How the Drug War Destroyed a Hippie Paradise in Kathmandu

Whether it’s mountaineering, or marijuana. Trekking to Everest, or tripping on LSD. Getting as high as you can has always been central to the Nepal tourist experience. This is the story of an American president who tried to nip communism in the bud by destroying a Himalayan hippie shangri-la. But Continue Reading

Trevor Moore – “High in Church” – Uncensored

Oh, dude, you got to hit that shit. Okay. Oh, yeah. Here we go. [gagging, coughing] What? [coughing] (Brian) Are you kidding? [coughing] Wait. You way too big for that widdle biddle-ass hit, dawg. Come on. Pass it, man. I know, look, I just– The thing about me is, I Continue Reading

Meet The Mushroom Composer

What is the Church’s Position on Marijuana?

We go now to Jim in Brighton, Michigan, listening on Ave Maria Radio, Jim, you’re on with Jimmy Akin. Hey, thanks for taking my call. I have not heard a whole lot—we’re in Michigan, and I assume it’s gonna be on the ballot here about legalization of marijuana—but also the Continue Reading

Spiritual & Religious Use | Marijuana

Marijuana has actually been used in spiritual, religious traditions throughout the ages. It is actually mentioned in numerous sacred texts of world religions. For example, just like you hear about Catholics using wine to commemorate the blood of Christ in communion, there are religions in the world that use cannabis Continue Reading

Weed Fans Want Free Health Care and Socialism

[music] What’s up guys, this is Will Wit with PragerU, today we’re at the annual 420 festival here, celebrating weed and legalization of weed in Denver, Colorado. We’re talking to people today about socialism and free health care. Let’s do it. So why are you guys here today? — To Continue Reading

Pot pardon application system unveiled | Power & Politics

for nearly ten months it's been legal in this country to buy and consume marijuana but about half a million Canadians continue to live with criminal records for minor pot possession today though the government unveiled a new process to get many of those convictions forgiven anyone who is convicted Continue Reading

Wheel of Political Impressions with Trevor Noah

-Now, here is how it works. I'm going topress this button here, which activates theImpression Generator. It'll land on one randompolitician and one random topic. You have to improvise.-Okay, okay. -Whoever's turn it ishas to do an impression of that politician or thepolitical figure and talk about what the topic Continue Reading

Dave Chappelle on Secret Societies and Homosexuality