The 1 Bitcoin Show- The 20% notice socialist trends & buy BTC! South Africa, gold, lightning

The 1 Bitcoin Show- The 20% notice socialist trends & buy BTC! South Africa, gold, lightning

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
February the 20th 2019 you know it’ll be pretty cool when is February the 20th
2020 it’ll be a bunch of two’s just like it was cool February 2nd 2002 or
something like that strong hand long term thinking offended by selling
unconfident your source for 20% or Bitcoin knowledge
this game is not rate Bitcoin be in motion people purse responsibility is
the new counterculture so with my strong hand I’m grabbing this awesome
t-shirt with the honey badger on it you can get shirts like this link to below
look at those strong hands alright I want to announce up it looks like at
1:30 on Friday London time 8:30 a.m. a New York Times Simon Dixon will be the
guest on that this week in Bitcoin show and Simon and I if all goes well we’ll
talk about the events of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency from this week and it’s
always great to have Simon on the show and hey I’ll be back in America in Los
Angeles on March 13th so we’ll be back to some regular times for you USA
viewers for this week in Bitcoin show and we’ll get some guests on that
haven’t been on for a while because they’re on the west coast or they’re in
America and they can get up at earlier I’m in Tel Aviv right now until come
March to 12th and I’m having a blast here loving life I’m loving life forever
I am man you got a love life if you’re breathing you should be loving life
okay so let’s move on to someone who’s definitely loving life and this guy
isn’t even a Bitcoin guy we can learn a lesson from this Bitcoin from this non
Bitcoin person someone sent me this DM er yeah he tweeted about it and copy me
on it it’s from Forbes it’s an article the greatest investor you’ve never heard
of an optometrist who beat the odds have become a billionaire his fortune comes
not from some flashy entrepreneurial brilliance but from a lifetime of
prudent buy-and-hold investing my goal is to buy and almost never sell that’s
herb Wertheim his name is very interesting technique an optometrist I
became a billionaire by buying and holding his quote my goal is to buy and
almost never sell I mean I mean I sounds like something I would say I
don’t sell I’ve never sold my Bitcoin he’s a good example there people now
again he said a Bitcoin guy he’s a buying holder you didn’t do I mean seems
like a pretty normal guy didn’t go for the flashy Lambos the flashy stocked the
flashy flipping tries not to sell ever try not to sell offended by selling town
that like but all right Herbie Thank You herb okay
beauty oh no now I’m gonna use that tomorrow yeah that’s for tomorrow that’s
what I uh okay I know let me mark that for tomorrow’s
show moving on uh-huh now talking about let’s talk about some
old cycles here I’m always talking about everything is cyclical Internet let’s
let’s look at the Internet let’s look at this tweet from a beauty on he says Bob
it’ll never catch on that was in 1995 he said about the Internet
the Internet is just for gambling in P o RN that’s we send 1996 the Internet’s no
greater than the fax machine is from 98 people will never trust a website with a
credit card as from 90 that should be from 99 or night whatever you get the
point so we had that from the internet cycle
of of the late 90s and now let’s visit 2015 Bitcoin is just a tool for
criminals and tax evaders what what are they gonna say next
where they’re gonna say next look back at that old that old cycle for the
internet and then that was a fun cycle for the Internet we’re in a fun cycle
for it for Bitcoin right now and how did the internet end up Alice Bitcoin gonna
end up learn from the past learn from past cycles there okay I remember tech
ball on Twitter tch be alt disrupt meister comma get all my old videos
Monsieur mafia Dolph has a great tweet out here
and I could have just done a show on this tweet and just left it at that like
had a one-minute show but no I do a new show every day and it’s not just one
minutes baby you get you get the Meister for quite some time
once I give it my all conviction but he says Internet allowed you to never have
to go to the library Bitcoin will allow you to never have to go to the bank but
then there was a reply to that people go to the library to get on the Internet
very good point people will go to the bank to get Bitcoin in the future too
okay because these banks does survive they’ll just become Bitcoin banks some
people won’t fully get it they won’t understand that you know you got to
control your own private key they’ll let banks do it for them okay that’s it but
a bank is it gonna be a bet you’re not going to have to if you have
coin you’re not gonna have to go to a bank anymore nobody no need to go to a
bank I don’t need to go to back anymore I don’t need to go to a bank anymore
really well no I but right now if someone sends me I gives me a check yeah
I guess I go to the back if I had a smartphone out because I would have to
go to a back right can you just scan him in I don’t know
all right but that’s that’s not the point
and I spend that Fiat baby I I don’t look well I I that’s it I don’t spend my
bitcoins but I’m saying I don’t spend Fiat very often but on all my every
single expense I have I use Fiat and of course I get rid of that first but the
point is this and yeah libraries have survived but people use them to get on
the Internet now there’s a lot of the reasons the libraries are around people
good there’s some people just didn’t you know I gotta have my own computer or
they can’t afford their own computer I gotta do it that way but I like that I
like the tone of the suite we understand the tweet internet internet allowed you
to never have to go to the library Bitcoin will allow you to never have to
go to the bank so it’s linked to below check it out I’ve retweeted it we got a
super chat over here let me go check that out
guy Bennet said $5 daddy you’re so generous Mae sent 20 yesterday you’re
you said I mean money all the time and again spend that Fiat save that Bitcoin
if you told if you hold Bitcoin now you’re within the first 1% of everyone
in the world to get it why would you sell kick back relax and enjoy the show
and pound that like button I added that part thank you God that it I agree I
don’t know why anybody would want to sell it tell you true that I mean
especially after I just told the story about herb you know he was just he was
holding on to everything and he became a billionaire he’s an optometrist or
something remember I had the head I told my I story
does everybody remember my ophthalmologist or whatever she was I
story from when I got my eyes checked back in Baltimore I’m linked to her
below I didn’t value my wealth in her but it was a nice sight
anyway so uh what else do we have here he’s got to be familiar with the show
here to know some of the things I’m talking about
yes some people don’t you don’t come here all the time what’s he talking
about I doctors in Baltimore watch every one
of these shows got over 1,200 of them at disrupt meister calm now we’re talking
about the world changing libraries that was before now let’s talk about Alistair
Melanie’s tweet post office says email is rubbish and not a real competitor to
letters and what he’s he’s comparing that to some gold people who are saying
that bitcoin is not a real competitor to gold yeah it’s just like when the post
office was Dan wasn’t afraid of email sure the post office is still out there
who the heck mails letters anymore though what it’s so inefficient you
email something you said I mean now it’s even beyond beyond email at this point
so yeah gold people sure sure bitcoin is in a real competitor just like email
isn’t a real competitor to the post office anyway moving on we got another
super chat from Craig ship comm from an undisclosed location near Camp David
Maryland buy-and-hold Bitcoin and support the Cowgirls live show with
small Bitcoin donations yeah remember cowgirls live that that cowgirl live she
like does rodeo stuff and she accepts Bitcoin and she knows Craig ship calm
I’ve linked to her below before not below i should link to her below after
the show though remind me all right you got to support people who accept Bitcoin
or talk about at least talking about okay so we’re talking about that so
let’s also talk about something that’s been in the air socialism has been in
the air a lot and all sorts of things like dealing with socialism not directly
indirectly indirectly linked as socialism revolving around socialism all
right lovely mmm tea is pretty much Bitcoin rocket fuel
that’s a true a tweet from some dude and what nmt is modern
monetary theory all right and basically my money modern monetary theory you can
sum it up pretty in a few words the government just keeps spending in
printing money just keep spending spending spending spending and that’ll
be fine everything will work out fine you can just keep on spending and
spending spending that’s that’s a modern monetary theory
so yeah that’s picking up steam because you know how these socialist going to
fund their programs will just keep spending money that we don’t have
printed do whatever just keep spending so yeah mmm tea is pretty much Bitcoin
rocket fuel but you gotta be paying attention if you’re just going with the
flow and trying to fit in and be like oh yeah go go AOC I support you and then
you’re just like you know being a cheerleader anniversary signal off yeah
yeah then that’s you’re not gonna end up well and in those circumstances but if
you’re like oh this a host see all these blind people are gonna do what she says
she’s hot well I better get some Bitcoin and if people are gonna go the MMT route
and support her and then ugly or socialist and it’s not you know it’s not
Bernie’s fault he’s ugly but he’s not a track you know a oh say I’m talking to
you know don’t judge people for me ugly and pretty but in this situation 80
percenters you know the reason she’s popular she’s hot I mean this car so anyway he keep on spending and furniture
john mattone s has a tweet that says democratic socialists get their way
if democratic socialists get their way in the u.s they will need the wall to
prevent the tax slaves from escaping yeah well sort of because again we’re
all tax slaves right now it’s if we take personal responsibility and get in the
Bitcoin we can leave it whenever we wish so I understand what you’re thinking
there and it’s very true a lot of people are going to want to get out of the US
and renounce their citizenship if you know this democratic socialist stuff
really picks up and they have all these taxes and billionaires or villains all
the other stuff we’re hearing but hey personal responsibility if you’re
hearing it now this is they’re not joking around Bernie and Elizabeth and
whoever and you know the simple solution is that getting the Bitcoin and just sit
eat your popcorn if you got to get out you got to get out if you got to get out
and you don’t have your Bitcoin you’re gonna be in trouble
I mean you’re not gonna have much to take with you they’re gonna mean oh yeah
well you know we’re gonna clean you got to clean out your bank account before
you leave we canwe that’s a mandatory uh bank bank bail in if you leave the
country all right so i i i i watch it as a it’s it’s a soap opera sometimes and
we talk about it only saturday beyond bitcoin show you know there are a lot of
people that want easy solutions and these are pretty little solutions for
just people printing money people did the government can just keep spending
spending spending and give me some free stuff i know you you can live that way
if you want to and other people can have long term thinking and they can prepare
her like whatever that dude’s name was the optometrist who became a billion
multi billionaire choose your bath it’s your hey i’m just i’m telling you what i
do i have a strong hand i hope a big point i found that like button you can
try to you know you could be a dreamer and you can try to pound a OC but it’s
not gonna happen that’s not a lot of you’re like her but
uh now you’re wealthy bitcoin or you know your elephant dreams of an AOC
you’re not gonna get she’s gonna give it to you all right oh you will be broke
all right show let us move on let us move on i remember to play this show it
to X I mean I am listening to everything at 2x or 1.75 X now I when I listen to
someone a regular speed I’m like why are they talking so slow like I don’t know
how people some like semi-famous you know famous people on YouTube like Ben
Shapiro I think he just talks like a million miles a second and when I hear
talk regularly on Luke whoa that’s not the Ben Shapiro I know so last we have here and there’s some
now can we talk about democratic social just have your Bitcoin and you know it
doesn’t matter what it would what Bernie and AOC and Hannes or whatever all those
people do okay so it Tippin oh here we got tipping got me everybody
is talking about tipping dot me today and so many people and people are even
selling mediums about an atom why aren’t you doing this tipping not me thing and
here here is a a post tipping a game-changer application Tippin is a
Chrome and Firefox browser extension that enables tipping on Twitter by
adding a tip button on every single tweet all tips are made using Bitcoin
through the Lightning Network instant transactions even of a few cents with
almost zero fees so you can link to that below I look like the timid on me below
and again it says receive tips and micropayments everywhere with his
lightning network wallet cash out anytime sign up with Twitter okay so do
unfortunately the only way you can sign in to tip and not me is if you do it
through your Twitter so you you’re sharing your Twitter information with
this third-party tip and on me now I don’t like doing that I don’t do that
with any other I don’t sign in with Twitter to to anything but Twitter I
don’t want to sign into something else with Twitter with my pay you know then
then my Twitter information is shit and they say they’re not gonna share it or
anything but I mean I kind of value my my Twitter feed if everything I got
established on Twitter and I don’t know I mean tell me what you guys are doing
uh you know if it works out well if it becomes a truck a trusted third party
than great I’ll consider it I really don’t you know you always have these
pop-ups you know sign it or Facebook through this sign up through
Twitter 30 and you’re sharing your information with another third party and
that’s like it’s putting them you know it’s increasing the risk of your Twitter
being hacked on your Facebook we had hacked or whatever in that you shared
the information of all right but those are my thoughts I wish them luck I’d
looks cool and they’re on the right track but I just don’t like that part of
it they have to sign in through Twitter someone says Adam is a savage dude yeah
man I’m a wild freaking beast baby that’s where the Bitcoin is the apex
predator what was my beast I had some beasts Logan I got a ring down wild
beasts all right everyday I knew a new video here you
better believe it so we got a this is good for all you lightning Network fans
the developer Renee Picard has a video 10 myths about bitcoins lightning
Network debunked and he addresses some guys who I never named in the beginning
of the video and I disagree with that he shouldn’t give those people publicity
but other than that it’s a good video he does he talks because there’s fun about
lightning Network and he’d the be debunks them so that’s great
maybe 10 myths ok wait from breaker magazine they they had a South Africa
article which I had to take on because I I’ve been the south after I know South
Africans I enjoy my time in South Africa it’s it’s a beautiful country and they
what is their South Africa ranks first in both crypto ownership and income
inequality well I don’t care about the incoming inequalities think that’s you
know people you make what you make and don’t be jealous of others try to do
better but its first in both the I’m interest in the in crypto ownership data
from the report came from global global web index survey conducted during the
second and third quarters of 2018 it points to 10.7% of
African internet users owning some form of cryptocurrency this compared to the
worldwide average of 5.5 percent of Internet users holding cryptocurrency
the u.s. comes in just below that at 5.3 percent okay of Internet users so that’s
that’s interesting South Africa is the highest and the number is ten point
seven percent it’s as if there’s a certain population in South Africa that
is pretty aware of the countries it’s not run very efficiently should we say
it’s not it’s not a meritocracy it’s uh there’s some issues and they lived
through some pretty wild times they’ve heard about some pretty wild rumors of
confiscations it says if a certain minority in South Africa wants to
protect their well in fact there’s like nine percent of the South Africa of
South Africans are of a certain minority and it’s it’s weird ten point seven
percent of the people in South Africa have cryptocurrencies it’s like some
some segment of the population there knows you know think they’re trying to
protect their wealth just in case just in case something you know something
happens you know if they’ve rule of law is totally left is totally gone and they
have to go I would love to know of this certain segment of the population this
minority in in South Africa this minority race in South Africa what
percentage of them what percentage of them hold cryptocurrency compared
because they were trying to think these articles trying to say well like the
people that are horribly poor in South Africa I think they don’t have access to
the banking system so they got the cryptocurrency now I know I don’t think
it’s on that end now it’s not it’s not like that I’ve been to the yeah I’ve
been to the events they’re okay and sure it would be it would be great if the
people that were horribly poor in South Africa and there are a lot of people
that are hard or just all of a sudden woke up one day
and say I got a save and I got to get cryptocurrency that’s my way out of here
okay and that is their way out of there if the hard way poor people in South
Africa I were able to get a hold of a Bitcoin it would be a great first step
to getting out of living in freaking shanties on the side of the highway and
stuff with no electricity but that’s I think there’s a lot of people in South
Africa maybe of a certain demographic who uh who know it’s it’s time you got
to protect your wealth it’s insurance using as insurance just in case
everything goes wrong because it’s uncompensated so I’d be interesting if
they broke it down by demographics in South Africa be very very interesting
very interested but yeah point seven percent of Internet users in South
America nine percent or of a sir okay so let’s listen to Vaughn let’s
move on and you know there could be people of all races who realized that
the government can confiscate and you know to use it any it does not Bitcoin
does not discriminate if you think your government’s gonna steal from you it
doesn’t matter what color you are a you get Bitcoin is insurance all right
moving on housing that like button now that baby alright guy Bennett just
sent five bucks again if you if you speak faster and dude your life shows a
to X that would be fantastic that it’s to X replay of the show becomes 4x be a
motion and strong hand pound that like button that you guy Bennett I don’t know
if I can go to X as every most people know I don’t do drugs
I mean if I like start doing crystal and coke I probably could speak it to X Co
and I and then you could listen to me at four it could you really understand me
at that point can you really understand me at that
point though Adam Meister is a crackhead played it to X sum up someone should do
that hilarious now you got a big fun of yourself bitch all right let’s see tort
of easter to work toward an easter has a yeah yeah as a tweet out there and again
you go back south africa i again it is baby it’s catchy
on there the government is he the premier of the Western Cape is going to
be speaking at their Bitcoin conference I mean she’s of a certain demographic
also interest so today torna mister says today we
suggest new tools to value Bitcoin in all coins one approximates settlement
via profit and loss another estimates holding buying and selling alright so
yeah he’s got I haven’t read it yet it’s people were raving about it a premier
all Bitcoin investor sentiment and changing changes in saving behaviour so
it’s new ways to measure holding and for you stats heads that one’s for you what is this okay so I finally I watched
a video that had absolutely nothing to do with Bitcoin today Tyler cut well one
thing only one thing Tyler Cohen Cohen oh it was on the date not Co hain Coco
Co w/e yen he said he’s a libertarian dude or some sorta he was on Dave Rubin
and he did at Dave Rubin asked the guy about cryptocurrency and he kind of
played it off a little bit he was like it might be big there was a 20% chance
it’ll be big it needs to be corrected or say I know whatever and then they moved
on and the Tyler was talking about how he had a woman on his show that wrote a
book about Forks and Dave Rubin is like Forks is that like some that’s a
financial law is that an economic term a financial term and he’s like no no it’s
it’s actually I had a woman on my show that wrote a book about Forks and I was
I was thinking to myself this is the time there’ll be a day one day when
Forks he it Dave Rubin won’t be saying is that a
financial term he’ll know that it’s a frickin financial term okay and if Tyler
Tyler knew that Forks could be thought of as a as a financial term his very day
he would then understand that no it’s not a 20 percent chance of Bitcoin
success and know things don’t have to be corrected for Bitcoin to succeed and no
it’s not 30 years off or whatever he said he said some about their usual it’s
now one day when we hear about a book about Forks it will be the history of
crypto dividends or who knows what it will be but Fork will be recognized in
the next decade as a financial term not as something that some people write
books of the history of three of knives the history of for it no forks forks
it’s a financial term in the new world and we’re in that new world we’re in
that Bitcoin overlay and one of these days you’re gonna mention Forks like
that and it won’t be they’ll know you’re talking about Bitcoin no no you’re
talking about cryptocurrency all right everyone and we’re just one day closer
to the future one day closer for all you fiat freaks to returning to that
all-time high and by the way have you enjoyed that I hadn’t mentioned I mean I
heard these rumors about the Fiat price slightly no need to talk about it i’m
adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister is that’s not what we
talk about here there’s no fancy sesor graphics there’s no I don’t need to say
a million dollars soon when moon all that ridiculousness no someone had a
great answer to uh anyway i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister I mean this
rotmeister subscribe the channel like the video share the vision video bang
that del button you might get a reminder when I come live who knows click on
those squares I will see you guys in the chat right now be back tomorrow of

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