Go home Donald Trump, you’re sunk | POLITICS NEWS

for better or worse there has long been a popular internet meme revolving around the phrase go home you're drunk it's generally hurled at people who aren't drunk but are incompetently behaving as if they were while watching Donald Trump stumble around the UK even as so many new things Continue Reading

Jared Kushner has a problem | POLITICS NEWS

yesterday Jared Kushner and his wife who are both part of president Trump's entourage on his visit to the UK had their very own suit a royal moment as they stood on the balcony of buckingham palace this special moment was preceded by something that must have been decidedly less Continue Reading

Next Tuesday is going to be completely bonkerrs | POLITICS NEWS

yesterday House Democrats revealed that they're planning to hold a full house vote to formally hold Attorney General William bar in contempt of Congress right around the same time the House Oversight Committee revealed that it's also planning to hold Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in contempt Palmer report took this Continue Reading

What did Judge Emmet Sullivan just do? | POLITICS NEWS

on May 16 to 20 19 Judge Emmett Sullivan ordered prosecutors to make public a transcript of phone calls between Michael Flynn and Russian ambassador Sir Gaius lack made late in 2016 the judge also ordered that the Flynn related parts of the Mueller report be unredacted on June 4th Continue Reading

Donald Trump makes a monumental mess in the UK | POLITICS NEWS

this is London the rules are simple if you wish Donald Trump to like you kiss his ass as they spell it here if on the other hand you wish to define yourself both politically and as a human being take sides accordingly between Donald Trump erstwhile president of the Continue Reading

Trump’s Approval Rating Plunges To New Lows In Swing States | POLITICS NEWS

Trump has a negative approval rating in every single swing state and his approval has now plunged to new lows in several states Trump has a negative approval rating in every swing state the latest morning consult Trump approval rating state polls are all bad news for the president – Continue Reading

Kellyanne Trashhed Donald Trump “Off Camera” to the Mainstream Media | POLITICS NEWS

she was a cartoon villain brought to life this is how former White House aide cliff Sims describes Trump senior counselor Kellyanne Conway in his new memoir team of vipers my 500 extraordinary days in the Trump White House in excerpts obtained and released in Vanity Fair this week since– Continue Reading

As UK Trip Bombs, Trump Tantrums Over His Bad Polls | POLITICS NEWS

Trump claimed that if it wasn't for Democrats on the media he would be leading in all of the 20/20 polls by 15 to 25 points Trump tweeted if the totally corrupt media was less corrupt I would be up by 15 points in the polls based on our tremendous Continue Reading

German Newspaper Printed What No American Media has Dared to Say | POLITICS NEWS

let's be honest right off the bat Donald Trump is a terrible president oh and he's a terrible person and you can throw in a terrible American – and it seems that while things continue to deteriorate the lines have already been drawn nothing Trump does or says at this Continue Reading

Donald Trump’s Rudy-Ukraine scandal takes an even ugllier turn | POLITICS NEWS

last month Donald Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani conspired with a rogue Ukraine prosecutor to manufacture a phony scandal about Trump's 2020 opponent Joe Biden the New York Times ran a ridiculous article which gave credibility to the phony scandal but then thankfully the rest of the mainstream media quickly exposed Continue Reading