Ted Wiggins Promotes Communism

Ted Wiggins Promotes Communism

What do you think you’re doing, kid? I’m… I’m looking for a place to plant a tree – a
real one! Why would we need a tree? Eeexactlyyyy! *INTENSE RUBBING* Oh man… Folks, heheh… the last thing you want around
here is trees. They’re filthy! Spewing that sticky, nasty, sap ALL OVER the
place! They bring poisonous ants! And stinging bees! *gasp* Hey! Ouch. Think about the kids! And – hah ah – I just thought of – y’know, they – they make leaves! I didn’t – you know that, right? Then these leaves, they just fall! Ahh! They just fall, wherever they want! *collective gasp* Come on, we know why you’re really against
trees! Because they produce fresh air! FOR FREE! ♫ 1977 Soviet Anthem ♫

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  1. The fucking thumbnail when you search up the lorax characters is the one with this video

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