Church’s Worldwide Children and Youth Initiative on Track for 2020

Last May, the First Presidency announced that a new initiative is being developed to replace existing programs within the Church, including Boy Scouts of America, Personal Progress, Duty to God and Faith in God. Since that announcement a new initiative for children and youth is being tested in locations around Continue Reading

Bible Games for Kids : How to Play the “Trust Game”

Hi! I’m Glorianne with Expert Village. Now I’m going to show you the trust game. You’ll want to divide your group into partners. One partner will be blindfolded and the other partner will be the guy that will lead the blindfolded person through the obstacle course. You’ll want to setup Continue Reading

Mormons Sexually Explicit Questioning Asked Yearly to Young Ones in LDS Cult ● BBC Interview

hello it’s Friday it’s 9 o’clock I’m Tina – hailey Welcome to the program Why current and former members of the Mormon Church are calling for an end to the practice of asking children as young as 8 intimate and sexual questions during annual interviews by church officials now next Continue Reading

The Committee: 9-Children in Church | Chuck Knows Church

So what do you think, you just gonna wait down here until your class starts? It’s not going to be to long? No way, boring. I’m kinda’ hungry, dad. Oh, it’s not boring, okay? It’s only boring when Mr. Riley goes off on one of his agendas, which we don’t Continue Reading

Suicide​, Beliefs, ​and Focus (Youth Night) | Leon Fontaine 2019

Hey it is so good to be here with you and I’m looking forward I’ve been wanting to come and share with you guys a little bit so let’s pray let’s just bow our heads and ask God to help us father I just pray right now that something specials Continue Reading

The Science of Believing

– One day when my mom went to jail, I remember having to go to my grandma’s for three years. – When my cousin Shane died, I tried to think of him as little as possible. – I can feel I can’t make my goals a reality because I’ve been Continue Reading

1 | Liturgical Colors – Chuck Knows Church

You ever walk into your Sunday morning worship service and realize, “Hey look the colors have changed!” Weren’t they green and now they’re all blue? How come they are never taupe? That’s why this time we’re talking about liturgical colors on Chuck Knows Church [fun intro music] Adorning your church Continue Reading

76 | Confirmation (part 2) — Chuck Knows Church

A pastor from New Jersey wrote to us recently with some very complimentary words. Thank you pastor. Followed by some constructive suggestions were we to ever revisit the subject of confirmation. Thank you for that, pastor. You guys remember that episode on confirmation? Nope? Well, take a quick look back, Continue Reading

Gallup StrengthsFinder ‘Belief’ Youth Video Resource by Strengths School Singapore

Hi, my name is Hannah, and I have Belief in my Top 5. For me, this means I have certain values which I hold very tightly and I try my best to align everything that I do in my life with these values. Because of my Belief theme, I find Continue Reading

FRAGRANCE OF FAITH | YWAM Film | Crowd Funding Trailer

It’s something that you’re aware of that makes a difference to everything that you do Had a vision that We were at the hospital lobby and white streams of smoke were coming to the native people’s mouths and they had a sense of Enlightenment almost like they changed their posture Continue Reading