5 thoughts on “The 700 Club – December 6, 2019

  1. Pray for the world brothers and sisters please pray for the world please pray for the people that have been given their life to Christ yet please pray for them please pray for me please please for the people that are in jail in prison or in Orange attention centers please pray for them play for everybody please all over the world needs Jesus we need Jesus all over the world

  2. Pray for the world that the eyes of believers are opened to see that christmas, easter, and other secular holidays are pagan and keep the feasts mentioned in Leviticus 23. Also that the name of our Savior is Yeshua, not Jesus, as the letter "j" did not exist until the 14th century.

  3. Please pray that corrupt Trump turns himself in and frees the country of his scourge. Please also pray for Christians who have strayed from Jesus' teachings to follow trump. Amen

  4. Please keep my husband in your prayers. He has been battling diabetic foot ulcers for 3 years. There’s drainage coming from his right foot and that’s on the bottom of his foot. That’s where both ulcers are is the bottom. Also, he needs to fully depend on Jesus. Every time I tell him to pray and ask God for help, he gets mad at me. The Devil is attacking my husband’s family and my family.

    Please help me pray for healing

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