What’s Education For?

Everyone agrees that education is hugely important The thing is we’re not particularly sure what we want from it The aim of education should be to prepare us for the challenges of adult life Yet from this perspective it’s clear that schools fail all but for tiny portions of their Continue Reading

The United States (USA) vs The World – Who Would Win? Military / Army Comparison

A Superpower is defined as a state with the ability to exert influence or project power on a global scale, and if needed, in more than one region of the globe at a time. The United States- currently the world’s sole Superpower- fits this description, with an official military doctrine Continue Reading

UFP 41: Faith To Faith

RD: Fluttershy, I’m flying sideways! FS: Oh no! Me too! RD: Oh no! RD: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! FS: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! TS: In today’s episode, everyone in Ponyville is lining up so that they can drink cider. That is what is happening. That is a thing that we’re all doing. Someone thought it was Continue Reading

Labour blasted for ‘blinkered ideology’ as business chiefs rage at broadband nationalisati – News 2

 Shadow chancellor John McDonnell admitted the plan to nationalise parts of BT could extend to other providers, such as Virgin Media and Sky  The announcement sent a chill through the City and left broadband firms reeling. Nearly £200 million was wiped off BT’s value when its share price plunged after Continue Reading

TEXAS vs (The Rest Of) UNITED STATES – Who Would Win?

In one corner, the Lone Star state, and in the other, the full might of the United States of America. Thought it was once an independent fledgling nation, Texas quickly joined with the United States when facing extinction, yet in recent years polls have shown a desire to secede from Continue Reading

What If Republican and Democrat States Were Separate Countries?

The United States has been a united country ever since the end of the Civil War in 1865. As probably most of you know the two dominant parties in Modern-day America are the Republican and Democratic parties. Each party has a varying amount of influence in each of the 50 Continue Reading

The significance of religion

Religion is a phenomena where various exercises are prescribed so that you can practice such exercises, control your physical body and keep it as healthier as possible. As my guru would always put it, having born as human beings we have triple responsibilities to fulfill. One is to take care Continue Reading

The Law of Democracy [No. 86]

So one of the oddities of the US Constitution is how little it has about the mechanics of ah the democratic process itself. There are some rules. Ah we know, for example, that the states uh are going to decide for themselves how to do districts, how to conduct elections, Continue Reading

Sidney Hook on Karl Marx’s False Assumption

(Music) Tibor Machan: What is the role of the revolutionary class that people Marx called the proletariat, are they going to advance us, sort of automatically toward communism or must they be lead into this kind of a role? Sidney Hook: Well on Marx’s view they would be lead, but Continue Reading