Nicole Kidman is in a Cult! … again.

Hairstyles of Confident Women | Pantene Commercial

When it’s time for a new you, this is the best place to start. For that unmistakable confident feeling of, I can crush this. Give me a real challenge. He’ll be asleep in 5 minutes flat. It’s the excitement of a night out with the girls. Your first dance. Coming Continue Reading

SJW Cult explained in 60 seconds.

It is our duty to fight. (cultic chorus) We are the borg. It is our duty to win. (cultic chorus) Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We have nothing to lose but our chains. (cultic chorus) We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. It is Continue Reading

Socialism 2016 Promo

Now, Bernie calls himself a socialist. A Democratic Socialist. You call yourself a democratic socialist … Sanders is also right. We need something deeper than a political revolution. We need a social revolution. The system is the problem. Capitalism is destroying our society. The class inequalities, the racial inequalities, the Continue Reading

Democracy Is Sexy

(percussive music) – Hi, I’m Dil Passings, a representative from your area. I’m here to make all your legislative dreams come true. – Are you a constituent looking for a representative? (echo) – Do you ever stay up all night wishing someone would just listen to your voice? – Call Continue Reading