People Don’t Really Want To Be Entrepreneurs | NYC Vlog

(C Money) What are you doing in New York? (Ryan) I have no idea what I’m doing in New York (C Money) How many times have you been before? – I’ve been half a dozen times. There’s something about the city that is both rejuvenating and energizing at the same Continue Reading

True Bodybuilding Begins with Health

Hi friends, it’s Victor Costa. Peace, love and muscles. Hope you’re doing well. Hope you’re having an outstanding day Thanks so much for the likes the shares and the subs. I truly appreciate it very much please follow me at vixx natural on Instagram and also on Facebook and Today Continue Reading

What Millennials Get Wrong About Capitalism

I read the statistic recently that more than 50 percent. It’s like 61 percent of people under 40 think that capitalism is not working for the majority of the world. Do you know why? Because they don’t have anything else to compare it to. You know, we look around and Continue Reading

Religious Freedom and Fairness for All | Ronald A. Rasband

Good morning, my dear friends and associates in this great cause. You are an impressive group this morning, with so much potential. I know your participation in these devotionals is highly recommended and encouraged, and many of you have homework, tests, and other commitments, so I thank you for attending Continue Reading

Enter Your Customer’s Journey And Your Sales Will Grow

– The brand and the message changes all the time. We were talking about Weight Watchers as an example yesterday. Their brand and their message has changed and adjusted. They use some Keto products now. They can use, they’ve added new diets. They bring in new food. They bring in Continue Reading

YouTube: Art or Reality? | Philosophy Tube

ELLIS:PRESENTER: Does he have to chew that so loudly? ELLIS:STRUCCI: He isn’t actually chewing; it’s a chewing sound effect that we’re going to add in post. STRUCCI: So, you’re a “social media influencer.” PRESENTER: Yeah I just call myself a creator. STRUCCI: So you don’t have any influence? PRESENTER: I Continue Reading

[태국이지EaSy]♥내가 본 사회주의!! 라오스 이야기!

Hello everyone is Thailand There have been a lot of personal things lately So I heard that there was no video here and there. I haven’t watched TV before I have no TV at home Since I’m a person who youtubes again, most of them through youtube We listen to Continue Reading

Is Jordan Peterson Right? Does Humanity Need Religion?

Jordan Peterson believes humanity needs religion, that without religion we will slide into anarchy and chaos. That we need god to ground us from nihilism. I was discussing this with my friend who used to be a religious muslim just like I was and he had some interesting reflections on Continue Reading