The 55 States of America: U.S. Territories Explained

This is The United States of America. Wait, no. This is the United States of America. These islands aren’t states, but rather territories of the United States. There are 16 islands here, most of which are in the Caribbean, Polynesia, or Micronesia. 11 of these island territories are less significant Continue Reading

Hallie Jackson: President Feels ‘Resolved, Confident’ In His Decision | NBC News

Ken Paxton praises law allowing gun owners to carry in places of worship following church shooting

Which Countries Hate The United States?

After years of nuclear negotiations between Iran and the United States, tensions have soared to a new high. Both countries hold extremely negative views of each other. Iranian leaders are even known to chant “Death to America” in their public addresses. However, some countries have even less favorable views of Continue Reading

Robert Mueller: If we had confidence Trump did not commit a crime, we would have said so

Now I have not spoken publicly during our investigation. I’m speaking out today because our investigation is complete. The Attorney General has made the report on our investigation largely public. We are formally closing the Special Counsel’s office, and as well, I’m resigning from the Department of Justice to return Continue Reading