Trust Your Leaders And Be Wise – Enhanced: Jocko Willink

trust only your own leaders trust them and ey question everything be wise question everything question your leaders don’t follow people blindly you can put your trust in them sure but at the same time they have to be wise be wise to question them he wants to try to Continue Reading

How To Regain Trust After A Mistake – Jocko Willink

chuckle regarding mistakes what are some of your own and some you’ve seen made by leaders you’ve looked up to and how to recover can someone ever fully regain trust this is actually pretty easy one because look if you make a mistake on it the worst thing you can Continue Reading

Jocko Podcast 128 w/ Echo Charles – How to Gain Confidence. Settling The Score.

this is Jocko podcast number 128 with echo Charles and me Jacque are willing good evening echo good evening it’s been a little bit since we’ve done the QA so we’re gonna roll into some QA and gonna try and answer more questions than normal with some shorter answers got Continue Reading

How To Learn Humility and Gain Self Confidence – Jocko Willink and Echo Charles

chuckle from your experience or observation how does one learn humility and on top of that talk about gaining more self-confidence so this here was actually two questions mm-hmm two questions one of them how do you learn humility and the other one is how do you gain more self-confidence Continue Reading

Are You Thinking Like A Winner? | Mahatria on Beliefs

The beliefs you hold in the beginning of a journey, define the journey. You cannot transform yourself unless you transform your belief system. A conductor becomes a superstar. Because as a conductor, he believed, “I don’t belong to that league”. A chaiwala becomes a prime minister. Because, when he was Continue Reading

Whitney Bjerken | State Meet Level 10 Gymnastics

Deer | State Farm® Commercial (featuring Chris Paul and Oscar Nuñez)

Everybody was going nuts. I was losing in the tenth frame. I had to get three strikes in a row in order to try to win it. Wait, you never played for the Bucks. What? Wow. Don’t worry, I can help with this.

mlg teletubbies

(Teletubbies Intro music) Female Narrator: Over the hills and far away Telletubbies come to- SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY 420 One Two Three! (Hitmarker sound) (Unfunny “OH BABY A TRIPLE!” Meme) Four! [Explosion] (Sad airhorn music) You cant say where the road goes. Where the day goes. Only time. Illuminati olololololololololololololololollololoolol leni Continue Reading