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Ladies and gentlemen, a fascist. [applause] [Music: Wagner, Tannhäuser Overture] My fellow Americans, a war is about to be
waged between everything you love and everything you hate. Our very right to exist as a people is under
attack. Foreign invaders disguised as immigrants and
refugees are being imported to our lands by a cabal of globalist elites. And if we don’t
stop it soon, the result will be rape, chaos, and the end of civilization as we know it. I want you imagine the faces of your wives
and children. Picture their pure, white, innocent faces. Now, watch as those same wives are violated,
and those same children dashed to pieces under the black boots of the Third World horde. Does that thought fill you with rage? Good.
We must be prepared to fight: to fight for our children, for our nation, for our history,
for our culture; to fight for the homeland we’ve always known and the people we’ve always loved. Make America Great Again. Hail victory. [applause] Ladies and gentlemen, a leftist. [applause] [meowing] So, actually, according to Hegel, the for-itself
can only be actualized through the in-itself, so the individuation of the subject necessarily
demands the transcendence of the dialectical object through the sublimation of negative
materiality. [audience laugh] Aw, fuck you, you fucking racists! Death to
capitalism, hail Satan! [audience boos]
[Tabby hisses] [Music: “Funeral March of a Marionette”] So, that speech didn’t go too well, huh? Well, what do you expect? We have the politicians
against us, a media run by giant corporations, and a complacent white middle class that prefers
order to justice. Opposition to leftism is hardly surprising. So let’s accept that all of that’s true.
The game’s rigged. Fine. Now how do you respond to that situation? Do you change nothing
about your strategy at all and then blame the system when the predictable happens? Or
do you try to improve your rhetoric somehow? Look, I don’t really need optics advice
from a bougie queer aesthete who puts style over substance and thinks shining a pink light
on everything can cover up her counterrevolutionary Trotskyite tendencies. I mean are you even
a communist? No, I’m not a communist. Well, why not? I like stuff. I like this, and I like this,
and I like this. And that’s why I can’t be a communist. Justine, you do realize that Marxism distinguishes
between private property and personal property, right? You’re allowed to own possessions,
you just can’t exploit people by owning the means of production. Well, most of my stuff was made by Chinese slaves. Well, you should feel bad about that. Look, I’m just trying to help
you out here. Queer eye for the Marxist-Leninist. You know. Actually I’m an anarcho-syndicalist. Right. Do you have any friends who aren’t
leftist militants? [hiss] That’s what I thought. You know, Tabby,
people think you’re weird. And they’re afraid of you. Well, fascists are afraid of me. Really. Well let’s take a look at your twitter
feed. Let’s see, we’ve got guillotines, Soviet memes, “Liberals get the bullet too?” Bitch no
wonder everyone thinks you’re some kind of scary terrorist. Okay, Jesus, let’s hear your mind-blowing
revelations about respectability politics. Great. Let’s start by taking a look at these
pins and patches. Positives first. The rose is great. Love the rose. Fantastic.
Now, the hammer and sickle. We’re gonna need to get rid of that. Oh, I’m just wearing it ironically. Now don’t you start with that. I don’t
care if it’s ironic or not. It makes me think of bread lines and gulags and it needs
to go. Well, maybe you’re right. Fine, I’ll get
rid of it. See, I can think about optics. What’s that in your bag? Oh this? Yeah, we’re gonna need to do something about
that too. Now hold on, getting rid of the hammer and
sickle is one thing, but Marx is a foundational thinker in the history of progressive political— I’m not talking about getting rid of Marx,
I’m talking about giving him a makeover. I mean just look at the cover of that thing. It’s making me depressed just looking at it. Red and gold, what is this foreign shit, like
a Chinese or a Soviet flag? It’s un-American. I don’t trust it. I don’t like the cut
of its jib. So you want a Marx-Engels Reader wrapped in
an American flag? Oh, I can do you better than that. Let’s start with a gradient. Add a grid.
Maybe a wave grid. Let’s get some shiny fonts. Maybe a bust. A pink bust. With 3D
glasses. Pink glasses. Maybe some palm trees. Aw yeah.
[a e s t h e t i c music] Or how about this: lots of brands. More more
more. Oh my god. It’s beautiful. Okay, one more, one more. A pink field. Chick
lit. Yassss girl yassss. I just realized that I actually hate you. [knocking] Hello fellow whites, do you have a moment
to talk about the need to secure a homeland for our people and a future for white children? Get the hell out of here before I smash your
face you Nazi bitch. Effective, isn’t it? Well, I see your point. But this whole Antifa
thing. I can’t help but wonder, from a strict PR perspective, if there’s some way you
can nooooooooooot do thaaaat. Are you saying we shouldn’t punch Nazis? I’m saying if 30,000 people show up to counterprotest
Nazis, you won’t have to. [Matrix music] But that means getting 30,000 people on your
side, which you’re not gonna do by tweeting death threats and communist propaganda, and
using words like “dialectic,” and telling everyone to read obscure European philosophers
with unpronouncable names and unintelligible ideas, and smashing windows for no reason that anyone can understand or sympathize with, and expecting that people are gonna leave
their jobs and comfortable lives to join a revolution to establish an economic system
that’s primarily associated with starvation and dictatorship. Well that’s an unfair association. Real
communism doesn’t lead to starvation and dictatorship. Has there ever been real communism? Well, yes. Between 1910 and 1912, in Revolutionary
Eastern Cameroon, a thriving though short-lived communist utopia did flourish, until it was
smashed by Western imperialism. Right. But what’s the chance of that actually happening on a large scale in the near future? You seem to not even care about what’s actually possible,
that’s how deep you are in pure theory. And if anything is anti-Marxist, it’s that.
You know sometimes I think you secretly don’t want your ideas to succeed, you actually enjoy
being a pariah whose political ideas never gain any traction. Because if you have purely theoretical
political beliefs then you’re never accountable for the way things are going. I’m not saying theory is everything, only
that there’s no praxis without theory. Look, I’m not some kind of political scientist.
For all I know you could be correct. I’m just saying, it’s a tough sell, and you
are not selling it. Well, I wouldn’t have to work so hard to
“sell” it if we didn’t live in a neoliberal intellectual void where complacent so-called
centrists with corporate backing have shifted the Overton window one inch left of fascism
under the heading of “free speech” and “classical liberalism.” [knocking] Is someone ready to bring their wares to
the free marketplace of ideas? [hiss] Hey, hey, hey! You leave centrists alone. Thanks Justine! Jackie, get out of here. You’re embarrassing
me in front of my Antifa friends. [whisper] I’ll see you at brunch. Mimosas! What the hell was that? Brunch? You go to
brunch with these people? Well, it’s more of a boozy afternoon tea. Afternoon tea? Does Jeeves bring round madeleine
cookies and fresh-sliced lemon wedges? No, but I do have a very nice Windsor china
tea set. Unbelievable. You get the bullet too. You
get the goddamn bullet too. Awww, come on. Me?? What do you want
me to do, drink victory gin out of a rusty herring tin like the anti-imperialist revolutionaries
in Eastern Cameroon? I mean nothing is ever good enough for you people. I could be munching on a cigar in the South American Jungle shooting at capitalists with a black beret
and an eye patch, and I still wouldn’t be left wing enough for you. Well why don’t you start by not going to afternoon
tea with people who protect fascists, and not complaining about the optics of the people
who are risking their lives to keep you safe. How is Antifa keeping me safe? You do realize, don’t you, that 99% of what
Antifa does is not punching Nazis. Most of what we do is behind the scenes organizing,
infiltrating fascist groups, doxing them, disrupting their recruitment, and yes, we
do engage in defensive violence at fascist rallies. And one of these days, if you can bear to
tear yourself away from your tea set long enough, you’re gonna be at a counter-protest,
and the black bloc is gonna save your life, because you don’t look like you can fight,
and the police certainly aren’t going to save you. Well, maybe so. I mean I’m the first to
admit: these are not Nazi-punching hands. So, I’m not gonna get in your way.
But I can’t help but think that in the free marketplace of ideas—and like it or not,
that’s what we’re in— The corporate marketplace of ideas. —what you are matters less than what
you seem to be. And black-clad thugs in masks smashing things in the street seems pretty
scary. Aw come on. You have to admit, there’s something
kind of appealing about a guy in a mask. What about a girl in a mask? [romantic music] I think we should just be friends while I
figure myself out. Well, it was worth a shot.
My point is, you can’t just win the war in the street. You have to win the war in
the heart and the mind. You mean the propaganda war. SHHHHH don’t call it propaganda, there could
be liberals listening. Look, what the left needs to get, and what the centrists need
to get, and what only I and the fascists seem to understand, is that reason doesn’t matter
very much. Oh boy. Here we go. What is it that centrists hate about social
justice warriors? It’s not that they don’t have good reasons in support
of their arguments, it’s that they’re not cool, right? Social justice warriors are not cool. What do you mean, they’re not popular? No, no, no. I mean they’re not cool. You
can be unpopular and still cool. In fact it can be cool to be unpopular. So what does it mean to be cool? Cool is calm, detached, and in control of
yourself. And the leading complaint about social justice warriors is that they’re
emotional. The social justice warriors who everyone cringes at online are people, who
I’m sure are nice people, but who are having a bad moment, and they’re caught on camera
in the in the middle of an outburst. They’re out of control. And that’s the problem.
It’s not cool. Look, this detached, ironic, pretend-not-to-give-a-shit
posturing that white men mistake for rationality is really just the self-celebration of comfortable,
privileged people with nothing at stake. People on the left are never gonna be “cool,”
because anger and emotion are rational responses to injustice. I thought you’d say that. But what you’re
failing to consider is that it’s possible to be both angry and cool. And what
do you get when you sprinkle a little anger into a glass of cool? What? You get… Ice cold. [guitar solo] I’m sorry. What? And that’s what we on the left need to become: Ice Cold Motherfuckers. [guitar solo] What the hell are you talking about? Miles Davis.
Incredibly cool. But pretty angry.
Did not take shit from white people. But also: ice cold motherfucker. So your plan is to win over centrists by becoming
an ice cold motherfucker. Precisely.
What we need is social justice, drugs, and rock n’ roll. This is ridiculous. And I suppose you think this is ridiculous? I think it’s stalemate. No it’s not, my queen is wide open. No it isn’t. Take me. I’m gonna get going now. Wait, where are you going? I’m gonna go bash the fash. Well… be careful. Sure. Enjoy your tea tomorrow. What a goddamn lunatic. I’m gonna miss her. [Music: “Funeral March of a Marionette”] What ever happened to Bruce and Trixie? They got into a fight on Skype, remember?
Anyway they killed each other, they’re both dead. They kind of fired guns off in random
directions, it’s best not to think about it too much.

100 thoughts on “The Left | ContraPoints

  1. Political videos tend not to be interpreted very charitably (I know this video is going to be upheld by centrists as evidence I’ve “gone full Antifa” and by leftists that I’m a closet centrist) so I’d better state unambiguously what I think.

    The character Tabby represents a lot of what I think is wrong about leftist strategy: the indifference to optics, the undisguised hostility to the ideologically impure, the sectarian nitpicking, the alternation between extreme optimism (“a communist revolution can happen in the United States and it will go well if it does”) and extreme pessimism (“neoliberal propaganda has so tight a grip on the general public that why should we even bother trying to appeal to them?”), the blurring of lines between recognizing the necessity of violence in certain situations and the aesthetic celebration of violence as an end in itself. Nevertheless I try to represent Tabby with some sympathy, and anticipate that my viewers will like her—my audience is at least 95% trans Antifa cat girls, but I hope that doesn’t prevent them from thinking about the critique.

    The character Justine is a mouthpiece for a lot of my complaints about the left, and the recipient of some leftist criticisms of me (“you go to brunch with these people?”), but I chose not to represent her as an attractive alternative. She’s complacent, frivolous, and ineffective, full of derision for the way other leftists do things but not contributing much for her own part either. When a fascist comes knocking on the door it’s better to have Tabby there than Justine. To see if Justine can put her money where her mouth is we’d have to see what speech she delivers following the fascist speech. This YouTube channel is effectively my attempt to make that speech, and I can’t be the one who judges how successful it is.

  2. How do you manage to be so devastating with words while still keeping the tone? I never seen a channel filled with so much meaningful content and cinematography. Its like your the reasonable eye in the middle of a culture storm that brings it all together without being nasty. Also, your hot sauce in any character. If I had a friend like you to BS with at work (in tech) my life would just be absolutely complete.

  3. Professional advise. It doesn't matter how left your cat girl is, if you give her fangs and ears people are going to fucking fall all over her.

  4. Since this video was first released, I've drifted politically over time from agreeing with Justine to agreeing with Tabby.
    I'm fairly uncomfortable with this development, though I still agree with Justine on points like optics and "feeling boring" ie being more difficult to understand.

  5. When the right claims the left can't meme, just point them to the most unexpected matrix reference of all time here. They'll be comrades in no time.

  6. i always love the debates between tabby and justine. lots of good ideas presented through dialogue and the sexual tension really spices it up

  7. throughout this clip you essentially say that you have a public voice, and a private voice. fucking creepy and gay. glad I'm not on the "right side of history".

    stop dressing like a woman you fop

  8. Looked this up after hearing about it on NPR and all I can say is A – freaking – men, sister! I’m a little tired of us being right, yet still losing the argument.

  9. Tabby is utterly adorkable! I love the way she paws her way through the curtains in the beginning.

  10. this video is super valid and i try to keep that cool as cucumber strategy (emphasis on try). But… is kinda hard to believe thats all when there are right-winged people screaming about video game characters and and how having a black little mermaid is ruining their lives so i guess we could tackle on that too? i guess?

  11. Why do you try to appeal to centrists so much? Right wing aka nazis don’t deserve any attention. Punch nazis. Fuck yes communism.

  12. I find myself in an awkward place where I'm definitely an antifa trans girl, but I don't like communism (it's good in theory, but impractical in application) so I feel weird stanning for ancom flags. At the same time, I can't stand much of capitalism either. I don't hate it entirely, but it is fundamentally flawed to the point that in order for it to work ethically, it must be heavily restrained.

    Like with Justine, I used to care a lot about optics. I didn't want to be the crazy trans sjw that the internet screeches in fear about. But I learned very quickly that people are just going to have that opinion regardless because it's now been weaponized against LGBT people in general. Like, to the point where even bringing up valid points such as "don't kill minorities" in a non-hostile, non-provocative manner gets called "sjw cuckoldry"

    I realized I was wasting a lot of emotional time and labor caring what people thought of me. I'll present my ideas, but I'm not gonna be afraid to call things out as I see them. If people are doing something that smacks of racism, I'm going to say it's racism. If it smacks of bigotry, I'm going to say it's bigotry. For people that always shout "facts don't care about your feelings", righties tend to get big angery at being called out on their shit.

    And of course, like my wonderful Tabby here, I actually HAVE had to beat the shit out of neo-nazis in the past. Bastards showed up to a punk show I was at looking to get their red laces and smashed a fucking beer bottle over a black teenager's head simply because he was black. I and two other quickly showed them that shit is not gonna go unanswered. I will never apologize for it, except for the fact that I couldn't do more to help people like that black kid to not have to be terrified of leaving their house to enjoy live local music. Punch every fucking nazi you see, multiple times, until THEY'RE the ones terrified to leave their fucking house.

  13. Thanks for the rousing speech at the beginning, glad you talked me into becoming a fascist, thank you for letting me see the light. 🙏

  14. My position is that people don't understand dry, abstract rhetoric because they were deprived of a proper education by the ruling class, and are basically pushed through for 13 years so they can be mildly competent, blindly obedient workers who think the ruling class loves them very much. I agree the messaging needs to be watered down for the average person but if the ultimate goal doesn't include making the polity more capable rhetoricians, any society founded will suffer from complacency and poor reasoning, and thus corruption, disorder, hell.

    So: I agree, optics need to improve. Leftists need to be more charismatic when dealing with the public at large. But we also need to bring people to better understanding, help people understand what we read and promote more fully, where to find resources to self educate, and so on. And no, saying "google is free" and "venmo me or be wrong" isn't going to help, that just drives a wedge further. If you actually care about promoting a more cooperative society, sing it from the rafters, reach as many people as will listen as best you are able, and so on.

    Agitate! Educate! Organize!

  15. I thought this was going to just be a criticism of the optics of the far left (which I was looking forward to and was thankful to see what was said). But it does end up leaning in favor of Tabby at least a little. I really like the back and forth self-arguments in this channel as they're less preachy and more proper looks at these kind of struggles within the large blanket of what is considered "the left", and is good for reflection rather than getting a discreet answer.

    Like, I really like that line that "if 30 thousand people protest Nazis you don't have to", cause he actual fascists rarely are making the biggest changes in the world but are rather getting other people to fall to their talking points. But I also get that in a political environment that favors rejecting leftism, compromise sacrifices a lot more and you end up with the Democratic party. I'm glad there's people standing strong against the far right, but it's going to need more than that to move that overton window the other direction.

  16. Can someone please tell me the name of the communist society in cameroon? I can't find it and it sounds really interesting

  17. I was pretty sure that the ice cool thinker was going to be Malcolm X. Because damn, he's fucking class and radical, Noam Chomsky in comparison looks a bit sad.

  18. I’ve seen this video many times, but I just noticed that Fritz the Fascist is gesticulating like Donald Trump and making the “okay sign” with his fingers. That was a nice touch!

  19. There were a lot of important critiques in here. And as someone commenting in the later half of 2019 I think the left has gotten much better!
    Really does give me hope!

  20. As a left leaning centrist, the thing about social justice warriors not being cool is almost straight on. It's not so much for me that they're emotional, it's that they allow their emotions to cloud their judgement, resulting in knee jerk responses to innocuous things. The same thing happens within the extreme right (alt or otherwise).

    First, I'll start with an example of anti-SJWs having a knee jerk response… The new special on Netflix for Rocko's Modern Life where Ralph Bighead has transitioned to female and is now Rachel Bighead. The anti-SJWs had a knee jerk response, calling it pandering; that is inclusion of a transgendered character for the sake of diversity and not because of any genuine vision.

    However, it was planned from the start, all the way back in the 90s. The reason the character Ralph Bighead left the show was to go away and transition. The character never returned because Nickelodeon said no to having the character return as Rachel. So the character simply never returned because the creator of the show wasn't going to compromise his vision.

    In addition, there was an episode of the original show where Ed Bighead was coming out of the closet as a clown and terrified that other people would find out that he's a clown and judge him poorly. This was an allegory for people coming out of the closet as both gay or trans back in the 90s.

    So it's clear that Rachel Bighead isn't just pandering. It's a genuine part of the show's creator's actual vision for the characters. I for one applaud the special for finally doing it. It was tastefully and respectfully done, and I'm glad to see an unambiguously transgendered character (that is a character that the audience knows for certain rather than leaving the question ambiguous and in the air for speculation) in a children's cartoon.

    Hopefully my wrangling the anti-SJWttrds there has established that I'm not at all right wing here will soften what comes next.

    The white girl going to prom in a Chinese dress is not "cultural appropriation". It's just a white girl in a Chinese dress. People in China loved the fact that she wore the dress. The style of dress in question has a history in china of being associated with women's liberation. Getting all up in a tizzy with the knee jerk reaction of "that's cultural appropriation" ignores what the majority of people from the culture in question actually have to say on the matter.

    For that matter, the whole "cultural appropriation" thing has been taken to such extremes and applied to such an ever expanding scope that at this point, quite frankly, the only way to prevent cultural appropriation is to segregate people by culture and don't let people from different cultures intermingle, halt all communication between people of different cultures, prevent people from learning any language other than the one they're raised to speak, and return to extreme xenophobia where no one partakes in other cultures for any reason, ever.

    Cultural exchange is not cultural appropriation.

    As a Native American myself, raised on a reservation, I'll say this… A non-native person wearing eagle feathers in a Native American fashion is not necessarily bad. If they earned the feather, then they earned it and deserve to wear it. This is what cultural appropriation is about. It's not about "this thing is exclusive to that culture and wearing it or doing it is wrong" it's "this thing has a particular context in that culture, and to wear it or do it outside of that context is wrong."

    Think of the eagle feather is basically a medal issued by the tribal government for an act of valor. It doesn't matter what your race is, you can perform acts of valor that warrant being given a feather. So if you're white and you've been given a feather by a tribal leader for you to wear, it's fine. Really, it's ok. Wear it with pride.

    I've been told I'm wrong for having that view about the feather… It happens to be a pretty consistent view among Native Americans in tribes that do the feather thing: that anybody can earn a feather, regardless of race. So we're all wrong… And there's the problem…

    I'm left basically saying "thank you white people for dictating to my people and I what values we should have. I, being a savage, should have deferred to your superior civilized judgement before opening my ignorant savage mouth."

    That is to say that the whole anti-cultural-appropriation thing is just the white-man's burden, repackaged, and sold to a liberal audience.

    Oh and the whole two-spirit thing is not just cultural appropriation on the part of many SJWs, but it's also racist for stereotyping the "two-spirit" thing as being all, most, or even many Native Americans. Most tribes don't have the "two-spirit" concept. In fact, it's just one tribe, the Ojibwa of the Pacific Northwest. And unless you were raised in the Ojibwa culture, calling yourself two-spirit is cultural appropriation because you lack the necessary cultural foundation to even understand what the two-spirit GENDER ROLE is even about.

    Men hunt, women forage, two-spirits act as liaison between the two, serving as marriage counselors, and medicine…people… Were you taught the traditional GENDER ROLE of the two-spirit by the Ojibwa culture? No? Then you're non-binary, intersexed, transgendered, whatever… but you're not two-spirit.

    Social justice is great… it's just gotten out of control and the bar for what constitutes a violation of social justice has been set so low, and other things, like the two-spirit thing, are given a free pass despite easily jumping over the rather low bar.

  21. i’ve honestly always dismissed this one but rewatching this, the part where she said “maybe you want your ideology to fail so you won’t be accountable if it doesn’t work” (paraphrasing here) hits very hard and made me reflect a lot about my political leaning and my philosophical and moral belief system

    so, thanks, contra, it’s actually really nice that your videos could make me reflect about something so pivotal, and now i guess i must go on a descartes-like questioning spree where i think about what works and doesn’t about my philosophy

  22. ill tell you what, I don't know what the fuck Tabby said at the beginning there, but the cat ears and the hair are definitely doing it for me. huh.
    I hope this doesn't awaken anything inside me.

  23. 99% time I have the same thought, we need propaganda and to be cool to manipulate that lazy mother fucking centrists, but that 1% I wanna crack and open a Nazi skull

  24. You have to make it FUN. That's the conclusion I've come to. I was speaking recently with my inlaws, who went from conservative suburbanites to taking a deep into the counterculture in the 60s and 70s, and their most enthusiastic remark about that time period was, "it sure was a lot of fun". More than the protests and the social change, they wanted to laugh about the drugs and the orgies and the family of coyotes they adopted in their wife swapping commune. The 60s were successful because the left had the best ideas and they showed you the best time. People call it "the summer of love" for a reason. It was the LOVE that fueled the fight. You've got to give the people positivity, joy, art, beauty, music, and sex along with your message.

  25. Natalie has a great understanding of everything that is going on and her analysis and suggestions are rarely incorrect.
    The left CAN (and should) learn from fascists! it needs a makeover.

  26. I have to admit I tend to lean more towards the right but I'm starting to really appreciate your videos and I truly appreciate your point of view

  27. Thank you so much for uploading this. I've always been something of a Leftist, but this video really helped work out my ideas and stuff that I'd been finding hard a bit hard to express, or reconcile. Likewise very much appreciate the description and the fact that both characters make decent, well-informed points, without being strawmen cartoons. This is going in my 'Leftist Self Crit' playlist, as it highlights a lot of great theory points and problems with parts of the Left. Thank you!

  28. Something weird I’ve noticed about centrists: it’s not that they have a position of their own, but they pick and choose whatever sounds good from either side, regardless of dog-whistles, accompanying positions, or other baggage. So you get a strange hodgepodge of ideas easily manipulated by alt-right propaganda masquerading as practicality.

  29. It doesnt seem like you are a centrist. You are a leftist.. but not a big fan of the leftism of a violent variety. And yeah.. I must admit, if you were in my place(which is a state called Kerala in India), you will be atleast a Communist Party of India(Marxist) Area Secretary.. youre manipulative just like em

  30. I just realised, they are playing chess at the beginning, but they are playing each others sides. Tabby uses Natalie's pieces.

  31. it took awhile for Harvard grads to figure this out

    im sort of against being covert about what you believe though but what ever works

  32. The craziest part of this video, is that Contrapoints does not necessary disagree with genociding people you don't like and political violence, she just thinks that it's uncool and that the left should be even more subversive. And this is what YouTube promotes.

  33. As someone who's pretty far right. I like contra points. They do a far better job at actually communicating their ideas, are capable of recognizing their own faults, are pragmatic, and come off as far more sane and … not a terrorist. It's much easier to engage and understand her rhetoric (despite my clear differences of opinion). Hell, even made a few points that are enlightening (not this vid).

  34. O look Antifa a another Terrorist group. Can't wait to for your "Revolution" that once you guys are done the tankies are just going to kill you all

  35. This is Brilliant!!!
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  36. As a very new subscriber to ContraPoints, I want to say I'd like to go dancing with Tabby, and have brunch with Justine.

    Oh, and, this…

    "Sometimes I think you secretly don't want your ideas to succeed. You actually enjoy being a pariah whose political ideas never gain any traction. Because if you have purely theoretical political beliefs, you're never accountable for how things are going."

    … makes me want to support Justine's candidacy for a seat on my local town council. She should hire Tabby as campaign manager.

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