China vs United States (USA) 2016 – Who Would Win – Military Comparison 💣

Unfortunately for the United States, one of its greatest trading partners also happens to be one of its greatest adversaries. While the US has never officially been at war with China, it has in fact fought several proxy wars with it, including the Vietnam War as well as the Korean Continue Reading

The 55 States of America: U.S. Territories Explained

This is The United States of America. Wait, no. This is the United States of America. These islands aren’t states, but rather territories of the United States. There are 16 islands here, most of which are in the Caribbean, Polynesia, or Micronesia. 11 of these island territories are less significant Continue Reading

Can imagining success actually help you achieve it? | Olympic State of Mind

You may have heard people say, “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.” Well, there’s some truth in that, because just imagining your success in your mind beforehand can actually help you achieve it for real. From winning Olympic gold, to passing your driving test. A technique practiced Continue Reading

Mormons Sexually Explicit Questioning Asked Yearly to Young Ones in LDS Cult ● BBC Interview

hello it’s Friday it’s 9 o’clock I’m Tina – hailey Welcome to the program Why current and former members of the Mormon Church are calling for an end to the practice of asking children as young as 8 intimate and sexual questions during annual interviews by church officials now next Continue Reading

MOVIE TITLES: German vs. Original English with Don’t Trust The Rabbit

Hey everyone, Dana here! And so I came to Hamburg and one of the reasons that I wanted to come here was to come out and make some videos with Trixi. So I’m really excited to be here collaborating with her. She’s from the YouTube channel Don’t Trust The Rabbit. Continue Reading

IELTS Speaking Tips | Fear to Confidence | Introvert to Extrovert |

Hey guys, hi. I’m Manjita and welcome back to my channel Well today we will touch with a very very important topic which a lot of you have been asking me about and expressing your fear expressing your anxiety and Asking me tips and tricks of how to face the Continue Reading

Sounds GERMAN SPEAKERS MAKE with Don’t Trust The Rabbit

Hey everyone! Dana here and today I’m here with Trixi from Don’t Trust The Rabbit. I’m really excited to finally be making a video with her. I’ve been wanting to do a collaboration with her for a while. If you don’t know her channel, be sure to go check it Continue Reading

How Does German Economy Compare to United States Economy?

Some of our viewers may have grown up with the idea that Europe is filled with nothing more than unorganised countries that are run by corrupt and incompetent socialists. While it may be true in some cases, Europe’s economic powerhouse Germany, is now the fourth strongest economy in the world, Continue Reading