100 thoughts on “Tammy Bruce: Socialism is a dead idea that has always failed

  1. Ahh, the misinformation on Fox is just mind-boggling. “Cuba, the Soviet Union”? That wasn’t social democracy, which is what Democrats want, but COMMUNISM! BIG difference
    Social democracy has worked very well, for decades.

    Our people in our social democracies in Europe – France, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Austria, Norway, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, Ireland etc etc are All doing SO much better than any average American!

    The ones underestimating the American people are Trump, the Republicans and Fox, their propaganda machine to make the rich richer and poor poorer.

    Your stupid talking points are an insult to the intellect!

    How can anyone not want, what we’ve had since at least WWII:
    free university, healthcare as a right, not a privilege, nor more deaths and bankruptcies due to not being able to pay healthcare bills, guaranteed minimum annual paid vacation, clean air, drinking water, environment regulation (Obama did enact some, but Trump immediately dismantled those to let corporations poison your environment again, opened protected natural reserves to drilling etc) and much more.

    Again, the stupidity to NOT want that = which would you MORE freedom and LESS struggle, is mind-boggling.
    Unless you are truly rich. Which most of you probably are not.
    Wake up guys, if you believe this BS and vote for Republicans, you’re voting against your own interests. Don’t be so stupid.
    It pains me to see the turkey vote for Xmas

  2. Right every time I look up socialism it always reads 20 million people died or 5000 people malnourished you get the point so no socialism ever in America. Never

  3. Of course, well said. USSR, Venezuela, Cuba.. all failed states.. Bernie & Ocasio-Cortes and the Dems' minions can emigrate to Cuba or Venezuela and enjoy "socialism"

  4. “Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of
    envy.” – Sir Winston Churchill

  5. Universal healthcare in Canada is a disaster! Lived in usa and canada now and i missed having my private i surance! I agree to given health assistance to poor people who cant work and cant afford insurance, but not universal healthcare! Trust me it sucks here in canada with universal healthcare, 6 months waiting time to see a ginecologist, and family doctors are low quality… sucks!

  6. So you're saying socialism is an old, dead, tired idea, yet you arrived on a socialist road, patrolled by a socialist police force and interviewed in a building protected by a socialist fire department. The 17 happiest capitalist countries all have socialized medicine and some have socialized higher education and their life expectancy is higher than ours. The average American makes $60K a year and spends $12K on health care. We are free to pay 20% of our wages for health care but that is not a tax. If Hannity paid 20% of his wages for health care, it would cost him $7.2 million, so yep, he might very well be against it. I'm not. Neither is St. Jude's hospital, which you might want to investigate as a nest of socialist vipers trying to tear down our freedoms.

  7. Tammy is so wonderful. Spot on every time. Bloomberg would be great, thin the votes for the communists even further.

  8. "Socialism is a dead idea that has always failed" always is such a long time, there have been times when only social behaviour enabled the survival of humankind. But with the rise of greed and craving for power all this now seems obsolate

  9. Most wealthy people own stocks and bonds. So they will have to liquidate those assets to pay the wealth tax. THink of what that will do the companies and stock market. Imagine Bezos forced to sell 10% of his Amazon stock every year. Or they give the stock to the government, which essentially means you slowly nationalize corporations and the government will own every company.

  10. The funny part is stupid Republicans and Democrats don't know that republican trickle down is socialism the unconstitutional police state is socialism now what 🦊

  11. This level of stupidity is just outright weird. Denmark, Norway and Sweden. And I live in 1 of these nations, free school, get money to get into college and free healthcare + anything health related

  12. They just use "socialism" as a straw-man. The question is if citizens in CAPITALIST USA – that's non negotiable, obviously, and no sane mind would say otherwise – deserve slightly bigger social support and universal healthcare (that's way cheaper than what you have now, and that's true for every other country that has it, and by a big margin) as is common in other 30 rich CAPITALIST countries, so they are not needlessly stressed out of their minds in the richest country in the World.

    They do, but the elite position is that they don't. "Socialism" is an easy scare tactic at that point, comes in handy. Black or white. Either this ruthless system with no support at all and everybody on psychiatric medication, or SOVIET SOCIALISM. Like there is no compromise.

  13. AMERICANS SHOULD TRAVEL!!! Australia is the RICHEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. And we are a socialist democratic country. We have LOWER taxes than you and free medical, free education. Better roads. Better bridges. So, yes, I agree…we ARE better than you, and yes you shouldn't trust yourselves. TRAVEL AND EDUCATE YOURSELVES or stay dumb & poor.

  14. My father taught me to never trust a man with two first names, but he never said anything about a transgender woman with a female first name followed by a male first name as "her" name.

  15. LOL USA is thé most socialist state in human history how much billions of Dollars were printed since 2009 crises to save thé market and thé rich ??? Stop Lying stop your propaganda

  16. Why is this woman talking about socialism? Socialism and a social democracy are not the same thing. Educate yourself, please.

  17. What is McCarthyism, if we have actual socialists claiming out loud they are "socialists" ? Can we ban them if they are actual socialists ????

  18. Every decent country has socialistic parts to it u simple minded shitheads. Certain goods must be universally provided or they wouldn’t work, eg the military, firefighters, roads, (healthcare should be one as well). The market isn’t always efficient, a fact that anyone with a basic understanding of economics knows. But faux has to lie, or bring on ignorant asshats. Get ur story straight. Are u Christian who believes the greater good is beyond price, or are u an anarchist who believes people should suffer for not having money and power?

  19. Elizabeth Warren had a racist black-faced tchotchki eating watermelon in her kitchen. They did such a poor example trying to cover that up. Deluded and sketchy dems are horrendous and have NO CHANCE!

  20. Socialists keep saying the rich have only become richer. But Bezos only has a net worth of 136 billion. If you adjust for inflation, Andrew Carnegie was worth 372 billion. We have always had the super rich.

  21. agreed, socialism is dead, so why is trump cosying up to commie and socialist dictators (putin, xi, jong un) and distancing the us fomr ourt democratic allies (UK, Germany, France)

  22. These people keep saying they are so smart, they don't need government blah. So why do they continually confuse Socialism with Communism? They talk about the failures of the old Soviet Union, or Cuba etc which were/are Communist states. Many European democracies have Socialist governments and political parties. The right wing spread this misinformation like a left-over from McCarthyism – 'Reds under the bed' scaremongering among their dumbed down base. The majority aren't falling for this right-wing crapology any longer, our kids are a lot better educated and no thanks to the broken education system which promotes and exploits ignorance in many cases. America has changed fools Socialism is a necessary part of the democratic fabric of every free nation. Go sell your Fascism elsewhere.

  23. So I knew it, these ‘lefty’ socialists in our USA are all ex Soviets or Cubans or …? And what about all those poor innocent capitalist POTUS team members in jail…must be all those lefty socialist FBI people, lawyers, judges, witnesses, reporters, etc etc etc. So evil those socialists. And we must not forget all those innocent Trump supporters facing charges and being investigated. Even our beautiful ex NY Mayor taking Ukrainian money from Russian Oligarchs is being questioned by these socialists!! Poor ex Mayor. And our POTUS first personal lawyer is in jail, deserted for good reason by his boss for lying to protect him and then not…stupid socialist. And now our always beautiful and great POTUS’s second personal lawyer is staring down more socialist charges. Again all those crooked lawyers, cops, FBI agents etc. All lefties for sure. They are so evil working against our honest, humble, always great at everything President. Keep up the honest reporting guys.

  24. Bloomberg sounds like a much better candidate than any other democrat, and I could see myself voting for him based on his rhetoric and personal success…..but….not in 2020….because we have a great President now and in 2020 I will be voting to re-elect President Trump!

  25. You are dead wrong, on why socialism, it is a easy way to pool money, to steal it, they never care about doing something right or better, it is for theft and power.


  27. I dont like that lady. She is too dumb to know we already have socialism in this country. Police, Firefighters, School k-12. They all work correctly. Why not do the same for hospitals and college? You guy are the ignorant one's keeping us as a people behind.

  28. fox news will never stop trashing medicare for all,hannity makes 29 million dollars a year in salary,him and his buddies make million dollar salaries by trashing the middle class and the poor to help the billionaires stay tax free to get donor money to get more money for themselfs by screwing the middle class and the poor

  29. Republican Socialists complaining about socialism. Now I've seen everything. This is why the world laughs at conservatives.

  30. The problem with Warren's and Sanders' supporters is that they believe that these politicians just want "socialist policies" and cannot understand that those two just lie in your face while putting public money into their pockets. Also- none of their policies are affordable. Do you even know how much the green new deal or free college tuition cost? … I've been in Denmark or Sweden; no thanks.

  31. I forgot where I read about a worker in the old soviet union who was commenting about their wages – "They pretend to pay us and we pretend to work.".

  32. She's right we're all deplorable smelly Walmart shoppers! We cannot be trusted do you think for ourselves! WHO the HELL do the DEMOCRATS think they are kidding… Not us DEPLORABLES!

  33. fox news thinks only the rich and milionaires and billionaires are the only ones who deserves health care,they feel it is socialism to give the middle class and the poor good affordable health care like them.they thinks iit more important helping the billionaires stay tax free so they can get donor money for their network to maintain their million dollar salaries than helping the middle class and the poor from dying because they cant afford their health care premiums and deductibles

  34. She robbed the money from the American people to pay for college she used a false identity and didn't even pay the money back when she was exposed why would we want somebody like that to be president

  35. U.S. Socialist Party platform of 1912:

    An eight-hour workday at a decent wage,
    a public-works program for the jobless (realized later in the New Deal’s Works Progress Administration),
    safety regulations for workers in the mines and factories,
    a child-labor law,
    an old-age pension,
    unemployment and accident insurance,
    a graduated income tax,
    an inheritance tax,
    suffrage for women,
    a direct vote in national elections doing away with the electoral college,
    the creation of separate departments of health,
    education and labor,
    and a convention to revise the Constitution.

    The first of their political demands was absolute freedom of the press, speech and assembly.

    Can you anti-socialists tell me which one of these programs you are against, and remember, WWJD

  36. Socialism has always failed…That's why these countries have so many "problems", like the highest rates of happiness among citizens, and minimum hurdles for the pursuit of happiness by all its citizens, and for many, being economic powerhouses in there regions:
    United Kingdom
    New Zealand

    Heck Bolivia has drastically cut extreme poverty and has the highest GDP growth rate in South America after Evil Socialists took over.

    Socialism sucks, lol

  37. Right on sister !! The. MSM will never tell the truth about the socialist/communist agenda . F—k the fake news ant the traitors that broadcast it. TrumpPence 20/20 !! KAG !! .

  38. Yeah…paying for stuff in your community so your community is running smoothly is a bad idea. We should never do that in this country.

  39. There is not a country in the world with a successful socialist government where most citizens enjoy a quality of life. Even those countries in Europe with some more aggressive social programs do not have socialist governments.

  40. socalism is the crossroad where the imcompetent meet the incapable!! its an easy sell to a population thats lazy and been dumbed down by 5 decades of public education!!!

  41. In the history of socialist communism it’s a proven “giant fail”! Our Republuc with its successful ideals of democracy and capitalism is the envy of the world!

  42. I have to hand it to the democrats!! They are all in on protecting the people that need it! Themselves! Vote carefully in 2020.imo

  43. Socialism can only work if you get rid of all money and value (elimination of classes)and no Democracy (government rule) or politics and have to start over from scratch. Like it was written. All for one and one for all so unless the entire human race decides this, it' s dead as a door nail.


  45. You Guys are so dumb or are deliberately mistakenly prewing out the word socialism for social responsibility. Which every American after the civil war aspired to. Wake up.

  46. Again your guest lie, Elizabeth will raise taxeson the wealthy that can afford it. Stop Lying Please , you are embarrassing yourselves.


  48. I believe that there are Global Power Brokers who actually want / do not care the Ideology of Socialism is PoPo'ed and Rejected by USA populous .. leaving instead a Country that feels it has Dodged the Socialist Bullet / Drops their Guard and is Ripe for Influence of the Powers of the New World Order.

  49. In 1948 communism came to power and seized all for the people, with a millionaire tax, in two years we were bankrupt and we were getting loans to pay next year's taxes on money we haven't been paid yet. 1400 years of beautiful architecture into mud for the communists stole the maintenance money and buildings without love die. Their faces showed the inner evil.

  50. The Democratic Party once stood for the working man, the disabled, and those that needed a helping hand. Now, they just stand for stupidity. They once were considered the smart ones, but that is obviously no longer the case.

  51. The globalist banksters CABAL want socialism to globalization, THINK ABOUT agenda 21/ 30 that's there plan, total control over everything including government, freedom and liberty gone,
    The fact is we are at war with the liars and democrats who are owned by the globalist banksters satanic illuminati CABAL, IE: ROTHSCHILDS, ROCKFELLARS,MORGAN FREEMAN ETC ETC ETC ETC, MUST BE CRUSHED PERMANENTLY, TRUST THE PLAN Q. TOLD US ALL.

  52. But socialism works so well in the US of A from 1940 until 1980! You know back when America WAS great. When we had a top tax rate or 70% – 94%, strong labor unions and free college.

  53. Comrade bruce where do you think your welfare check comes from, welfare would not be available except for the democrats after the republicans destroyed the economy in the 1920's. Just a reminder bushwacker bush destroyed the economy in the 2000's

  54. There is a portion of the population, about half, for whom life is an endless grab for free stuff. We call these good folks Democrats.

  55. On socialism . . .
    "The definition of insanity; Doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results" ~Albert Einstein

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