The Islamic State (Full Length)

The Islamic State (Full Length)

Sniper is located there. We Muslims want to introduce sharia in the country. By Allah, the only God, sharia can be established only weapon. I would like to join the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and to kill them, because they kill the infidels and the renegades. [VICE NEWS] [Islamic state] [May, 2014]. [CANCER, SYRIA] There he is.
Above the your head. Shoot, shoot, shoot !. Shoot, shoot, shoot! This is Cancer, Capital of the youngest self-declared state. It was founded by a group of hardline Sunni jihadists created a whirlwind of civil war in Syria. Until recently it was known as ISIS. It is now simply called the Islamic State. Or IS. The speed and efficiency with which rush in from Syria to Iraq surprised the whole world, and many of those who report on it. Due to the rapid pace of advancement of ISIS in Iraq,
The foreign policy of President Obama under attack as never before. How is it possible that the group in a way, ISIS
wiped west of Iraq? They occupied Mosul and Tikrit, robbed the local bank and seized large quantities of arms which are
The United States provided the Iraqi military. Their number is growing, fighters are coming from all over the world. And they all want to live in the Caliphate. [DETAIL MAPS: SYRIA, IRAQ] In the Islamic state, which now includes parts of Syria and Iraq … [CANCER, Syria; Mosul and Baghdad, Iraq] I say this is just the beginning. Not much is known about the organization of this group. Vice News reporter median Dairije provided
exclusive access to their stronghold in Raki. Here in Raki, IS deducted daily air strikes against the Assad regime. I conducted the siege of military bases that defend largest government forces
which have remained in eastern Syria, the 17th division of the Syrian army. [ABU MOSA, Press Attaché of the Islamic state] Press Attaché of the Islamic State, Abu Mosa, he said he would take Vice News on the front line. In front of us will be a bridge, then we come across a barricade of sandbags with sand, where the regime’s sniper. Nothing’s gonna happen, God willing. Two brothers (fighters IS) and many civilians were killed there. Usually they attack us from 23mm cannons, sniper fire, machine guns,
and mortars. The regime uses all kinds of weapons. They do not care. Syrian army blocked the main highway. The only alternative is to move within range of the regime’s snipers. That’s the tall building on the right, it’s sugar refineries. She’s there. Sniper’s there,
You can not even see it through the camera. Now we are faced with a sniper rifle. This building barracks for officers 17 divisions. The building which housed a sugar refinery. This is a dangerous area. [BASE 17th Division; OLD TOWN] [controlled by the regime; UNDER CONTROL ISIS] Located close to the city center, base 17 Division is the last remaining stronghold of Assad’s forces
in this area. What are the positions of the regime’s power. It is the regime’s flag. There’s one at that tall building. The whole area is under the control of the regime. Are we still in range of a sniper? Yes, snipers climb on the metal tower and shoot from there. First stop is the checkpoint of the Islamic state, within range of the base 17 divisions. The wall with openings, whether they are soldiers regime there? No, they are buildings in the background. How much power regime away from here? 400 meters. I turn to America, and say that the Islamic Caliphate established. And it will not stop. Do not be a coward, do not attack us drones. Instead, send your soldiers, who are humbled in Iraq. Everywhere we humiliate them, God willing, and the White House will wave the flag of Allah. They moved forward, closer to the Syrian army. One of the soldiers opened fire towards the enemy. Because they were attacked by enemy fire, press attaché Abu Mosa and another fighter
are now involved in the shooting. Surrounded by patrol the Syrian army would not surrender without a fight. They continued returning fire and Abu Mosa and the rest of the group
they went through the trenches. The brothers surrounded the 17th Division on all four sides. They can prevent any hostile insertion. Thank goodness you are trapped, they can not receive any stock,
except parachutes. So, regime forces are under siege from all sides? Yes. They are infidels, enemies of religion, the enemies of God, enemies of humanity and religion. Praise Allah, shoot at them. I pray to God to grant us victory over them. A few weeks later, IS launched a big offensive
against the 17th Division. They ran over the base, killing at least 50 regime troops. Their corpses were exhibited in Raki. Their heads poboli the pillars of the fence. It has sent a clear message that the city
under the complete control of IS. Under the command [Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the Islamic state] Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. [4th JULY, 2014.] [Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the Islamic state] Indeed, Allah is all-powerful, in the fight with the enemies of Allah, ensures victory to his followers, and gives them the power to fulfill its purpose. And if you’re hankering for what Allah has promised, then go to Jihad for his cause. Although this is the only known public appearance of Al-Baghdadi, its influence is growing. [MOSQUE AL-Fördős, cancer] Your leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is a descendant of the prophet Hussein and the tribes. You must love prophet family. You have to support him by giving him money, to sacrifice their lives and do everything in your power. In the name of God the merciful, and swear allegiance.We pledge allegiance to. I>Prince of believers.Prince of believers. I>And the Caliph of Muslims.And the Caliph of Muslims. I>Abu Bakr al-Kuras [Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi].Abu Bakr al-Kuras [Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi]. I>Allah is great!Allah is great! I>Allah is great! Allah is great! Allah is great! Allah is great! This message is very much resonated among the crowd. The Prophet said: “You have to vow allegiance to the caliph before you die.” Thank God, we swore that we would listen to and serve the caliph,
Abu Bakr al-Husseini al-Kurašija. We want to be a part of him and his army, the soldiers of the Islamic State which carry a flag that says “One Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger.” Here I’d taken a vow of fidelity the prince of believers, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. To establish an Islamic caliphate. Where are you from? With the villages of Aleppo. I came today to swear allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi al-Kashi. How old are you? I am 11. While the IS stormed through Syria and Iraq, forcibly occupying more territory, battle for the minds and souls of people has become another significant part their overall strategy. It is a task that the press attaché Abu Mosar very seriously. The war has been going on for quite a while. Do you go on leave to spend some time with your family? To be honest, no. That to me is not the case. Over the last few bogs, I told the kids they will not buy candy until the children in Dari and Homs are not able to celebrate. I’m not going home for pleasure. Only when something important, or when I get sick. I am not going. I do not go home at all. Does this mean that all the time you live in a war? Yes. Honestly, Family is the least important thing. There is a higher purpose. Nobody would defend Muslims when we were sitting at home with the family. We are out of the office for the media recorder to the river Euphrates. Come on there car for prayer. Where are you going? At the foot of the new bridge on the Euphrates. We’ll shoot it there. Wait until you arrange everything with Sheikh Abu Al-Bar. We’re fighters. I swear to you, we hope difficulties. We do not want a happy life, and travel, on the contrary, things like us
moving away from God. What the situation is difficult, we are closer to God. [Euphrates River,
CANCER, SYRIA] A key part of the battle of Iraq, and Syria’s control over water supplies. In June this year, [TURKEY, SYRIA, IRAQ] Turkey closed its dam on the Euphrates, [ATATURK DAM] significantly reducing supplies of drinking water and electricity all very important, and Syria and Iraq. I pray to God that the breakaway Turkish government to reconsider its decision. Because if you do not do that now, we will do it for them
when we liberate Istanbul. Is that a threat? Yes, this is a clear threat. God willing, if they open the dam, we will open it in Istanbul. The man in the van for prayer which the team asked over the radio also arrived. [Abdul AL-BELDŽIJAN, a member of the Islamic state] Abdul Belgian, as it is called, the Caliphate came from Belgium with her son. Do these people pay? Yes, many people addressing me, especially young people. My name is Abdullah. Speak up. Abdulah. Are you from Belgium or the Islamic state? Talk to him, tell him you’re from the Islamic state. From the Islamic state. Do you want to come back to Belgium? Why? What’s there? Infidels. What have we here? Islamic state. Do you like the Islamic state? Are you sure? Yes. What do you want? To be jihadists, or to get killed as a martyr
(Suicide attack)? Jihadists. Why kill infidels? Stand up. What were the unbelievers doing? What were the unbelievers doing? They kill Muslims. Because they are killing Muslims. All unbelievers? Nonbelievers in Europe? Nonbelievers in Europe, all unbelievers. God’s will is established caliphate, and we will invade you, like you invaded us. Zarobić your wife, as you have captured us. Since your children will do orphans like you than ours. Allah is great!Allah is great! I>Allah is great!Allah Akbar! I>Allah is great!Allah is great! I>I swear to God, my brothers, we live in an indescribable joy. We believe that this generation of children generation Caliphate. God willing, this generation will fight the infidel, and outlaws, with the Americans and their allies, God willing. In this children’s embedded right doctrine. Everyone will be happy to fight for the construction of the Islamic state and for God. How old are you? Nine. To whom are you fighting? For the Islamic state. Where do you go after Ramadan? In camp. Why? At the training. Training for what? To handle the “Russians” (Kalashnikov). What will you do after that? To fight against the Russians … Americans. Infidels. Are not you too young? Can you shoot? Have you ever been shot? Yes. Younger than 15 years go to Sharia camp at training on religion and religious beliefs. Older than 16 years can in a military camp. I participate in military operations? Yes. Older than 16 who are registered in the camps can not participate in military operations. Because Osama Ibn Zaid [Mohammed’s adopted son] was led by the army when he was 17 or 18 years. He led the army against the Romans. In God’s name, my name is Daud and I’m 14 years old. I want access to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, and to kill them. For the fight against the infidels and the renegades from the faith. The Islamic state has not done anything wrong, and God will give him not to do. We love the Islamic state.The Islamic state was created with the blood orthodox. I>[CELEBRATION CALIPHATE, cancer, SYRIA] The Islamic state was created with the blood orthodox. I>[CELEBRATION CALIPHATE, cancer, SYRIA] dawn in, expect a clear win. I>dawn in, expect a clear win. I>This celebration of the establishment of the Caliphate was just one of many in the city, organized by the Islamic state. Such events are also important for new recruitment. Who has not been fasting, to give him food. They deserve the best, God willing. Welcome to the first celebration after the declaration of an Islamic Caliphate. Allah is great!Allah Akbar! I>Tell louder! Allah is great!Allah is the greatest. I>You’re good, God bless you. My dear Muslims, this is a great time to be proud of being a Muslim. This is the moment when it was declared an Islamic Caliphate Dear family Rake, I urge you to support this state. Sending message enemies and hypocrites (secular Arabs). This state will survive, despite the wishes of hypocrites. This state will survive despite your wishes, secular nations. Oh, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the enemies cower before you. Beautiful device called, I apply for the martyrs. I lived in Europe for 25 years, but I’ve always wanted to go to Islamic countries. We left the kids and beautiful women, We said goodbye to them. We came to the land of honor and Jihad, I’m 100 percent on my own. I noticed that only children welcome and sent kisses from afar. While our old frightened look. They do not know that we have the best people in the world. After the prophet, coming mujahedin. Allah is great! Allah is great. The celebration was given a humorous character when the IS presented its highest and lowest fighters. Who has a bigger hand? Reply honestly, who is a senior, him or me? Who is taller, him or me? As the celebration drew to a close, gathered were invited to pledge allegiance
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.We pledge allegiance to the i>the prince of believers.Prince of believers. I>Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. I>When I shout “Caliphate”, you Yell out “established”. Caliphate!Set up i>Louder. Caliphate!established. I>Louder. Caliphate!Set up i>Louder. Caliphate!Set up i>I welcome the state and its supporters who are protecting. When he won the Syrian city of Cancer in March 2013. The Islamic state is also taken on the role of
organizers of the details of everyday life, under the strict interpretation of Shariah. These Islamic laws cover everything from serious crimes, disputes between citizens,
to the economy. Even personal behavior, such as diet, prayer and appearance in public. The city that was once a Western modern [Hizb: ENJOY GOOD, THE PROHIBITION OF EVIL] is now a 24-hour patrol armed men belonging to “Hezbollah”
and implement the measures that have been in their job description. [ABU OBIDA, Hezbollah, CHIEF PATROL] VICE NEWS team joined
Hizb chief of patrol, Abu Bypass during Ramadan, when he went on a tour of the market. My task is to create a caliphate. To do that requires a prophet, we have to learn from each other what works and what does not. Just a moment, please. Peace be with you, brother. Just a moment. How are you? We put it to us blot out the sun, honestly, I swear. Do not use such images. We want this to look like a Muslim street. We are Muslims. We do not want infidels. We challenge unbelievers. If you put that picture means to love unbelievers. Bless you, we believe. You have to take that picture.
– Well, God’s will. God bless you. As for alcohol, I challenge you to find a single drunken person. I challenge you to find someone to sell alcohol. They are afraid and at home to keep him due date. Still machineguns fight against the infidels,
but we have to deal with these vices. Stop at the man. Peace be with you, brother. Come here for a moment, please. Peace be with you, brother. How are you? Is that your wife?
– Yes, thank God. Firstly, tell her to change the material veil. Secondly, tell her not to issue uniform, because we can see what wears underneath. She’s your wife, brother. Take it. Bless you. We told him: “This is your wife, you should not be exposed. Is it a product? ” “Is that your wife, or share it with others?” It makes no sense to share it with others. Are not you a Muslim? ” God commands women to wear the veil, we did not make that up. So kindly advise them, but who does not listen, is being forced. Licorice! On this day, Hezbollah must pay extra attention to whether people respect rules in force during the month of Ramadan. Among other things, during it is forbidden to eat, drink and smoke, every day, until sunset. Do not drink. Do you want to drink? No, brother? What do you think of Hezbollah? Those who do the wrong thing are responsible for their actions, for example, when smoke or be late for prayer. So you is wrong what they are doing? Yes, of course. Because we did not do anything wrong. Everyone is responsible for their actions, and not Hezbollah. Peace be with you. Come here. You look a little tired. Are you a bottle full of gas, or water? Because some of them half full of water. No. You do not do? No. Do you know what I’m saying? Halfway is filled with water, and then gas. These are guaranteed and are sealed. Your are warranted. An important task of the Hizb and to ensure
that stores and shops throughout the city operate fairly. The patrol goes from door to door, and inspect products,
business methods and prices. Move. Move. Surely selling mutton as beef, and vice versa? You sell them together, right? Why beef has the same price as mutton? Sometimes it comes so, at the same price. Why? Because the salary is very low. You mean, you earn a bit on mutton? How much is a kilo of mutton? Sam mutton is $ 9. Beef is 8? Yes, but the sale and mutton for 8, when mixed with beef. That’s better for you? Yes. But if you’re selling beef for $ 9? No. Good. God bless you. Abu Attempts to exit approached a handful of people. We have a request, can you tell councilor or mayor, to release a man who was arrested at his stall. Who? Seller’s here, they took him. Hizb car?
– No. Is it an official vehicle?
– Yes. For God’s sake, let him go. Ramadan is a brother. He was selling juice, they arrested him for causing a traffic jam. In jail for a week, from the first day of Ramadan. The entire neighborhood will tell you that a good man. Okay, but we are from Hezbollah, it is not our responsibility. Go to the magistrate and then submit the request. We want you to transmit our message councilor. Our voices are not heard, you will listen. Your voices are heard, and he will take and receive. Go to the court. If you’re one of our oppressing, go there and submit an application. Violation of Islamic law brings you here, where prisoners are waiting for the judgment and enforcement of the sentence. Members of Hizb encourage prisoners to speak in front of cameras. Under so much pressure, it is difficult to know whether their repentance is genuine. They brought me here because we found alcohol in the house. I was brought here because I was honest with himself. Are you someone denounced? No, no. They caught me in the act. But stay here revived me. Earlier I did not pray. Now I am praying and fasting. Thank God, I again began practicing religion. Thanks to these people. And you’re charged with possession of alcohol? Yes, it’s the same case. He’s my father. You sold alcohol? We dealt with that. We pray that God will forgive us during this holy month. The penalty for many of these crimes, ranging from swearing, smoking in public
and possession of alcohol is corporal punishment. Our punishment is flogging. They say that sharia and the Koran, that’s all. How long have you been here? 25 days. Will you and flogged? Yes, they will. God help you. May God help everybody. May God ease the torment. May God ease all suffering. My punishment is flogging. I accept it, it is a divine law. Glory to God. They taught us some things about religion that we did not know. Why are you here? I took drugs. Thank goodness I had repented. Did you get a verdict? I havent yet. We are here to show us these people to get back to God and religion. And there is nothing more beautiful than that when you’re in the heart of the Islamic Caliphate. Will you vow allegiance to the caliph when you get out of prison? I wanted to swear here, but my brother refused,
because it is not mandatory. Unfortunately for this man, the Islamic State, the penalty for crimes involving drugs often execution. We would like to advise citizens Rake. We advise them that it is important to believe in God. He who does not believe in God, will surely be punished. Despite harsh penalties, the application of the Shariah throughout Rake, by Abu Mosa, for the benefit of all. [ABU MOSA, Press Attaché of the Islamic state] Is this interference in people’s lives, or just an attempt to get people to better organize? We call this positive mixing. How the state can achieve all of this work at the same time, that organizes people’s lives and to fight on multiple fronts? It is a state, not a group of people. We aim to build an Islamic state that will cover all aspects of life. We do not return people in times of pigeons on the contrary, will benefit from progress. But in a way that does not contradict with religion. Nobody dares to steal from Muslims, because the state is implementing sharia. The penalty is very severe, and it is cutting off arms. Since the group called the Islamic State came to power, Islamic judges preside over courts and introduced draconian penalties. This man was convicted of murder. Crucified on the cross in the middle of the town square. [Sharia court, CITY OF CANCER] VICE NEWS team visited the courts of the Islamic state. What is your complaint? I want to report a cousin. It is a family quarrel? Around harvest. He will not share offerings with us. Is this the first time you submit your application? Yes, this is my first time. The first time I was here. Although the courts deal with serious crimes, they also do arbitration, solve ground
disputes. Local people patiently waiting to receive them judges, who will weigh verdict
according to the Koran. [HAIDARA scribe JUDGE ABU AL-BARE] The main purpose of the arbitration court by the shari’a, as God commands. Sharia Court returned the people’s rights, after the oppression suffered under the regime’s courts. Thank goodness, the court works on all cases to conduct the sharia, against alcohol, adultery, and so on. There are all sorts of Sharia law and the judgment in this court, the glory of Allah. There are specialized judges for each type of case, that uses legal knowledge to bring God’s judgment on Shariah. What are the ability of judges to enforce that decision? They have experience in Sharia and are able to implement it. Do these criteria comply with international standards? Of course not. Our goal is to be pleasing to God. We do not care to international standards. This is a court for citizens’ questions. This is the office for non-Muslim affairs, for Christians who are still there. [ABU ABUDULA JUDGE] In the words of an experienced judge, Christians have a right to a safe life in the Islamic state, with certain concessions. On 22 Rabi al-Awal 1435, [23rd January 2014, the Gregorian calendar] with non-Muslims concluded agreement. Approved by the caliph Al-Baghdadi, God bless him. Christians have sought this agreement, this agreement. We met with them in the presence of the Caliph Al-Baghdadi. He offered them to convert to Islam. If you do not accept, can not pay non-Muslim tax, according to the Koran. If this is not accepted, we remain only killing and conflict. They said that they accepted the tax. I swear to God, we did not hurt them, nor are they dispersed. Despite this arrangement, most Christians fled Rake. When the fighters IS occupied Mosul in neighboring Iraq, about 30,000 Christians fled, and their churches were destroyed. [PROPHET’S MOSQUE Eunice, MOSUL, IRAQ] But Christians are not the only ones who should be concerned. Mosques Shiite Muslims are also targeted by IS. The Raki is the Armenian Catholic Church of martyrs turned into an Islamic center. We are in an Islamic religious center in Raki. This used to be a church, in which he celebrated the baptism in the place of God. When the Islamic state took over, destroyed a cross on top of the church. Country broke the Cross and this has become, thank goodness, as you can see, Islamic center where preach about God and teach people their religion. We captured all Shias, and the rest we have defeated. Moreover, we have created a kindergarten for young children to learn the Koran and religion. To teach them how to one day become leaders which will rule the world and lead the Muslims in the way of the Shariah. One of the five pillars of Islam is zakat, donations. Bureau collects zakat money of the wealthy in the name of the Islamic state. Then take money from the poor parts sunset. Those who have children receive $ 13 for each child. If zakat continue to operate like this, we hope to eradicate poverty. and then they will envy the wealthy to the poor. Why did you come here today? Because of Islam, security and stability. Do you often leave the religious centers? Yes. God is big. We halved America, and crush European countries. We returned the caliphate, in spite of tyrants. Wherever we focus camera, seemed to meet a young man who is more than ready
that highlights the virtues of the newly formed caliphate. We promise you a car bomb and explosives. Today we have declared caliphate. Ramadan is the prophet says: “God brings victory during Ramadan.” Islamic states to win in Iraq, Syria and everywhere. I swear to God that we will raspolutiti America. I will destroy all the enemies of religion, all who fought
against the Islamic state. And caliphate.
– I caliphate. Caliphate will last until the end of the world, and God willing, we will fight for Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Allah is great! [Syrian-Iraqi border] About Iraq, the war is, what are you waiting for? Their rights can only struggle to recover. Raise your sword! Against Cross already disappearing. IS in June began an intense military campaign in Iraq, pushing the military to Fallujah, only 70 kilometers from Baghdad. In just a few weeks ago, took the vast area of ​​the two countries. Shocked the world speed of his progress and the ease with which they drove by the army trained and equipped by the Americans. Fighters IS VICE NEWS took the lead on a journey of 300 kilometers
from their strongholds in Raki. This was Iraq’s borders, and now part of the Islamic state. I’m from Syria, I have 28 years. This is the first time I went into Iraq without a passport. I am Tunisian, and this is the first time to go into Iraq without passports, visas, or any document. Now we are one country, the Islamic state, the caliph, the prince of believers, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Caliphate currently occupy 35 percent of Syria, including most of its oil fields and a large part of Iraq where Sunnis predominate. Some estimates indicate that IS controls 50 thousand square kilometers. This is equal to the size of neighboring Jordan. Older leaders of the Islamic countries are our enthusiasm shown
to literally dismantle borders. Thank God, we are on the border between Syria and Iraq. Syria’s right in front of you, we brought a bulldozer to tear down the barricades, to clear the way for Muslims. Thank God. We do not believe in an agreement Sykes-Pico. Almost a hundred years, Britain and France divided the region
which once belonged to the Ottoman Empire. No matter how strange it seems to us a history lesson in the desert gives an inveterate fighter, the agreement Sykes-Pico is the key to anger and rage IS-e. We’ve retired the agreement Sykes-Pico. Just a few weeks ago, this was a checkpoint
controlled by the Iraqi army. Then it IS won. As is customary, they recorded the action and announced the results. Tear down the border. We will cut off the head with a knife. Without the Iraqi army in sight, people can move freely back and forth, crossing what is
once the Iraqi-Syrian borders. Did you previously in this area and cross the border? Earlier? Yes. No, we were never close. Why now moving? Due to the Islamic state. They opened the border. Are you an Iraqi, Syrian or a member of the Islamic state? I am Syrian, the Islamic state. Where are you from? From Badza in Iraq. Is this your first visit since the borders open? This is my second visit. As previously was at the border? We could not even get near the border. Thank God, now Muslim countries are united. Faith is the only thing that separates Arabs and foreigners. We thank God and we hope it will spread to Baghdad and all of Iraq. Al-Maliki has done nothing for us. Could not I visit relatives in Syria. I could never see my son, sister, uncle and nephew. For entry to Syria was allowed only Shiite soldiers. As it was before, and after that? Terrible acted with us before the Islamic state. Now is a very good and we feel comfortable. Here, we walk, thank God, foot cross from Syria to Iran. This is what we want, to destroy obstacles and demolish the border, thank God,
as our sheikh promised. [ABU AL LAIT DŽAZERVE, Islamic State fighters] By God, if any infidel or Christian country decided to build a church and practice their false religion, if someone will stop to it? Will they oppose any and prevented? We Muslims are the ones who want to implement sharia in the country. I swear, sharia can not be introduced without weapons. The Islamic state has continued to expand during July and August, winning large territories. Now control a very important barrier, oil field,
and seized a large quantity of weapons and the amounts of money to finance their ambitions. It also appears that there is no one in the region who would prevent their advance. IS smashed the Kurdish Peshmerga forces,
uzburkavši international community and creating a flood of refugees,
when thousands of Christians have fled, saving their bare lives. There was a huge humanitarian crisis, when Yazid 30,000 Kurds found themselves trapped on the mountain,
in the ring fighters IS-e. This requires international action, to prevent a potential genocide. When it comes to a situation like this on this mountain, when countless innocent people threatened with massacre and when we are able to prevent it,
The United States can not look the other way. Nearly three years after the withdrawal from Iraq, President Obama ordered the US military action against the IS-e, as well as humanitarian mission. Bombardment may facilitate hassle refugees, but now has a negligible effect on the military power of the Islamic state. While nobody knows exactly how to deal with eskalirajućoj crisis, Fighters of the Islamic countries are every day more daring. When we crossed the border, we did not proceed with passports. Our weapons are our passports. They wanted to or not, we will introduce sharia in the country. Allah is great! Allah is great. Allah is great!

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