The Femicide Crisis in the State of Mexico (Full Length)

The Femicide Crisis in the State of Mexico (Full Length)

100 thoughts on “The Femicide Crisis in the State of Mexico (Full Length)

  1. Unbelievable !!!
    How is this going on and we don't ever hear about it on Mainstream? (but we had to endure weeks, months of irrelevant Stinky Daniels coverage?) Please tell me?
    I get channels that cover the news, world-wide, and yet I've seen nothing, no reporting about this important topic. Why won't they do anything about this epidemic? No wonder people are literally "dying" to get tha [email protected]!* outta Mexico. Maybe, if their government followed suit and tried draining THEIR swamp, citizens of Mexico wouldn't be fleeing by the truckload on a daily basis.
    Share this video, spread the word, maybe it'll cause that President to be shamed into action.
    This is NOT a women against men thing. This is a right against wrong thing.
    Crime against women is crime against your grandmother, that cute, little ol' lady who makes you your favorite cookies, yeah that one. (Not everyone gets along with their mother but EVERYONE loves their nana).

  2. This is happening in many nations. China and India each have 22 MILLION extra men! Pakistan has a WORSE gender gap than India. I expect a huge war to break out there soon. The world's cities are bursting at their seams! People need to stop having kids. One kid per person should be the limit world-wide b/c we cannot continue on like this!

    I don't want the US to get over 400 million people. That would suck big time. Maybe we should build a wall b/c sooner or later, 10's of millions of people will want to come in due to climate change or no jobs where they live b/c men ruin everything! Not all men are bad, but it seems that not enough good men are stepping up, so evil men have the upper hand in the world.

  3. How can people live in a lawless society? I hope I never have to live in those circumstance b/c it does exist in the US too.

  4. I don’t have words for this horror but how tragic the suffering of these families left behind and the lack of injustice. I commend this mother protesting for justice and fighting for her daughter

  5. Country of Mexico does nothing for its people..corruption is rampant in political levels…gangs and cartels are in control…politicos that do take issue are murdered quickly…to include their families…all of central America is in the same cycle…gangs and cartels control…

  6. Thank you Daniel for this investigation journalism… you are very informative and Vice top journalist by far✌💖🤓

  7. They should be strung up I’m sick of hearing about men thinking they can do what they want to women. It’s not just in Mexico it’s everywhere but you never hear about all of it .

  8. Those poor people! No one should ever have to live in fear because of incompetent politicians and thugs!

  9. This is why my mom escaped to the U.S. She didn't even tell my father. He was like these men in these videos. He would take her by force back to his house, all while neighbors knowing about it. She would cry to the cab driver that he was kidnapping her, and my father would tell the cab driver that it is just a little fight between couples. Nobody helped her there, not even the police. I'm so glad that she escaped.

  10. Una Pena ver que hoy en Dia el valor de una mujer es Nada…muy triste en 2019 todavia estamos viviendo esto a diario..

  11. car accident shock on the front passenger side or motorcycle passenger accidents needs attention

  12. Men supposed to be real men , strong and protect women, instead they r killing raping torturing them!
    unfortunately most men of today are called men only because of their thing between their legs and nothing else!Only weak coward pscycho loosers put their hand on a woman!!and we live in a coward mens world !!!we women are stronger so they need to eliminate us as threat !!!we women need to be hold together and stand up for ourselfes!!!!!

  13. The "abuse" of women and young girls, is getting out of hand and the government and the "police" should start doing something about it. I am sure they would of it was there wives and daughters being abused and murdered. Even little boys and young men are abused and murdered because they wont join or partake in their "evil". The rich are taken care of and the rest are "nothing". Its these people that vote you in. God will "JUDGE" you for the "evil" and "injustice" done to the defenceless. These "evil men" think they are do "macho", well GOD will bring them to their knees and will tremble before HIM when he brings his "FIREY JUDGEMENT" upon them. SHAME, double SHAME on the "Government, Justice system (no justice) and those in league with them.

  14. Sad 😢 I think the police need to be investigated in all murders !! These woman are never getting justice.

  15. Everyone who is insecure in the comments about men being murdered, please show me where in the documentary it was stated that it is okay and perfectly acceptable for men to be murdered. Once you can do that, your argument will be valid.

  16. Unfortunately men are being more evil than normal wo any consequences smh it happens all over tye world men have been doing it for centuries men in us usually include the kids so the pos don't have to pay child support men are no longer men anymore 👎

  17. mexico could be a beautiful tourist area but it fucking disgusts me from the corupt pigs who go out of their way to look for US plates on vehicles to fucking ask for money fuckers to cops in airport trying to fucking hustle you for money their just fucking shit the wall wont keep the fucking scum out hello mr trump the bastards are coming in underground hello? wtf and i am Hispanic. but older 2nd generation born in US and we were taught respect people manners and to work hard for everything u have not steal from other people period. because as my mom would say you dont want people to look down on mexicans but these corupt fuckers need to stay in mx i realize its not all some are hard working but u go to mx u better hang on to your 💰 stay on a resort and never leave it its just disgusting

  18. hey mexican mothers when u raise these dirty fucking mijos beat their fucking brown asses when they act up instead of treating them like the fucking pussies that they are i have seen little mex boys who boss their dumb ass moms around ill be damned if i let a little mijo do that shit cuz guess what they grow up to be big pieces of shit some women just need to be sterile

  19. All the women rights activists will be found in Muslim countries where women are coverd and protected like precious gems. I am really surprised that a place so desperate of human rights has has got none of those activists…

  20. Courts are fucking useless. They dont hold the real power at all.
    Theres going to be no fucking investigation because their government just sucks.
    And its fucking unfair that people just let it happen and keep taking it from corrupt officials.

  21. Dear GOD, please aid these dear women in their quest for justice. Yes, they must move on, but justice helps incubate the feelings of peace and satisfaction. I ask this in the name of your Son, Jesus, amen.

  22. I won’t be taking that holiday to Mexico with my husband then…..I knew he was up to something 😉

  23. In this country is horrible to live to be women !! is beautiful too because we give life and love and soo much more !!!

  24. I don’t think Mariana kill Her self she was murder by her ex husband!! He need to be prison or hell !!!

  25. This horrible men who hit they wife’s or girlfriend not real man they are horrible monster from hell !!!

  26. The problem is being raised here all u see is violence so its what u know, dont like somthing make it go away, problem fixed, and the other thing you grow up with killing all around you, what you think is gana happen!
    This is so sad! Hopfully someday people can live in peace!

  27. Need to crush there entire government system !
    Prairs to all of these familys
    There will be no justice or peace until somthing is done with the government !

  28. The journalist is at risk of being killed because he’s exposing the real dirt. Life in general isn’t respected that much but you’re especially devalued if you’re a woman. Most of the politicians who haven’t been murdered are in bed with the cartels.

  29. Hear we are a year later and shits gotten worse. Mexican politicians are either the biggest liars or they have amnesia. Any

  30. This is depressing and heartbreaking. Im Mexican but born and raised in the US. Im grateful to have been born here, there's no justice for the poor in Mexico.

  31. femicide murder at the hand husband partner up; It is what it is! this hard working man feels possessive love after spending money on her; i always say let her do what she wants, be agreeable.

  32. They will kill you and chop you up and toss you right in the streets of a major city. Mexico was all chill till 2002

  33. Notice how wealthy Mexico city is like Nancy Pelosi's gated home.
    This is what America will become on top of the over crowding.

  34. It is time for people to give their hearts to Jesus Christ. It will make a difference studying, God's word, (King James Version) prayer and fast.

  35. Truth is the government either does not have the resources does not WANT to have the resources or the corruption is so rampant that no one can be trusted or all of the above

  36. This is not about gender. It's about bad people, corruption, travesty of justice, blatant injustice, lack of control of the crime levels and security. People are treated like cattle. They have no social security, benefits from being citizens and taxpayers. They are basically living on their own. No security is being enforced, no punishment, no justice, no safety, basic human rights.

  37. Truly we are near the coming of our Lord when evil like this is so brutally common and it doesn't even faze the vast majority of people as it is just another tragic event.

  38. This is the reason they are illegally jumo oue border! Because the MEXICAN GOVERNMENT is to busy with CARTELS. Supporting the CORRUPT POLITICIANS. WHICH RUN DEEP!!

  39. Admiro sus reportajes, tratándose de que México es uno de los países más peligrosos para ser periodistas y hacer periodismo. Ojalá de 2015 a la fecha, la situación hubiera mejorado, pero lamentablemente no fue así.

  40. We take it for granted I guess that when a crime happens here investigators generally investigate, the thought of having to pay an investigator to even begin an investigation never even crosses our mind

  41. Mexico is dangerous for all its people & the corruption runs deep. This video is showing one part of it. Watch other videos to see the other levels. This video is to show care & respect for this part of those lost….Not every video needs to show all sides, genders, or lifestyles.
    *Also VICE should be ashamed. Anyone who knows that man would know it is him. You are putting their lives in danger!!!! Not surprised some refuse to be interviewed…

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