The Islamic State (Full Length)

Sniper is located there. We Muslims want to introduce sharia in the country. By Allah, the only God, sharia can be established only weapon. I would like to join the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and to kill them, because they kill the infidels and the renegades. [VICE Continue Reading

The Spread of the Caliphate: The Islamic State (Part 1)

[Muslimeen] 911 and Written up insha’allah Fiorina Won Lila Lila Held up no i’m sure allah he Loves I have Been [Austin], We do [Latinas] [Leporello] or Sharp other wow Turn Around This is Raqqa the capital of the world’s newest Declared State The State Has Been Established by a Continue Reading

Enforcing Sharia in Raqqa: The Islamic State

After taking control of the Syrian city of Raqqa, In March of 2013. The Islamic State or IS A group formally known as ISIS Has also taken over the role of governing every aspect of daily life. Under the strict interpretations of Sharia. These Islamic laws cover everything from High Continue Reading

Keeping Churches Safe and Welcoming

(Duane Anders) Our parents taught us, ‘The church is a safe place. The church is our home.’ (narrator) Pastor Duane Anders of Boise, Idaho’s Cathedral of the Rockies First United Methodist Church has seen a lot of change over his 20 plus years in ministry. (Duane Anders) It wasn’t that Continue Reading

Christians in the Caliphate: The Islamic State

Me & Mass Shootings

– On June 12, 2016, I woke up like any other Sunday morning and like any other millennial instinctively checked my phone. I immediately saw two words splashed across news outlets and social media, Orlando and shooting. My first thought was oh it must be about the shooting that happened Continue Reading

What six years in captivity taught me about fear and faith (English subtitles) | Ingrid Betancourt

Translator: Camille Martínez The first time I felt fear I was 41 years old. People have always said I was brave. When I was little, I’d climb the highest tree, and I’d approach any animal fearlessly. I liked challenges. My father used to say, “Good steel can withstand any temperature.” Continue Reading

Grooming Children for Jihad: The Islamic State

Trump Rebuked For ‘Lynching’ Comment: He’s ‘A Violent White Nationalist’ | MSNBC

A black man undercover in the alt-right | Theo E.J. Wilson | TEDxMileHigh

Translator: Milena Tomol Reviewer: Claire Ghyselen I took a cell phone and accidentally made myself famous. (Laughter) I was just talking about the things I cared about, but with a click of a button and an incendiary viral video, I propelled myself into overnight stardom. When I say overnight, I Continue Reading