Reclaiming Sinjar: Pushing Back the Islamic State

How the US Created the Islamic State: Talking Heads

Meet The Mushroom Composer

‘State of Surveillance’ with Edward Snowden and Shane Smith (VICE on HBO: Season 4, Episode 13)

Edward -You might have bought the phone but whoever hacked it they are the one who owns it. Any device that is on here you can operate independently. Shane – So it is true, you can get into the phone and turn the camera on? E – Ya, absolutely. S Continue Reading

Japan vs. The Islamic State

Frozen Faith: Cryonics and The Quest to Cheat Death

So, behind this stainless steel there are patients. One day, it will be normal medicine. There’s a huge potential for this to grow. You know, I just wanna yell at the entire world, don’t you get it? You’re going to die. I actually did physically hold my father’s brain in Continue Reading

The Islamic State (Full Length)

Sniper is located there. We Muslims want to introduce sharia in the country. By Allah, the only God, sharia can be established only weapon. I would like to join the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and to kill them, because they kill the infidels and the renegades. [VICE Continue Reading

The Spread of the Caliphate: The Islamic State (Part 1)

[Muslimeen] 911 and Written up insha’allah Fiorina Won Lila Lila Held up no i’m sure allah he Loves I have Been [Austin], We do [Latinas] [Leporello] or Sharp other wow Turn Around This is Raqqa the capital of the world’s newest Declared State The State Has Been Established by a Continue Reading

Christians in the Caliphate: The Islamic State

The Girls Who Fled To Syria: Groomed By The Islamic State

Kanaka matsarata Kalka Methuselah love white button was one in my definition life is to be a puzzle the man that’s the goal the goal of your entire life and thinking about our daughter day and night she asking me I don’t want to contact anyone I change my number Continue Reading