would love to create a coaching program out of these powerful processes. You're in a league of your own… thank you for sharing your wisdom in such a profound way. πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œβ€

  23. Beautifully simple. This hit me hard and i cried getting rid of negstive beliefs but done so lovingly. Amazing.

  24. I Love this video, it's so great! Thank you for sharing I'm going to try this when I get home Love and blessings to youπŸ’–πŸ™

  25. Fabulous!!!! The way all these inner turmoils of human mind is explained here in this channel is just like a long detailed therapeutic session. I feel like as if I am being guided by some sage who has taken me as his/her friend. πŸ™‚

  26. I will now parcel my limiting belief which really has protected me to an extent back to where it has come from to set myself free to go forward with some bold audacity of hope. In my heart of heart I know what exactly it is that I desire. :)))

  27. What does "practiced with consistency" mean? At 1:28 the narrator says, "this has the ability to create miraculous results if practiced with consistency." Please, tell more. What do you need to consistently do for this to work?

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