False Things You’ve Been Believing About Greek Mythology

Before television, there was Greek mythology. It, too, was was full of heroes, villains, betrayals, abductions, murders, and other fun stuff that we love to see happen to other people. Greek mythology has been retold so many times for so many centuries that our modern understanding of it is sometimes Continue Reading

The Work: Abusive Cult Lead by Man Claiming To Be Jesus – A Space Alien Explains

Hey, it’s the last video of Cult Month! [It’s already happened so soon?] Well yeah, that’s what happens when you only upload once every 2 weeks, whoops. [Lame.] Don’t piss me off, pink-boy. So I’ve decided to end Cult Month on well… Everything that comes to mind when you think Continue Reading

Gish – Designing An Indie Game Cult Classic

[TYPING SOUNDS] [MUSIC PLAYING] ALEX AUSTIN: I’d kind of had this idea for a long time about a bridge building game. So I made this game in about a month and called it Bridge Builder. Originally my idea was a very dot com idea of just putting the game on Continue Reading

The Story of Archbishop Benedictus [Lore]

hello everyone! Seeking to live a holy life, a life guided by the virtues of honor and justice is a noble goal, however for some, like archbishop benedictus, it is harder than it seems. In times of hardship and pain dedication to this purpose can seem misplaced, and we have Continue Reading

Cult Bikes ep. 0 | Yamaha YZF R1 98′ [ENG SUBTITLES]

Hello Riders! Welcome from Your MadHorse 😉 Today I’m gonna start a brand new section on this channel Here I’ll speak about all most beautiful bikes which wrote Motorcycling History and this 1st episode We’re gonna open with fireworks Talking about a bike which Shocked and changed the Motorcycling World Continue Reading

Conservation work at St. Andrew’s Church at the Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site

This church is the last gold-rush era building still standing at Bennett, BC The town was a major shipping depot during the Klondike Gold Rush St. Andrew’s Church was constructed by Reverend Sinclair in 1899 when Bennett was a boom town Volunteers helped him put up a wooden floor and Continue Reading

Why I volunteer with the National Trust – by Lily Green

Hi. My name’s Lily Green and I’m a volunteer here at Leigh Woods in Bristol, for the National Trust. And you can just see the bridge behind me. And I’m going to tell you about what I do and why I do it. I started volunteering in Leigh Woods in Continue Reading

Phil Collins Visits the Texas State Library and Archives

Well I started off when I was five years old probably. Living in England to black and white television set in the corner of the living room sparked into life and what business King the Wild Frontier was on and Fess Parker he was probably near the end to the Continue Reading