#FOTD134 Deception and belief

Gaining the Trust of the Gorillas | Dian Fossey: Secrets in the Mist

KELLY STEWART: Dian Fossey was definitely a pioneer. I do not think that word has been overused. Before that, nobody had done a long-term study of gorillas. Nobody had studied them month after month and year after year. IAN REDMOND: She wanted to be the scientist who began the first Continue Reading

Guadalupe River State Park, Texas [Official]

[sounds of running river] Guadalupe River State Park was created to provide river access to the public. What’s so unusual about this park is we’re very close to San Antonio. We’re just 30 miles. We’re very close to Austin, just an hour and a half south. And yet, you can Continue Reading

Possum Kingdom State Park, Texas [Official]

Just an hour’s drive west of Dallas and Ft. Worth awaits a land of rivers, canyons and clear lakes. Lake Possum Kingdom lies nestled in the rugged cliffs of Palo Pinto country. As far as lakes in the whole state of Texas, this is one of their crown jewels. We Continue Reading

How to Make Thermally Lined Curtains – Part 1 of 5 – National Trust

It can be really difficult to keep your home warm in winter It can also be really expensive as well. One way to keep the drafts out is by making thermally lined curtains. There are many different ways to make curtains but the thermally lined curtains I’m going to show Continue Reading

A Belief in Black Magic | Uncensored with Michael Ware

NARRATOR: Finally, the [inaudible] leader agrees to talk. [non-english speech]. He is speaking on behalf of everyone. He says, yeah, I’m a pastor. I’m a leader. I’m a Christian. I’m a father. But this belief is part of my life. And I can’t just take it out. It’s part of Continue Reading

Critically Injured Elephant Calf Rescued By Wildlife Trust

00:03 COMM: An elephant calf has been critically injured by a snare, and it’s a race against time to save him. 00:14 COMM: In February 2015, The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust spotted an elephant calf with a devastating injury. The youngster, estimated to be only one year old has stepped Continue Reading

Balmorhea State Park, Texas [Official]

[wind] [music] In the stark, arid landscape of West Texas there’s a surprising oasis of green and blue. Just outside the town of Balmorhea, a unique spring brings life to the desert. [kids playing] It also creates one of the best spots in Texas to go for a swim. San Continue Reading

Woman Tries to Rescue a Stray Pittie Every Day for 3 Weeks | The Dodo Faith = Restored

It was pouring rain and in this not-so-great area. So I pulled over, trying to get her, and she came pretty close I couldn’t get her. So I drove around. I couldn’t find her. It was acres and acres. It was kind of on a recycling plant and there were Continue Reading