Religion, Secularism and Democracy in Duterte’s Philippines

Good afternoon, everyone. Can I convince a couple of people to move down this way? There’ll be great rewards for those, (audience laughing) I won’t say where, but there will be great rewards, thank you. So welcome, everyone, my name is Shaun Casey, I’m the director of the Berkley Center Continue Reading

Socialism: Is it in the DNA of Every American?

So you want to know the real DNA of the United States? It’s in the preamble of the Constitution and its socialist. Check it out and leave your comments and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. So bu,t that’s what you called about? You called about the Constitution and Continue Reading

Religion and Climate Change A Conversation with Karenna Gore

My name is Shaun Casey, I’m the director of the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs here at Georgetown. I’d like to welcome all of you to Georgetown, I think, looking at the RSVP list, most everyone here has pretty clear ties to the university, so thank you Continue Reading

Move Over Socialism: Democrats Need to Reclaim the Word “Freedom”

Democrats are having a big debate right now about the meaning of the word socialism they’d be frankly much better off if they were debating what the word ‘freedom’ means. Particularly the way the Koch Brothers use it versus the rest of us leave your comments and please subscribe. You Continue Reading

White nationalists, counter-protesters hold marches in Washington, DC

tensions running high in Washington DC tonight as the unite the right rally takes place near the White House thousands filled the streets to protest against the white nationalists on the one-year anniversary of their deadly Charlottesville rally Jennifer Johnson reports from Washington where counter protesters far outnumbered the white Continue Reading

Is America Really A Democracy?

Political season it as its height right now and we’re all glad to be Americans because we live in a democracy. Well, wait, is this really a democracy? America is not a democracy. See I was talking with this guy. Uh, my name is Ben Swan. He does a lot Continue Reading

Islam, Gender, and Democracy in Comparative Perspective

Good afternoon everyone. My name is Shaun Casey. I’m the director of the Berkeley Center and it’s my pleasure to welcome all of you to what I hope is a really robust discussion. This is an amazing product, a book that I hope you will all purchase and read but Continue Reading

Professor Richard Wolff Interviewed About Socialism Claims, Christine O’Donnell

his mid-week politics with gabe pressman what about the politics and david hackman joining us on the phone and on skype by conceding that’s sitting in front of some books and looks like a sunny day here in new york city professor emeritus of economics at my alma mater alma Continue Reading

The United States of America – summary of the country’s history

We begin in 1750 in North America. It’s been 150 years since settlers from Western Europe, mostly fleeing poverty, famine, or religious and political persecution, first arrived on the continent. Their arrival came at the expense of millions of native Americans who lived there for thousands of years, mostly in Continue Reading

Yuval Noah Harari In Conversation with Christine Lagarde

– Good afternoon, and welcome to the SPR Futurist Series on “21 Lessons for the 21st Century” in partnership with the IMF Library. I am Martin Mühleisen. I’m the director of the Strategy Policy and Review department here at the fund and our department and the library are organizing this Continue Reading