The Holodomor – the Communists’ Holocaust | BETWEEN 2 WARS I 1932 Part 3 of 4

You’ve made your plans, and executed them. Your big plans to industrialize your workers and collectivize your farms. But things go against you- your internal policies work against you, your external policies work against you, nature works against you until your agricultural plans have resulted in famine. And what do Continue Reading

“Totalitarianism” is a dishonest, anti-communist scare word. By Rainer Shea

Welcome to the channel comrades, my name is Abigail. Today is finally the day this channel gets an upload. The first of many uploads where I’ll be reading the works of important communist writers and speakers, past and present. My goal is to bring to you the truth, untouched and Continue Reading

Can Russia Invade Europe?

In 2017, Russia conducted a series of military exercises known as Zapad, or “exercise West”. With their roots in the Soviet Union, Zapad military exercises have traditionally been shows of force, meant to let NATO know that Russia was willing and ready to fight. Despite assurances that Russia’s 2017 Zapad Continue Reading

What does the Soviet Union mean to Russians?

More than 50 percent of Russians are nostalgic for the Soviet era – even those born after the collapse of the USSR. The recent survey by the All-Russian Center for Public Opinion showed that 64 percent of Russians would vote for the preservation of the USSR should a referendum be Continue Reading

The Secret Country of Transnistria

This isn’t the Soviet Union… I’m in the unrecognized, secret country of Transnistria (Welcome to Transnistria!) You’re not going to find Transnistria on any world map They have no representatives in the U.N. And no country in the world recognizes them as a country Still, Transnistria has their own government… Continue Reading

Russia’s Geography Problem

This is a Wendover Productions video made possible by Backblaze and in collaboration with Alternate History Hub and Real Life Lore. Russia is immense–it spans 5,000 miles across, 2,000 miles vertically12, crosses 11 time zones3, borders everywhere from Norway to North Korea4, and is as close to Anchorage as it Continue Reading

Katjuscha! Катю́ша! Katyusha! (English Lyrics)

Bright apple blossoms, from the river, fog still moved into the country; Through the meadows came Katyusha, to the river’s steep bank wall! Through the meadows came Katyusha, to the river’s steep bank wall! And brandished a song from a glad heart, jubilant, exulting to the light! Because the dearest Continue Reading

Ghosts Of Socialism: Part Three ~ Leninfall

Ghosts Of Socialism Part Three ~ Leninfall Ghosts Of Socialism A Series by Matthew J. O’Toole Part Three ~ Leninfall Filmed in Kiev, Ukraine.

HBO’s Chernobyl & Personal Responsibility | Philosophy Tube

In 1987, Margaret Thatcher said, “There is no such thing as society. There are individual men and women and there are families.” This short phrase proved to be one of the most infamous quotes of her career. To Thatcher’s critics, it was an expression of the callousness and cold-heartedness typified Continue Reading