Does Democracy have a Future in South Africa? ‘State Capture’ and Elite Politics

[MUSIC PLAYING] But Ivor has been writing on South Africa and issues of democracy and citizenship for many years now, and is a very prominent intellectual in the South African public sphere, which is a very vibrant public sphere, and you’ll hear about that today. And Ivor is here with Continue Reading

Challenges to Brazilian Democracy Conference – Panel I: The Political Context in Brazil Today

Bruno Cavalier is a professor of Romance languages and literature, an affiliated professor in African and African-American studies and Urban Planning and Design at Harvard University. He has published widely on cities as lived and imagined spaces, with emphasis on urbanization processes in Brazil from the 18th century onward. And Continue Reading

Bill Janeway – Doing Capitalism in the Innovation Economy

Good afternoon, everyone. It’s four o’clock, so we should get started, keep on time. Some of you know me. I don’t usually do written commentary, but in this occasion I’m going to do so. And you’ll figure out why in a moment. Welcome to this re-launch event for the William Continue Reading

Timothy Snyder ─ Ukraine and Russia in a Fracturing Europe

Do you think we’re ready to start? OK. I’m Marilyn Rueschemeyer. And I’m a research professor at the Watson Institute. I chair the institute’s lecture series on European politics. It gives me great pleasure to introduce Professor Timothy Snyder, again, to Brown University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree with Continue Reading

Challenges to Brazilian Democracy Conference – Panel V: Environmental Justice and the Right to Land

[MUSIC PLAYING] Welcome to our fifth panel of the conference. [INAUDIBLE] Again thank people who haven’t been here throughout, among them [? Leah Van Way ?] for helping us think about this conference and organizing it. [? Leah Van Way, ?] who will be chairing this session, is a professor Continue Reading

Brazilian Democracy and the Aftermath of Impeachment

Good evening, everyone. My name is James Green. I’m the director of the Brazil Initiative at Brown University and a professor of history in Portuguese and Brazilian studies. And this event is sponsored by the Brazil Initiative, which is an interdisciplinary effort to bring together, scholars and students working in Continue Reading

Michael Zakim – Accounting for Capitalism. The World the Clerk Made

Good afternoon, everyone. It’s nice to see that Corey is a wonderful motivator. Lovely to see you all here. This is the first talk of the new semester for the Rhodes Center. It’s a pleasure to welcome Michael Zakim of Tel Aviv University here to talk about his new project, Continue Reading

President Dilma Rousseff – The Challenges for Democracy in Brazil (English translation)

Good afternoon. [PORTUGUESE] Dilma Rousseff, Provost Richard Locke, faculty, students, and staff from Brown University, and members of the community. On behalf of the Watson Institute for International and Policy Studies and the Brazil Initiative, I would like to welcome you to the Watson Institute distinguished speaker series for a Continue Reading

Marco Buti – Inclusive Multilateralism as a Response to Economic Nationalism?

[MUSIC PLAYING] All right, everyone. Thank you for coming along to this lunchtime talk. It’s great to see so many people here and engaged in this very important topic. Marco was here last year, and gave a talk. And he’s going to address similar things today, but there’s a lot Continue Reading

Challenges to Brazilian Democracy Conference – Panel IV: Economic and Social Rights

[MUSIC PLAYING] I want to welcome you all to our third day of this amazingly long four-day conference that we’re organizing. It’s with tremendous pleasure that I introduce the person who is going to chair the panel on economic and social rights. Anani Dzidzienyo is– I think that we can Continue Reading