What If The Sarkic Cult Was Real?

What’s going on guys – as always I’ll be your disembodied floating voice Jack Finch – as we forget all about the Illuminati – because listen up guys – they’re small fry compared to what lurks its bulbous head beneath the shadowy sects of civilization. Hold onto your hats – Continue Reading

What If You Dropped A Penny Off The Empire State Building?

We’ve all heard the story a man is standing in the deck of the Empire State Building in New York City he then takes out a penny and throws it off the edge to make a wish but the penny falls from such a height than it hits someone down Continue Reading

What If We Didn’t Have States? (feat. Parag Khanna)

What If A Mega-Tsunami Hit The United States?

In six hours, you, your government, and 124 million other people across 14 states will be tested by the greatest disaster to ever hit the U.S. East Coast. A great wave, 1000 meters (3280 ft.) tall, moving towards you at 1000 km/h (621 mph), and that’s only the beginning. This Continue Reading

What If The Hunger Games Were Real For 7 Days?

Hello Internet – and welcome back to the most inquisitive channel on YouTube – Life’s Biggest Questions – the place where we nominate ourselves as tribute and then instantly regret such a poor life decision. What’s going on guys – as per usual, I’ll be your disembodied voice for today’s Continue Reading

What If Hitler Had Won?

World War Two, the largest and most costly war in all of human history, is still within living memory of some of us around the world, and the fallout of this massive conflict is still visible 70 years after the event. The aftermath of the war gave rise to a Continue Reading

What If North Korea Wasn’t Communist?

Hello and welcome back to Life’s Biggest Questions, I’m Ron McKenzie-Lefurgey. Well, here we are again. North Korea. The enigma. Some of us know very little about the country, and some of us know far more than we would have liked. It’s a country of strife and struggle, largely due Continue Reading

What if Stalin Never Came to Power?

This is Joseph Stalin. The tyrannical dictator of the USSR, whose rule was built off of fear and ideological brainwashing. The legacy of his actions have cast a shadow over modern history. Wait… …what are you doing? No… I take it back- Stalin was a complex figure. He was a Continue Reading

What If The World Was One Country?

Can you imagine the world as one big country? If so, you wouldn’t be the first person to have mused over such a thing. In this world, we would not be antagonized by other’s religious beliefs, but accept the fundamental right to have a belief. There would probably be one Continue Reading

What If The World Was Communist?

Communists believe in economic equality, where everyone in a society gets equal shares of the benefits derived from labor. They believe in wealth distribution, a classless society. This society is what karl marx described as a perfect utopia. But what if communism took over, so that the whole world became Continue Reading