Full Episode: Cults, Explained | Netflix

(gentle chime) – I think what attracted India to the group was this sense of unified purpose. – [Narrator] The group was NXIVM, and its unified purpose was self-improvement using a patented method of Rational Inquiry for Executive Success, led by a man named Keith Raniere. But the claim that Continue Reading

Medicaid, explained: why it’s worse to be sick in some states than others

“I was about 11 years old.” The United States has the most complex health care system in the world. It’s our country’s immune system, and, like any immune system, it’s not perfect. “My immune system doesn’t know that my small intestine is a thing it should not attack.” That’s Matthew. Continue Reading

The 2018 State of the Union in 4 minutes

Less than one year has passed since I first stood at this podium. I call upon all of us to set aside our differences, to seek out common ground and to summon the unity we need to deliver for the people. African American unemployment stands at the lowest rate ever Continue Reading

Obama on the state of the world: the extended Vox conversation

Matt Yglesias: This is a really sort of big picture question, but over the years, I’ve heard a number of different members of your team refer to your kind of philosophy in foreign affairs as realism. Is that a term you would use? Barack Obama: You know, traditionally, a lot Continue Reading

How Florida legally terrorized gay students

How could I forget the first time? I was in a class. And there were suddenly the sounds of these very loud-sounding boots clunking across the floor. And there was a campus policeman standing at the head of the class, and he just shouted out my last name. And he Continue Reading

Why Puerto Rico is not a US state

I favor statehood for Puerto Rico. The people of Puerto Rico should have the right to determine their own political future. When the people of Puerto Rico make a clear decision my administration will stand by you. It may seem that US politicians support Puerto Rico’s right to decide its Continue Reading

The real reason Boeing’s new plane crashed twice

This is an airplane engine. It’s sitting in a field in Bishoftu, Ethiopia— part of the wreckage of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, which crashed on March 10, 2019. 157 people died. This was just a few months after another flight, Lion Air 610, crashed in Indonesia and killed 189 people. Continue Reading

How this border transformed a subcontinent | India & Pakistan

This is the Golden Temple. People come here from all over the world to bathe in its waters, to look at the Holy Book that is inside of this middle Golden Temple and to just experience the holiness of this place. This place is the epicenter of Sikhism. It sits Continue Reading

Hong Kong’s huge protests, explained

The people of Hong Kong are out in the streets. Hundreds of thousands are demonstrating against a deeply unpopular bill. But this is about a whole lot more than a bill. It’s about the status of Hong Kong and the power China has over it. It’s a fight to preserve Continue Reading

How RUSSIAGATE Threatens U.S. Democracy

It is now clear that we have entered one of the most important moments in the history of our republic. News is that Michael Flynn is refusing to cooperate with congress in its investigation of the Trump team’s ties to Russia. Flynn is Trump’s now-disgraced former National Security Advisor whose Continue Reading