Work, property and class reproduction in South Africa – Max Bolt

My name’s Max Bolt. I’m Reader in Anthropology and African Studies at the University of Birmingham. My first research as an anthropologist which is my background was on farmers and farmworkers on the Zimbabwean-South African border and looking at the highly racialised dynamics there between white landowners and black farm Continue Reading

Democracy Is NOT Dying | NFTGA Chapter 17

OMG you guys! Democracy is dying! Nationalism is surging in the United States and Europe! And have you heard about Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Hungary’s Viktor Orban! They’re the worst! And China has gotten rich without getting democratic It’s all all over.What can the freedom loving US government do Continue Reading

News Wrap: Hong Kong braces for weekend of demonstrations

AMNA NAWAZ: Representative Rashida Tlaib now says she won’t visit the West Bank to see her grandmother, hours after the Israeli government granted her entry on humanitarian grounds. Israel initially barred both Tlaib and fellow Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar from entry over their support of boycotts protesting Israel’s policies and Continue Reading

26/7/2019 Daily Insight Highlights: Political Headlines

onto the political headlines MDC is gonna launch big rallies from tomorrow in preparation for mass demonstrations and mass purchase and the density us also set a date for my the Koreans in the country yeah I don't think these things have failed before what was that no but MDC Continue Reading

Zimbabwe youth party leaders on the country's political climate

now joining us in the studio right here is a key Lumumba leader of the recently launched Youth party viva Zimbabwe and Tina Mambo from the Zimbabwe exhaust forum gentlemen thank you very much for joining us and welcome to you some people would say it's been a dramatic week Continue Reading

Shona community living in Kenya stateless

51 year-old Ishmael corner watches closely as the son makes final touches to a table at a carpentry workshop in central Kenya it is a trade that was passed on to him by his late father and he in return passed it on to his son he's among the first Continue Reading

The Chase | Zimbabwe's Political Dialogue: Civil Society Perspective

live from Zetian studios in Harare Zimbabwe is capital this as the chaser Zimbabwe is a political dialogue civil society perspective that's our topic tonight this live broadcast is brought to you by sin papers television network Zetian of course in partnership with our broadcast partners Capital FM at time Continue Reading