GSFF – Nindyra – Belief

Some people produce more aesthetic selfies. Some people become parents to feel like they achieve something in life. Some people aim for more and more achievements to fill their inner void with temporary validations. Some people watch them all from phone screens and decide to never leave home, ever. I Continue Reading

Paintings of ‘Petworth Beauties’ have their legs restored by the National Trust

So the ‘Petworth Beauties’ are a set of eight paintings and they date from the 1690’s. And they were installed here in the Beauty room at Petworth by the sixth Duke and Duchess of Somerset. They were originally full-length portraits but they were cut in the 19th century and became Continue Reading

RT Shorts – The iPhone Cult

[Music] [laughing] BLAINE: Remember you were really drunk and you said that thing, and I was like Burnie, that’s a funny thing you said? BURNIE: Yeah, no, I don’t remember that. MICHAEL: Hey, did you guys go out last night? BURNIE: Yeah? MICHAEL: How come you never invite me? BLAINE: Continue Reading