ASMR MOST POPULAR FOOD at CHURCH’S CHICKEN (Fried Chicken, Tenders, Sandwich, Honey Biscuit) MUKBANG

Hey guys! Welcome back 😀 Spicy Fried Chicken Drumstick Double Crispy Chicken Sandwich Chicken Tenders Honey Butter Biscuits The best condiment for Fried Chicken, Honey! First bite is all yours 🙂 Delicious!! Wish these bites were a little more crunchy tho Thanks for watching!!

How To Build Confidence In Your English Pronunciation

Hello again in this video we are going to talk about building confidence now we’ve talked about this idea of confidence quite a bit through this program and that’s because it’s such a critical piece to this program and most of my students when they come to the program the Continue Reading

Body Language: Kate Middleton Confidence With Sophie Wessex As Meghan Markle And Harry Step Back

Kate Middleton and Prince William were joined by Sophie, Countess of Wessex and Prince Edward for a special reception at Buckingham Palace on Monday night. Kate and William first time hosted a reception to mark the UK-Africa Investment Summit at Buckingham Palace, amid Meghan Markle and Harry ‘step back’ was Continue Reading

Police, security volunteers nab 15 suspected Badoo cult members in Ikorodu

Police, security volunteers nab 15 suspected Badoo cult members in Ikorodu – The Nigeria Police Force recently decided to collaborate with local volunteers including the Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC). – Following the raid that began on Saturday, July 1, the police said 15 suspected cult members were arrested. Fifteen suspected Continue Reading

False Spirits vs. The Holy Spirit In The Church – IMPORTANT VIDEO EVERYONE NEED TO SEE!!!

Welcome to this amazing time we’re going to have together here with Justin and Brooke. We are going to talked about false spirit in the church. I did a video, not a long time ago where I talk about the false spirit that have crept into the church. And we Continue Reading

Airr – Can’t Trust (Prod. Airr) (Lyrics)

♪Airr on the guitar ♪ ♪ Leave a comment if you can relate♪ ♪ na na na ♪ These days I can’t trust anyone That’s why I‘m always by myself Everybody wants something outta me Thats why I stick just to myself I’ve had enough Why do you all change? Continue Reading

Catherine on Self Belief

(lively music) – Before I close out everything, I have a special guest that wants to share a little bit about what she has learned from the business and about, just about self-belief. And she is one of my huge, huge mentors, Catherine Trelor, my daughter. (audience applauding) – Well, Continue Reading

7 Tips to Increase Your Self-Confidence | Umer Farooqi

Hi everyone! Today we will talk about 7 essential tips to increase your self-confidence. Well, there are a lot of models and theories in the world that can tell you this, these 7 tips are just based on my experience. My name is Umer Farooqi and I am an HR Continue Reading


As salam alikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu my beautiful sisters in Islam welcome to episode 2 of this new series called: The Evolved Muslimah. On today’s episode, we’re going to talk about the gift of confidence Confidence.. we don’t enter the world with it and no one has it all Continue Reading

The Faith and Belief centres at Glasgow Caledonian University

>>MANDY EVANS-EWING: The Chaplaincy is one of the services that is here for the students and the staff.>>PROFESSOR JOHN WILSON: As a university we are extremely proud to have such an international and multi-cultural student and staff community. We like to ensure that, everyone within, em, the university can have Continue Reading